Beginner's Sleeve Choosing Guide by VintageFLyer

VintageFLyer shares his experience helping you choose your first Fleshlight.


Hey there all trainee FLyers. FLyer is slang for Fleshlight user by the way. See, only the second sentence and you've already learnt something. Not bad huh. If I've done my job right by the end of this guide you'll of learnt a hell of a lot more than that too. I'm writing this because by far the most commonly asked question around here is "What sleeve should I buy?" or "What sleeve is right for me?". These are more often than not from newbies. It can be really intimidating and confusing scrolling through all the options available to you. Don't worry, the sheer number of choices sometimes even overwhelm more experienced FLyers when it comes to locking down a purchase. So this guide is for you guys and should help you narrow down the perfect starting FL just for you and your needs.

There's a few things we gotta get out of the way first. Information like best places to buy, cleaning, drying, maintenance, storage, dick health, stamina building and Death Grip Syndrome (DGS) will not be covered here. These are all important factors for newbies and you should definitely do some research on here for all that stuff. Use the search function, the amount of topics on these matters borders on the absurd. One common question I will answer though is "Should I buy a Fleshlight?" or "Is a Fleshlight right for me?". Do you have a penis and do you wank it? If yes then you should unquestionably own a fleshie. Or at least some kind of masturbator if not a FL. If you masturbate you should own a masturbator. It's that simple. There are very few legitimate exceptions to this. Don't let socially conditioned BS stop you from enriching your life for another day longer.

Before I start listing recommendations I need to touch on the highly subjective nature of FLs. There are few experiences in life as subjective as sex and masturbation. Fleshies fit right under that same umbrella. No two blokes will feel the exact same thing with the exact same sleeve. As they wouldn't with a lover. Your dick, your life experiences, your tastes and your needs will all impact heavily on your experience and perception of any given sleeve. On top of this I can only comment on and recommend sleeves I've either used myself or have heard similar reports about from several reliable sources. In essence; this is a guide so treat it as such. I want it to be as accurate and helpful as possible but it's not gospel and should never be treated as such. Give it the credence you feel it deserves, as you should with every information source regardless of the subject matter.

Now I'm going to break my recommendations up into several categories. Depending what you're after specifically from your FL or what size you are will dictate which category you should concentrate more on. Most of the following categories will be suitable for any man with a penis size between 4 - 7 inches in length and 3 - 5.5 inches in girth. There's a lot of leeway with FLs due to the nature of the material. However at the end I'll have a category for fellas on the more modest side of the scale and for fellas on the more sizeable side of the scale. If you feel you fit into one of the more extremes don't immediately discount the earlier options. I'd suggest doing some more research like on or searching on the Fleshlight subreddit. You're also welcome to start a topic or message me if you require further assistance.

Intense Sleeves

Do you want your FLying experience to be as exciting and wild as possible. Would you like to see how fast and hard you can cum? Then these are for you:

Honourable mentions include:

  • STU
  • Siren
  • Go Torque
  • Speed Bump
  • Divinity
  • Storm
  • Next Level
  • You also have Primal, Gauntlet, Swallow and Lotus Garden. They would easily of made the top ten but they're sadly discontinued. Depending when you read this they'll either be hard to get or nigh on impossible.

    Mid Intensity Sleeves

    Do you fancy something more natural feeling yet still with some kick? Or perhaps you don't want to veer too far in one direction? Then these are for you:

    Honourable mentions include:

    Mid intensity is by far the widest category hence the amount of runner ups.

    Bi-Hive and Trigger would of most likely made the top ten, Bi-Hive definitely. But they're both discontinued. You may still be able to find them though.

    Low Intensity Sleeves

    Do you want a more mellow and sumptuous experience for your first FL? Or perhaps you want the most natural and life like sleeve available? Then these are for you:

    Honourable mentions include:

    Bookworm and Turbo Tube would have been here also but good luck finding those nowadays. There's also Bulletproof which isn't as hard to get thankfully.

    Tight Sleeves

    Do you have virgin fantasies? Or enjoy plenty of grip on your dick? Then these are for you:

    Honourable mentions include:

    If you can find it there's also Trigger and Lotus Garden. Don't even bother looking for Ultra Tight.

    Loose Sleeves

    Would you enjoy a more roomy experience? Or do you prefer the texturing having more access to your dick? Then these are for you:

    The three honourable mentions go to:

    With some caveats:

    • Utopia has two rather tight sections, one just before each of the two main looser chambers.
    • Divinity has a very tight entrance but loosens massively once inside.
    • Original comes with a general warning that most blokes find it disinteresting. You may be one of the few that really love it but it's unlikely. Try one of the others first.

    If you can still get it Bi-Hive is a must have loose sleeve.

    Varied Sleeves

    Is variety king for you? Would you appreciate something new with every stroke? Then these are for you:

    If you can get them:

    All have phenomenal variety as well.

    Consistent Sleeves

    Is a more orderly and continuous FLight appealing to you. Would you prefer a fabulous texture to just keep working its magic without interruption? Then theses are for you:

    Honourable mentions include:

    Bookworm, Trigger and Bulletproof will more than please if you can manage to get hold of them.

    Anal Sleeves

    Looking for some backdoor action? Do you yearn for forbidden fruit? Then these are for you:

    These are a mixed bag of proven anal sleeves. If you want to know what kind of experience they are either check the above categories for their name or check them out on fleshassist. They're all guaranteed to please in some fashion though.

    Bulletproof is undoubtedly the best discontinued anal sleeve.

    Blowjob Sleeves

    Do you lust for your lover's tongue? Are BJs the star of your daydreams? Then I'm afraid your selection is rather limited nowadays. You have the Turbo models, Ignition and Thrust. And sadly that's pretty much it. You may be able to find a Swallow somewhere, that's an excellent BJ sleeve. Makes me wonder why they discontinued it. Also if you look around on resellers you can get some old Pink Mouth sleeves. This orifice, much like Swallow's, works wonderfully as a blowjob. Mouth textures to look out for include Wonder Wave, Super Ribbed and Bi-Hive.

    Sleeves For The More Modest Man

    Is your penis on the shorter or thinner side? That's not a problem, FLs have you covered. These would be more suitable for you:

    You could perhaps also look into the Quickshot range if you are especially short. There's other Sex in a Cans as well but they are harder to find. Finally don't completely discount full sized sleeves because chances are you can enjoy some of the consistent sleeves.

    A tip for the thinner guys out there. You can tighten up sleeves yourself with a cheap and simple mod. Buy a none abrasive sponge from your local supermarket. The same ones you'd shower or bath with. Cut the sponge up into chunks or strips of varying sizes. Now simply take those pieces and place them in between the outside of your sleeve and the inside of the case. This will tighten up your experience to varying degrees depending were you place them, the amount you use and the size of the pieces. Experiment and find what works best for you.

    Sleeves For The More Sizeable Man

    Do you need planning permission before you unzip your pants? Well bully for you! I'm just not gonna help you now so piss off. I'm just kiddin' with ya. If you're on the more blessed side of things FLs are probably one of the few masturbators that you can comfortably use. These would be the most suitable for you:

    Honourable mentions include:

    • Barracuda - isn't as tight as it looks and besides the entrance
    • Divinity - Divinity has a very tight entrance but loosens massively once inside.
    • Original - comes with the usual warning of it being plain. It's a very niche sleeve but you may find something to like about it especially if you're very thick
    • Storm

    The finest sleeve that's discontinued for bigger guys is easily Bi-Hive. Anyone else noticing a pattern here? Yeah, Bi-Hive is pretty damn awesome. Damn you ILF for retiring it.

    Finest All Round Beginner's Sleeve

    This is the final category and these ten are in my honest opinion the absolute best starting sleeves for almost everyone. It's by far the most subjective category but I felt like I should include it. So if you still can't make your mind up just buy one of these:

    Honourable mentions go to:

    And a decision that will come as a surprise to absolutely nobody, Bi-Hive is the best sleeve that's now a pain to find. Followed very closely by Bookworm.

    Final Thoughts

    Well that's pretty much everything. I'll bookend this guide by reassuring you that no matter which sleeve you start with it's going to be an incredible experience. It's really hard to fuck up when choosing a fleshie. It's like picking a flavour of ice cream, they're all delicious in their own way. Now you've read this guide it's practically impossible to go wrong. At the very least it's going to be more pleasurable than your hand, that's for damn sure. Even if you do somehow mess up you'll at least then have a reference point and know what you did and didn't enjoy about your sleeve. You'll then be far better equipped for choosing your next sleeve. This grows with every sleeve you get. Eventually you'll have a good idea how a sleeve will feel just by looking at its cutout picture. Also if there's a sleeve you're really interested in that wasn't mentioned in this guide for whatever reason don't worry about it. Chances are that's the perfect sleeve for you and you should probably go for it regardless of what's written here. Remember this is all ultimately subjective.

    Oh yeah, and welcome to the club. On behalf of myself and the community we wish you many happy years of FLying. We hope you can stick around.

    Author - u/VintageFLyer - Last Updated - 10th December 2019

    If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this guide, feel free to contact the author or let us know via the contact form.



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