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Be the first to go where no man has gone before, Brandi Love's butt! Be one of only a few lucky guys to experience realistic anal sex with this hardbodied mother of all MILFs as you pound her Shameless Fleshlight. Butt sex has never been more gratifying than with this anal virgin.

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Brandi Love

Brandi Love made her debut in porn a little later than most pornstars. While many begin their careers in their late teens or early twenties, Brandi started at the age of 31 which automatica...

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Detroit4g's Review

August 7th, 2020 by Detroit4g

6.5 long, average girth

Owned 3 other FLs besides this one, Shamlesss being my first butt sleeve, and it’s worth it.

It’s awesome how tight the orfice is, and arguably the best thing about this sleeve, really nice to slip in and out.

Tightness is perfect being someone who has normal girth. Very intense.

I’ve owned Heavenly, Lvl up, Beyond - this was my favorite and my new ba... Read More

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Sleeve Only$59.95€64.95$89.95$86.31

Brandi Love


Fleshlight Girls


Brandi Love Butt

Release Date:

November 2017

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User Reviews:


Fleshlight Brandi Love

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Fleshlight Shameless Reviews

Found 4 reviews in total

Intensity 4.95
Stimulation 4.95
Penetration 4.95
Tightness 4.95
Suction Effect 4.95
Realism 3.2
Variation 3.3
Smoothness 3.95
Orgasm Rating 4.75
Noise 3.55
Lube Use 2.5
Cleanup 3.55
Dry Time 3.35
Detroit4g's Avatar

Detroit4g's Review

August 7th, 2020 by Detroit4g
Owns 2 Sleeves, 2 Ratings, 2 Reviews

6.5 long, average girth

Owned 3 other FLs besides this one, Shamlesss being my first butt sleeve, and it’s worth it.

It’s awesome how tight the orfice is, and arguably the best thing about this sleeve, really nice to slip in and out.

Tightness is perfect being someone who has normal girth. Very intense.

I’ve owned Heavenly, Lvl up, Beyond - this was my favorite and my new baseline to judge sleeves.

Top tier, best sleeve I’ve owned so far, wish I still had it.

Score 4.12 Overall Satisfaction 4.75
Thank Detroit4g
Intensity 3.85
Stimulation 5
Penetration 5
Tightness 3.8
Suction Effect 3.7
Realism 2.75
Variation 4
Smoothness 4.5
Orgasm Rating 4.5
Noise 3.8
Lube Use 3.85
Cleanup 2.75
Dry Time 3.75
Chef1228's Avatar

Chef1228's Review

December 21st, 2019 by Chef1228
Penis Length: 7.5cm Girth: 6cm
Owns 41 Sleeves, 39 Ratings, 39 Reviews

I am cut with 7.5 in length and about 6 in girth. I typically test my fleshlights cold at first then warm them after the break in period has ended.

Everyone has hyped this sleeve and I'm always up for a good anal sleeve sonits.onyl natural I'd try this one.

The first chamber is nice.and nubby and makes you want to.push in deeper the second part is more interesting and feels pretty good after the intense entrence. Out of all my anal sleeves this would be for my top 3

If your looking for a great anal sleeve that is intense then go for it I feel it gives the sinner or.the next level a good run for their money.

Score 3.99 Overall Satisfaction 4.6
Thank Chef1228
Intensity 4.75
Stimulation 4
Penetration 4.5
Tightness 4.5
Suction Effect 3.75
Realism 2
Variation 4
Smoothness 1.75
Orgasm Rating 4.5
Noise -
Lube Use -
Cleanup -
Dry Time -
Anonymous's Avatar

Shameless Review

August 1st, 2019 by Anonymous
Owns 21 Sleeves, 21 Ratings, 21 Reviews

Great high intensity sleeve. Seems to have a long break in process. I've had this sleeve for a while now and I've been adjusting to it slowly, so I wanted to wait until that slowed down before I rated it. I think I gave it the highest ratings I've ever given for intensity and tightness and the lowest rating for smoothness. Talk about it being hard to clean taking a while to dry aren't unfounded. Don't let that keep you from a great sleeve. Just work on improving your cleaning procedure.

It came 'powdered' and at first I was all excited. I thought they started talcing again. I do believe it's just cornstarch as it wore off pretty fast and I had to talc it myself. If this or any other sleeve comes in in a recent order and feels a little oily, it's probably just because it was cornstarched instead of talced. Talc it yourself and you'll be good to go.

Great high intensity sleeve with a long break in process and a bit more difficult to clean than usual. If you have problems with cleaning, then you may want to stay away until you get more refined at it. Don't let initial sensations fool you. It spends a decent amount of time getting better and stronger.

Score 3.81 Overall Satisfaction 4.35
Thank Anonymous
MAdrianosCock's Avatar

MAdrianosCock's Review

July 27th, 2019 by MAdrianosCock
Owns 10 Sleeves, 6 Ratings, 2 Reviews

My new Favorite Fleshlight:
Intensity- You can kind of pick and choose the intensity on this sleeve. I personally can float in that middle third all day, but the beginning and end are rather intense. I would say it is a touch less intense than it looks. Walks the line nicely, intense enough to orgasm at any moment if you aren't careful, but not so intense that you can't enjoy an extended flight with it.
Stimulation- Similar to what I said above very stimulating beginning and end. Big long strokes can be very very stimulating, in a good way!
Penetration- Love how tight it begins. When I first got it it was maybe too tight a penetration for me but after several uses its perfect.
Tightness- Not the tightest sleeve. With suction tightened down it can feel pretty tight but definitely stimulating over tight with this sleeve.
Suction- Fantastic. I feel like some sleeves you either feel suction or not when you adjust the cap, but this sleeve has the full range of suction.
Realism- Obviously its a divided into three distinct parts which neither butts not vaginas are, but not bad. Doesn't feel totally alien, has a touch of realism for sure.
Variation- For me this sleeve is all about variation. Not the type of variation that every cm of the stroke is different, but the type of variation where you can switch up sensations with slight adjustments.
Smoothness- Not the smoothest sleeve I own, but maybe smoother than it looks?
Orgasm- I've had some borderline remarkable orgasms in this sleeve. Its reliably fantastic. Not too stimulating to stroke through an orgasm with this sleeve.
Noise- Ive definitely occasionally thought I wished this sleeve was quieter, but it's not slurping the whole time or anything. Barely noticeable when I use it with my launch.
Lube- Average
Cleanup- Typical
Dry Time- Not short, but not too long. I dry on a fan so I've never had a problem.
Overall- My new favorite sleeve!

My new favorite sleeve. Its versatile, it can have my knees shaking in five minutes, or edge for 45 minutes when I want. I know everyone is different but for me its the perfect amount of intensity. Great with the launch, and great by hand.

Thank MAdrianosCock
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