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Kendra’s sensational True Lust is a unique and authentic texture. In effort to ensure it stayed TRUE to Kendra’s own anatomy it boasts a wild combination of tight grips and exaggerated pleasure nodes to guarantee your penis gets some full on TLC.


True Lust Texture Image

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Kendra Lust

Kendra Lust is the ultimate MILF pornstar. Lust is the perfect last name for her because she not only has lust for pretty much everyone she meets, but she also inspires lust in everyone who...

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doop220's Review

November 22nd, 2023 by doop220

Everyone's experience with a sleeve is unique. I was surprised to see how many people say True Lust is a low- or mid-intensity sleeve, because I'd say it's one of the more intense ones I have.

I love this sleeve. It's perfect for an interactive stroking session. The textures are distinct so there's a nice variety, but there aren't any sections that are way more inte... Read More

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Kendra Lust


Fleshlight Girls


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November 2018

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Fleshlight True Lust Reviews

Found 10 reviews in total

Intensity 4
Stimulation 4.2
Penetration 4
Tightness 3.65
Suction Effect 3.65
Realism -
Variation 3.7
Smoothness 3.6
Orgasm Rating 4.45
Noise 3.8
Lube Use 4
Cleanup 4
Dry Time 4.05
doop220's Avatar

True Lust Review

November 22nd, 2023 by Anonymous
Penis Length: 7cm Girth: 5.25cm
Owns 39 Sleeves, 16 Ratings, 16 Reviews

Cut, 7in x 5.25in (17.8cm x 13.3cm) Lube: K-Lube. All reviews are written after 5 or more uses. For review purposes I use my sleeves three ways: 1) stroking with my hand, 2) with a hands-free mount, and 3) with a Handy. Autostrokers are kind of a niche use for a Fleshlight. They can radically change how enjoyable a texture is--sometimes worse, sometimes different, sometimes better--so I score every sleeve based on what I thought was the best way to use it. I'll try to note how the texture performed with the Handy in each of my reviews, but because most people don't use Fleshlights that way my rule of thumb is the Handy will only affect my ratings if it made it better.

Everyone's experience with a sleeve is unique. I was surprised to see how many people say True Lust is a low- or mid-intensity sleeve, because I'd say it's one of the more intense ones I have.

I love this sleeve. It's perfect for an interactive stroking session. The textures are distinct so there's a nice variety, but there aren't any sections that are way more intense than others. Automation is where True Lust really shines. Not as good for a session with my hand or a mount, but on a stroker like the Launch or the Handy, it is incredible.

Absolute must-have for automation, 10/10. For anything else, 8.5/10. Soft recommend if you don't use an autostroker, strong recommend if you do.

Score 4.01 Overall Satisfaction 5
Intensity 3.4
Stimulation 4.45
Penetration 3.35
Tightness 4
Suction Effect 3
Realism 2.25
Variation 4.55
Smoothness 2.85
Orgasm Rating 4.55
Noise 2.6
Lube Use 3
Cleanup 3.5
Dry Time 3.15
optimusprem's Avatar

True Lust Review

November 15th, 2023 by Anonymous
Penis Length: 6.5cm Girth: 4.5cm
Owns 80 Sleeves, 8 Ratings, 5 Reviews

As always reviews are subjective and everyone likes different things, I'm uncut, 6.5 in long and 4.5in around, usually reaching just short of the last chamber on most sleeves. I almost always use the sleeve uncapped and use my full size sleeves handheld, mounted or using an interactive toy.

True lust is modeled after the lovely Kendra Lust, the office is nice and leads nicely into the first chamber which is a mild smooth spiral. A good prelude for the star of the show, the tight textured second section. I really love the feeling of pushing against it on short strokes and feeling the small circular opening with the feeling of pushing into a smaller inner sleeve. Actually going through it is one of my favorite sleeve sensations with the small beaded texture squeezing and massaging your whole penis as you pass through. I often find myself stroking this spot with my head as it does a great job of hitting all the ridges and edges in a really satisfying way. This section also allows you squeezer to whatever is in it so if you like your shaft stroked you can use the tight section to for that gorilla grip feeling. After that there are two smaller rings which add to the post squeezer sensation. After that are larger smooth spirals similar to the beginning of the sleeve. While they are less stimulating they add some extra space in the sleeve and can change sensation depending on how you rotate the sleeve. That's as far as I go in this sleeve as I can only feel the points of the last section of the sleeve.

I think this sleeve really shines with its texture placement and making them different enough to let you control what part of of your penis you want stimulated which is great for edging and always leads to very satisfying shaking orgasms. Clean-up and drying are normal, but definitely get the drying fan no matter what it makes cleanup and storage a breeze and will help keep you and your flashlight safe

True Lust has is a top ten sleeve, the tight second section makes it a very stimulating sleeve that is great for edging

Score 3.51 Overall Satisfaction 4.5
Intensity 4.05
Stimulation 3.5
Penetration 3.9
Tightness 3.45
Suction Effect 3.85
Realism 3.8
Variation 3
Smoothness 2.7
Orgasm Rating 3.8
Noise 3.2
Lube Use 2.85
Cleanup 4
Dry Time 3.75
Cassius213's Avatar

Cassius213's Review

December 12th, 2022 by Cassius213
Owns 3 Sleeves, 3 Ratings, 3 Reviews

True Lust was the first fleshlight I bought and thus does hold a soft spot in my heart. However, I can see my past biases and say certainly this is definitely a staple of my collection. I love the design of the orifice, I feel the lips and clitoris hood are perfectly sized, and the textures are wonderfully stimulating without being too much for a beginner.

A perfect sleeve for those looking to dip their toes into Fleshlights without getting an overly stimulating sleeve.

Score 3.63 Overall Satisfaction 5
Intensity 2.6
Stimulation 2.75
Penetration 1.8
Tightness 1
Suction Effect 2.85
Realism 2
Variation 2.75
Smoothness 4.8
Orgasm Rating 3.1
Noise 4.6
Lube Use 2.7
Cleanup 2.8
Dry Time 2.8
Iike_a_dragon's Avatar

Iike_a_dragon's Review

December 7th, 2022 by Iike_a_dragon
Owns 8 Sleeves, 5 Ratings, 1 Review

Ah true lust has always been my go to since the first time I used it. It has always made me fly. What I liked : this in particular always felt like a great edging fleshlight, great for when you want to take it slow. What I disliked: after several uses of it there’s nothing really special about it, the texture inside feels great upon first use but after several uses it get stale mighty quickly.

This fleshlight is great for edging but not much else, boring texture and the lack of anything interesting, bring down the score.

Score 2.85 Overall Satisfaction 3.4
Intensity 3.5
Stimulation 4
Penetration 4.2
Tightness 3.5
Suction Effect 3.75
Realism 2.5
Variation 3.25
Smoothness 4.25
Orgasm Rating 4
Noise 2.5
Lube Use 2.5
Cleanup 2.5
Dry Time 2.5
FrequentFLyerrrr's Avatar

FrequentFLyerrrr's Review

January 7th, 2022 by FrequentFLyerrrr
Penis Length: 7.2cm Girth: 5.5cm
Owns 29 Sleeves, 17 Ratings, 7 Reviews

Hello, FLyers, FleshCrack Addicts, etc. If you are not familiar with my background I have owned FLs since 2018. Since then I have accrued a collection of 24 Full-Sized sleeves and 1 Quickshot. Before making any detailed review I make sure to have at least used the Sleeve more than 5 times. Not in a single go either but at natural time periods. This way I can provide an accurate description and review of what you are looking for as a FLyer. I also tend to use Gun Oil H2O, Onatsuyu P Juice, or Fleshlube. My measurements are 7.2 in x 5.5 in. I don't discuss Cleanup/Maintenance in reviews because everyone does things differently. My way won't be the same as others, the point is to just clean your FL and prevent it from getting mold. So whatever works best for you stick by it. I review best by chambers so if you are looking for measurements and all that I will only apply them when it's needed in important texture details. Remember my opinion is my own so if you do not resonate with my review then feel free to do more research and review hunting on your desired FL product. If you liked reading the review thumbs it up and Happy FLying!

Kendra Lust the MILF extraordinaire! A cub's wet dream, she's been in the porn industry since 2012 and has expanded her horizon's in many ways through the sex industry including providing her molds for FL in two sleeves. 'True Lust' Kendra's lady texture provides a wave of increasing pleasure that sets it apart from my collection for many different reasons. I bought it on a whim without any expectations. True Lust after breaking in became one of my favorites surprisingly. Stimulating and regarded as one of the better edging sleeves I decided to take the trek towards familiar territories.

The orifice is very well made and is such a pleasure to interact with. True Lust's entrance is somewhat tight and entering semi-flaccid is possible. Very hot to look at.

True Lust is made up of 5 Chambers. The first chamber, two inches in you are introduced with swirling grooves similar to ones you would see in a screw. The penetration offered here is really good because the grooves hug your head all over as you push through. you can take advantage of this first chamber in many ways. Now bringing me to the second chamber, here you will find yourself passing through an inch of tight chamber that is surrounded with small beads. The bead sensation is subtle but the tightness adds an additional penetration sensation that stimulates the glands kind of like a lotus node but without the suction effect? The third chamber opens up wide to two rings that engulf you in a loose way that presents a milking sensation as you thrust into the chamber. Oncoming quickly in the 4th chamber there are two large swirls that surround the head for two inches like in the first chamber to provide you one of the best frenulum stimulations I've ever felt in a FL yet. If you aren't 5in+ it will be somewhat difficult to feel but still able as long as you use the sleeve out it's case. The fifth and final chamber consists of a web like diamond grid that continues to milk you down and is a perfect sensation to end the True Lust texture with. Literally feels like a web, I can't describe it in any other way XD

Final Thoughts
There are many things to love about True Lust but my only critiques about this sleeve would be that the third and fourth chamber may sometimes feel bland and numbing as you stretch your session out and/or thrust quickly. True Lust leaves you in your desired cougar fantasy that will use it's textures to pull you into it's waters for one of your best rides among the waves of pleasure. The placement of it's chambers compliment each other well to focus on head stimulation and penetration. A Medium-Low Intensity Sleeve.

I would recommend True Lust to anyone that hasn't bought an edging sleeve yet or even as a first sleeve. It's a loose and stimulating texture that allows you hours of paced pleasure that will give you toe-curling finishes consistently. Take a chance and there will be a good chance you won't regret it unless you're looking for something more intense and varied. Frenulum stimulation is the highlight of this sleeve.

Score 3.32 Overall Satisfaction 3.5
Intensity 3.65
Stimulation 3.65
Penetration 4.6
Tightness 3.45
Suction Effect 3.55
Realism 4.5
Variation 3.45
Smoothness 4.45
Orgasm Rating 4.9
Noise 4.15
Lube Use 3
Cleanup 4.45
Dry Time 3.55
user04's Avatar

user04's Review

November 9th, 2021 by user04
Owns 22 Sleeves, 1 Rating, 1 Review

Not very tight, but the texture feels really good I would definitely recommend, not the tightest or most stimulating sleeve but it feels like it gets better over time, the first use was pretty good but every use after felt better, it's not very noisy and dries relatively quickly in comparison to other sleeves I own, the sleeve is relatively easy to clean as well, there is not much variation texture wise but I don't think that's a bad thing, and until now no other sleeve compares, as previous comments have stated this sleeve is underrated and I absolutely agree with that, This is one of the better feeling sleeves that I own, I use this sleeve pretty often but I don't get bored of it at all and would instantly get a new one if anything happened to True Lust.

Can last for a while when using it, not the most tight/intensive I can last and that just adds to it being a good sleeve because the texture feels really good also really good orgasms with this sleeve, definitely underrated and my favorite sleeve, dries relatively quickly and easier to clean than my other flesh lights, not very varied texture wise but the texture is really nice and I really enjoy it.

Score 4.02 Overall Satisfaction 4.95
Intensity 3.15
Stimulation 3.85
Penetration 3.4
Tightness 3.25
Suction Effect 3.7
Realism -
Variation 3.2
Smoothness 3.85
Orgasm Rating 4
Noise 3.5
Lube Use 3.5
Cleanup -
Dry Time -
Mccal100's Avatar

Mccal100's Review

May 23rd, 2021 by Mccal100
Penis Length: 5.25cm Girth: 5cm
Owns 135 Sleeves, 92 Ratings, 28 Reviews

A rundown of my personal experience, after at least 3 flights, (usually more) with the sleeve and texture, chamber by chamber. Check out my profile if you’d like to see the rating scale/criteria I use and a bit of background info for more context. Now onto the review!

True lust starts off with a wider chamber of thick, circular ribs coiled around in a spiral. This feature causes a nice sensation as you glide past each spiral but the extra space and particularly soft design of the ribs keeps it at a lower intensity while still being a pleasant experience. After the ribs, there’s a tight chamber lined with very small bumps that are hard to distinguish and for the most part it just feels like a smooth tunnel with a bit of resistance on it’s surface when the lube is kept to a minimum. Once your head emerges from the tight canal, the sleeve opens up again and you’re immediately greeted by two large ribs. These ribs feel nice on the glans and are also fairly soft, keeping with the theme of a lower intensity sleeve. This is about as far as I reach, or at least as far as I can feel and describe the sensations that I’m thrusting between.

Overall, True Lust is a lower-mid tightness sleeve with the exception of the small passage between the first and third chamber. It’s also lower-mid to low intensity making it ideal for longer flights as the softer feel of the textures within never becomes abrasive and the milder sensations of the sleeve work best when allowing them to take their time and slowly build up to a more satisfying finish.

Score 3.57 Overall Satisfaction 3.9
Intensity 3
Stimulation 3.5
Penetration 3.5
Tightness 3.5
Suction Effect 3.5
Realism 3
Variation 4
Smoothness 4
Orgasm Rating 4.5
Noise 4
Lube Use 4.5
Cleanup 4.5
Dry Time 4.5
kehudaw's Avatar

kehudaw's Review

December 30th, 2020 by kehudaw
Owns 9 Sleeves, 9 Ratings, 9 Reviews

This was my second sleeve since I just like Kendra and I wanted to try something less intense for my second sleeve. Despite the lack of reviews and attention this sleeve gets I really like it. I find the orifice attractive (though as FrequentFlyer said I don't think it looks quite like Kendra), and the entrance very pleasurable. I was surprised at how tight the entrance felt because it is labeled as a loose sleeve on Reddit. The spiral at the beginning is awesome, and I find myself enjoying that section alone sometimes. The second section is tighter, which makes it fun to push through, while urging you to go deeper. I really like the variance in tightness in this sleeve and can recommend it.

This sleeve is underrated in my opinion. The beginning spiral makes it fun for shorter guys, and the variance in tightness makes it great to go deep into.

Score 3.89 Overall Satisfaction 4.5
Intensity 4
Stimulation 4.5
Penetration 5
Tightness 4
Suction Effect 4
Realism 4.8
Variation 4.65
Smoothness 4.5
Orgasm Rating 5
Noise 4.5
Lube Use 4
Cleanup 4
Dry Time 4
FrequentFlyer's Avatar

FrequentFlyer's Review

August 10th, 2020 by FrequentFlyer
Owns 114 Sleeves, 18 Ratings, 6 Reviews

Constantly amazed by the sheer variety of Fleshlights and although I've got a large collection they just keep on amazing. Change the lube, change the temperature, change the combinations and no two sessions are the same...

This is the 10th fleshlight in my collection. At the time of purchase, there were no ratings or reviews on this site but I liked the look of the textures and decided to take the plunge and give it a try. It was also quite a bit cheaper than the next best FL I was thinking to buy. The exterior of this FL is interesting and different to the other FL's I own. I couldn't say that it was noticeably similar to Kendra's own shape but I don't care about that too much. The first chamber consists of a spiral which is itself quite pleasurable especially where it meets the tighter second section. You can spend some time just bouncing around in this first part before pushing further on. The second section is the tightest, couldn't really notice the bumps on its surface but the tightness is great to push through. After the tight part you push through into 3 wider sections consisting of two rings a large spiral and a lattice. I was worried before purchasing this FL that I would find this latter section too wide but my guy rose to the challenge and really enjoyed the contrast between tight and looser and the different textures produced a very enjoyable sensation. If I was to rate this FL compared to the others in my collection I think I would definitely put it in my top 4. A few more flights and I would be more definite.

A great addition to my collection, very happy to have this one. It deserves a good rating, much higher than the 147 it is at at the time of this review.

Score 4.42 Overall Satisfaction 4.9
ijustwannabetheone's Avatar

ijustwannabetheone's Review

August 4th, 2020 by ijustwannabetheone
Owns 1 Sleeve, 1 Review

I'm relatively new to the fleshlight world but I have to say true lust is great. It's relatively realistic as well if that's what you're into. The sleeve has a kind of loose feel to it, as a milf generally would. The lips on the mold are perfect looking and are great to rub against. This is definitely a sleeve for the girthier people.

Great choice for girthier people. Doesn't use up too much lube, and is pretty quiet. Good to edge with.


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