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Abella Danger's lady sensation is the combination of all of our best textures wrapped up into one. From the point of entry that grabs the head of your penis and sucks it in for a sexual whirlwind, to the titillating pleasure points all throughout the canal that deliver consistent arousal, Danger is the most realistic personification of Abella Danger's intimate parts.


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Abella Danger

Comely, buxom, and shapely 5'4" brunette Abella Danger was born on November 19, 1995 in Miami, Florida. Of Ukranian descent, Abella was raised in a Jewish household and was a ballet dancer w...

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MerryChristmas' Review

December 27th, 2017 by MerryChristmas

I purchased this sleeve along with many others during a black Friday sale. Since I was getting Abella’s Zone sleeve I decided to just throw this one in with it to have both. I didn’t know what to expect out of it after looking at the texture, many were new to me but it looked interesting enough. It is not very intense, in fact I would say it feels blunt. It required a little extra lube to... Read More

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Sleeve Only$59.95€64.95$89.95$81.77

Fleshlight Girls


Abella Danger Pussy

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August 2017

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Fleshlight Danger Reviews

Found 13 reviews in total

Intensity 4.4
Stimulation 4.45
Penetration 3.6
Tightness 3.9
Suction Effect 3.65
Realism 3.4
Variation 4.45
Smoothness 3.95
Orgasm Rating 4.5
Noise 4.1
Lube Use 4.6
Cleanup 4.45
Dry Time 4.35
MerryChristmas' Avatar

MerryChristmas' Review

December 27th, 2017 by MerryChristmas
Owns 24 Sleeves, 22 Ratings, 12 Reviews

I purchased this sleeve along with many others during a black Friday sale. Since I was getting Abella’s Zone sleeve I decided to just throw this one in with it to have both. I didn’t know what to expect out of it after looking at the texture, many were new to me but it looked interesting enough. It is not very intense, in fact I would say it feels blunt. It required a little extra lube to get going also. Although there was some variation within the different chambers, it wasn’t all that stimulating. I would say that Danger is better for longer sessions as it isn’t so intense. It is not the tightest sleeve but it is snug, and usually will cause an orgasm due to the tightness rather than stimulation. Cleanup isn’t very long, similar to most other sleeves, but it can take a while to dry because of the complex texture. I usually hang the sleeves on a towel rack to dry which does a great job.

Danger is a solid choice for a subtler, less intense sleeve while still feeling pretty satisfying. It is not one of my favorites but it is a good add to my collection.

Score 4.13 Overall Satisfaction 3.95
3 Thank
Intensity 3.6
Stimulation 4.1
Penetration 2.85
Tightness 2.2
Suction Effect 2.4
Realism 3.6
Variation 3.2
Smoothness 3.8
Orgasm Rating 3.5
Noise 2.3
Lube Use 3.5
Cleanup 3.5
Dry Time 3.5
ldb1000's Avatar

ldb1000's Review

January 5th, 2023 by ldb1000
Owns 28 Sleeves, 28 Ratings, 23 Reviews

I am 6.5 inches maximum bone-pressed, but usually only feel the first 5 inches of the sleeve the most. Usually use with the cap off, with sleeve warmer, and Gun Oil lube. I try to make sessions 30 minutes or longer. I hardly ever pull out.

Danger is a sleeve I don't hear a lot about but it's one that has definitely grown on me! I bought because I got a discount at a store, not thinking much of it at first. On reusing it, I found there's a lot to appreciate. With the right amount of lube and suction, this sort of feels like the sloppy blowjob feeling of Turbo Thrust, one of my favorites. I can only feel the first four out of the six chambers, but the first and third are great. The first chamber mimics the fangs of Destroya. The third chamber is hard to describe but it feels like it's milking you and is highly stimulating on the head. The fourth chamber of nubs looks fun but I sadly couldn't feel it. One downside to this is its one of the noisier sleeves. With or without the cap. The suction is ok, not too painful but doesnt enhance the experience.

Danger is a solid all around mid level sleeve that's not mind blowing but once you start it'll be hard to stop with this thing. Good for those looking for something a little loose but still intense.

Score 3.26 Overall Satisfaction 3.55
1 Thank
Intensity 2.3
Stimulation 2.35
Penetration 3.85
Tightness 4.35
Suction Effect 3.65
Realism 4.85
Variation 4.85
Smoothness 4.9
Orgasm Rating 2.8
Noise 1.8
Lube Use 4.3
Cleanup 2.5
Dry Time 3.35
mmmmmmmm's Avatar

mmmmmmmm's Review

December 28th, 2020 by mmmmmmmm
Owns 4 Sleeves, 4 Ratings, 4 Reviews

I wasn't the biggest fan of this one. For me, it was so tight that I just couldn't feel anything. I wouldn't recommend this sleeve for anyone with too much girth because it's just too tight. Even when I took the suction cap off it was still too tight. I like the look of the orifice on this one, but the texture just doesn't work for me.

I would only recommend this if you're looking for something tight with mild stimulation.

Score 3.47 Overall Satisfaction 2.7
1 Thank
Intensity 3.78
Stimulation 4.09
Penetration 4.5
Tightness 3.7
Suction Effect 4.53
Realism 3.36
Variation 3.69
Smoothness 3.32
Orgasm Rating 4.2
Noise 3.12
Lube Use 3.67
Cleanup 3.65
Dry Time 4
2006FordFiesta's Avatar

2006FordFiesta's Review

February 17th, 2024 by 2006FordFiesta
Owns 15 Sleeves, 13 Ratings, 6 Reviews

I usually like to have at least 5 flights with a new sleeve before writing a review. Also the end cap is almost always tightened all the way. When it comes to cleaning and drying, My cleaning method is rinse with cold/warm water, pat the outside dry with microfiber cloth and run a rolled up paper towel through the sleeve.

This was the first sleeve I bought while its no longer my utmost favorite, I would still put it in my top 5. Its easy to clean and dries relatively fast.

The entrance is not too tight, and you can really feel the way it pulls you in when you reach the first chamber full of nubs. The next section really does a lot of the stimulatory work; with all the spikes cradling whatever is in the center of this chamber. The nubs in this section work well inwards as well as out. This section leads into the tightest spot in the sleeve. The next section may not be as intense the first but is is the tightness of them all. The big nubs stimulate you just like the first section to a lesser degree, then comes the wormhole of tiny nubs that squeezes and soon releases you into the last section. I cant reach the last section so I can not review it.

Great all around must have sleeve that doesn't disappoint, with a great stimulating first section and as you go deeper the tighter it gets. With all the unique nubs it will not be a boring flight.

Score 3.85 Overall Satisfaction 4.3
Intensity 2.6
Stimulation 2.65
Penetration 2.65
Tightness 2.65
Suction Effect 2.65
Realism 2.55
Variation 2.65
Smoothness 2.75
Orgasm Rating 2.4
Noise 2.6
Lube Use 2.7
Cleanup 2.65
Dry Time 2.7
fishmann's Avatar

fishmann's Review

January 12th, 2024 by fishmann
Penis Length: 8cm Girth: 6cm
Owns 81 Sleeves, 81 Ratings, 27 Reviews

I'm 7.5L x 5.5W inches-cut, but on a good day I'm 8L x 6W inches. I have a banana penis (more like a ski jump as my curvature is quite severe). I also have a setup so I can either simulate missionary or doggy style (so no hands to enhance the experience and it really does). I use a texture at least 3 times before I write a review. Often times I line up 3-5 textures for same time comparison or just plain fun. I always warm my textures before usage. I tend to use a combination of lube a saliva, because the saliva tends to add a bit more realism for me. My favorite lube is Climax Bursts.

I got this as part of a set to go with Arabella's ass. Entry is a bit tight. The first two chambers are too short and too uneventful for me to get much arousal. Because it was tight, it was more of a choke hold on my head. Now, the third chamber with the overlapping tiles were good. They massaged my head and pulled my foreskin as I thrust in, As, I pulled out, the tiles really tickled my head. They also massaged my shaft. The fourth chamber of boulders just were obstacles. I plowed through them without any feeling. The tightness of the sleeve began to wear on me. The fifth chamber narrows and this just added to my pain, because the tightness began to work my urethra. I decided to try missionary, remove the cap, add way more lube, and short stroke it to the end of the fourth chamber. This did the trick and I popped. A few more flights and I got pretty much the same results. My orgasms were good, but not "I'm in love with this sleeve" good.

Meh. I really wanted this to work, because I like the overlapping tiles, but the overall sleeve was too darn tight. I could not edge successfully, because the tightness just wore my urethra out. The sleeve was fine for a quick (10-15 minutes). I relegated this to the front of dead storage in case I want to try this again. I'll probably get a Tier 3 set of sleeves by going through my dead storage ones and having this tier for quickies (any excuse for an orgy).

Score 2.64 Overall Satisfaction 2.7
Intensity 2.65
Stimulation 3.1
Penetration 3.5
Tightness 2.4
Suction Effect 3.4
Realism 3.3
Variation 2.55
Smoothness 3.95
Orgasm Rating 3.1
Noise 2.95
Lube Use 3.5
Cleanup 3.6
Dry Time 2.95
HornyHornet20's Avatar

HornyHornet20's Review

January 3rd, 2024 by HornyHornet20
Owns 23 Sleeves, 8 Ratings, 8 Reviews

I didn’t have the highest expectation when I picked this up because I had heard it wasn’t that tight. I picked it up because I like the pornstar a lot. Abella Danger is awesome so I had to add one of her sleeves to my pornstar collection. It was a really smooth experience but wasn’t too intense. As expected, it wasn’t super tight but it did the trick.

Not the best sleeve out of the set but it rides smooth and gets the job more than done.

Score 3.16 Overall Satisfaction 3.25
Intensity 3.55
Stimulation 3.55
Penetration 3.9
Tightness 3.45
Suction Effect 3.65
Realism 4
Variation 3.5
Smoothness 2.35
Orgasm Rating 3.55
Noise 3
Lube Use 3.05
Cleanup 3.75
Dry Time 3.15
ejs69us' Avatar

ejs69us' Review

December 21st, 2023 by ejs69us
Owns 5 Sleeves, 5 Ratings, 3 Reviews

This was my first sleeve, and still one of my favorites. It's not very tight compared to other sleeves, but the feel of the textures more than makes up for it. It cleans easy, dries fast and doesn't need to have lubrication reapplied while using it. This is a great all around sleeve to add to your collection.

Great all around must have sleeve that doesn't disappoint

Score 3.45 Overall Satisfaction 3.8
Intensity 3.75
Stimulation 4.3
Penetration 3.7
Tightness 3.75
Suction Effect 3.6
Realism 3.6
Variation 3.7
Smoothness 3.35
Orgasm Rating 4.2
Noise 4.5
Lube Use 4.5
Cleanup 4.4
Dry Time 4.55
DerFicker0817's Avatar

DerFicker0817's Review

June 15th, 2022 by DerFicker0817
Owns 34 Sleeves, 31 Ratings, 31 Reviews

I was interested in the Danger texture because of the good ratings and the cool looking variation. I quite enjoy the orifice. Stimulation is very good. Penetration and intesity are good. It's not the tightest, but also not the widest sleeve in my collection. Variation feels nice. Like all other Fleshlights I tried the material feels really good.

Danger is a good sleeve that checks a lot of boxes and doesn't disappoint in any category.

Score 4.00 Overall Satisfaction 4.15
Intensity 3.6
Stimulation 2.05
Penetration 3.15
Tightness 3.5
Suction Effect 4.55
Realism 3.35
Variation 3
Smoothness 4.75
Orgasm Rating 4.25
Noise 4.1
Lube Use 4.05
Cleanup 5
Dry Time 4.1
ZeroBinding's Avatar

ZeroBinding's Review

April 15th, 2022 by ZeroBinding
Owns 15 Sleeves, 13 Ratings, 13 Reviews

Hey all, ZB here from Australia. 6x6" with each review written after a minimum of 30 individual Flights. If you'd like to know anything more specific about a texture I've reviewed, feel free to message me here or on Reddit at u/ZeroBinding.

+ Very fast cleanup and drying time
+ Good lube use and very quiet
+ More narrow than most lady sleeves with fulfilling orgasms

- Low stimulation and smoothness may come across as bland and not very unique

Presentation and Texture
I picked up my Ice Danger as part of the recent Black Friday sale and the textures look incredible while transparent. I almost wanted to leave it on display and not use it! Abella's molded vulva itself is also very petite and as a fan of small labia, I have no complaints.

The texture opens into a stereotypical spike chamber from Fleshlight, followed by a narrowing bottle neck. This first chamber provides some good initial stimulation and penetrative feel. Curiously, more lube than I usually use is required to get through the bottle neck. The second chamber is a sort of tumble chamber that reminds me of Lvl Up's tentacles only very smooth and natural feeling, before leading into an even softer array of blockish nubs. The narrowing sphere chamber that I can only reach if I go through the back is very soft and intense, perfect for head stimulation in those that can reach it normally.

Sleeve Vitals
Danger is a surprsingly smooth sleeve that offers little in the way of stimulation while still being mid-high intense. At first I wasn't a fan of the lack of stimulation, but the tightness of the sleeve and incredibly consistent experience lead to a satisfying orgasm after every use. Whether it be a morning wood induced quickie or a longer edging session, Danger is an incredibly reliable sleeve.

With it's great drying and cleanup times, Danger is also very lube efficient despite the initial hurdle of the bottle neck. Danger's suction is phenomenal as well, making barely any noise uncapped but providing some audible suction noises fully capped that noticeably increase the intensity.
My only real problem with Danger is that lack of stimulation as I feel it reduces it's uniqueness quite a bit.

Final thoughts / tl;dr
Overall Satisfaction 4.5 / 5. A very reliable sleeve that won't overwhelm you with sensations leading to a great orgasm every time.
I think that it will be overshadowed in larger collections but for the one and done guys looking at usually either Destroya or Utopia, Danger should also be highly considered.

Score 3.85 Overall Satisfaction 4.5
Intensity 4.5
Stimulation 4
Penetration 4.05
Tightness 4.1
Suction Effect 4.05
Realism 4.45
Variation 4.4
Smoothness 4.15
Orgasm Rating 4.65
Noise 4.15
Lube Use 4.2
Cleanup 4.4
Dry Time 4.45
Skyraider2k's Avatar

Skyraider2k's Review

November 24th, 2021 by Skyraider2k
Owns 59 Sleeves, 25 Ratings, 1 Review

I have the ICE version of this sleeve LOVE the visual of the clear ICE and the clear case I purchased for its use. Now I’ll have to buy the regular version as well to compare it. Visual effects are awesome and the intensity is awesome as well. Loved rimming this sleeve, it was pretty intense and the variations of pulling almost all the way out and then plunging as deep as possible are pretty amazing. Highly recommend this ICE version!

Overall, loved it and glad I purchased the Abella Danger ICE girl sleeve. Intensely visually pleasureable and cleanup was pretty easy as well as hang drying.

Score 4.31 Overall Satisfaction 4.85
Intensity 3.85
Stimulation 3.55
Penetration 4.6
Tightness 4.6
Suction Effect 4.6
Realism 3.4
Variation 4.45
Smoothness 3.35
Orgasm Rating 4.45
Noise 1.75
Lube Use 2.85
Cleanup 2.85
Dry Time 2.45
SloppyToppy's Avatar

SloppyToppy's Review

January 25th, 2021 by SloppyToppy
Owns 2 Sleeves, 2 Ratings, 2 Reviews

At first, I was really hesitating from buying this texture instead of another one, but we are talking about Abella Danger, one of the most beautiful PAWGs you will see in your lifetime. Just punching your penis inside this baddie, you will feel a huge wonderful suction. Don't forget you can use the cap at the end of the toy to reduce the suction. As you penetrate Abella's pussy with some lube, you will feel the nice diversed and simulating bumps and lines. The simulation is soo good, you will finish by cuming twice. The feel is good, but let's also not forget about the cleaning. It's easy to clean it with water especially with the open end, but its really hard to get it to dry. The water is always stuck between the lines and bumps inside the toy.

In conclusion, I think that you will love Abella Danger's wonderful pussy. You will always end up with a bursting orgasm, believe me. It is worth the try and the money.

Score 3.61 Overall Satisfaction 3.8
Intensity 4.3
Stimulation 4.55
Penetration 4.15
Tightness 4.05
Suction Effect 4.3
Realism 3.65
Variation 4.85
Smoothness 3.8
Orgasm Rating 4.2
Noise 3.05
Lube Use 4.1
Cleanup 3.9
Dry Time 3.95
HeavenlyDestroya's Avatar

HeavenlyDestroya's Review

November 20th, 2020 by HeavenlyDestroya
Penis Length: 7cm Girth: 6cm
Owns 5 Sleeves, 4 Ratings, 2 Reviews

7 in Length x 6 in Girth Usually for the review, I start with the case on, and remove from case to reach the section(s) more than seven inches in. I'll break it down into sections staring with the entrance:

Entrance - great suction in this first part, not too tight upon entry, and you can really feel the way it opens up and pulls you in when you reach the first chamber full of nubs.

Section 1 - this chamber really does a lot of the stimulatory work; with all the spikes cradling whatever is in the center of this chamber like a mini iron maiden. The nubs are more angled toward the entrance than the pictures would suggest. They work well inwards as well as out, and also feel nice with and without suction. The chamber leads into a short narrowing ribbed section which comes next, and is the tightest spot in the sleeve.

Section 2 - the narrowing ribs make you pop into the next part, a spiraling chamber of nubs that isn't too stimulating, (especially after the first section) but the openness of this chamber accentuates how tight the ridged bumps in the subsequent section are. Twisting on these raised grooved mini-wedges is very noticeable and enjoyable, (especially when just using the sleeve by itself) and they are arranged so as to create friction on the head upon passing in or out.

Section 3 - this is the last section I can reach with the shell on, and it's a good place to finish, as this sections network of tiny bumps creates air pockets as you rub against them in the narrowing chamber, which gives a noticeable tightening sensation towards the middle of the section. This area is tight but not as sudden as with the entrance to the second chamber.

Section 4 - I can only reach this section with the sleeve off, and it's a shame because this sections air pocketed rib cage holds moisture and air which make for a great suctioning experience on the head and could be a great way to finish.

This is my first sleeve and first review! The reviews helped me make that all important first purchase so I thought I'd give mine as well. In my experience, the other reviews aren't wrong; this is a great FL and a solid addition to the collection of more intense sleeves.

Score 4.09 Overall Satisfaction 4.4
Intensity 4.65
Stimulation 4.6
Penetration 3.95
Tightness 4.5
Suction Effect 3.75
Realism 2.8
Variation 3.6
Smoothness 2.55
Orgasm Rating 4.85
Noise 3.25
Lube Use 3.15
Cleanup 3
Dry Time 3
lrrational18's Avatar

Danger Review

December 26th, 2019 by Anonymous
Owns 8 Sleeves, 8 Ratings, 6 Reviews

In my opinion, this sleeve is a close second to the Destroya in terms of stimulation. There is excellent variation throughout the sleeve. The lube use and clean up was about average. The noise level is about average, maybe even a little bit less than average in my experience. This quickly became one of my favorite sleeves that FL has to offer.

This is an excellent sleeve, especially if you also enjoy the Destroya.

Score 3.73 Overall Satisfaction 4.55

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