Top Fleshlights

These are currently the top rated Fleshlight textures voted by FleshAssist's users. The following sleeves are highly recommended for newcomers and people looking to expand their collection.

Top Rated Fleshlights

Score 4.20
Pussy Orifice
109 Ratings
15 Reviews
Score 4.41
Pussy Orifice
37 Ratings
4 Reviews
Score 4.33
Pussy Orifice
215 Ratings
29 Reviews
Score 4.29
Pussy Orifice
349 Ratings
44 Reviews
Score 4.33
Pussy Orifice
183 Ratings
32 Reviews
Score 4.27
Pussy Orifice
251 Ratings
38 Reviews
Score 4.30
Butt Orifice
223 Ratings
25 Reviews
Score 4.21
Pussy Orifice
266 Ratings
40 Reviews
Score 4.36
Butt Orifice
103 Ratings
19 Reviews
Score 4.26
Butt Orifice
118 Ratings
19 Reviews

More Top-Lists

These Top Textures lists are calculated daily, and they are based on an extensive algorithm that uses confidence intervals for assuring the ratings are as accurate as possible. This is based on Binomial proportion confidence interval (specifically Wilson score interval) as well as taking into account many factors by applying a weighted system. Some of the criteria are: how long the texture has been available for; if a texture is discontinued; calculating the value of a users rating based on their submissions and accuracy; weighing users based on their rank, specifically the number of sleeves owned and experience; and more.
While the algorithm is complex and is based on over 8900 user-submitted ratings, these ratings themselves are subjective, so please keep that in mind when looking at these lists and understand that not every person has the same opinion. Always use FleshAssist as a guide, not as a fact!
These lists will only keep getting more accurate as time goes on, as the site will gain more rating submissions over time. These lists are not influenced by us nor by Fleshlight themselves. We do not give any priority (or bump/increase ratings) for any star or sleeve. FleshAssist will always remain neutral.



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