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First ICE Texture for the Fleshlight GO.


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The above image shows which parts of a sleeve our users rated the best (hottest!). Red spots are the most liked, yellow intermediate and green sections are the least popular. This is based on an algorithm that calculates the best hot-zones based on user submissions. A sleeve needs at least three submissions in order for heatmaps to be generated.

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Shiinoda's Review

December 28th, 2019 by Shiinoda

The GO Torque was part of a larger purchase I made back in 2018 consisting of Flight Pilot, Flight Aviator, GO Torque and GO Surge. I will be reviewing the others as well so if you want to compare my opinions, check those out as well.

After a buy-in of 4 regular sized sleeves back in 2009 I took a big break from male sex toys. The old sleeves were from the original line up and, after the novelty... Read More

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July 2015

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Fleshlight Torque Reviews

Found 17 reviews in total

Intensity 3.5
Stimulation 3
Penetration 3
Tightness 3.5
Suction Effect 3.5
Realism 1.5
Variation 3.5
Smoothness 3
Orgasm Rating 3
Noise 3.5
Lube Use 2.5
Cleanup 3.5
Dry Time 2.5
Shiinoda's Avatar

Torque Review

December 28th, 2019 by Anonymous
Owns 21 Sleeves, 24 Ratings, 23 Reviews

The GO Torque was part of a larger purchase I made back in 2018 consisting of Flight Pilot, Flight Aviator, GO Torque and GO Surge. I will be reviewing the others as well so if you want to compare my opinions, check those out as well.

After a buy-in of 4 regular sized sleeves back in 2009 I took a big break from male sex toys. The old sleeves were from the original line up and, after the novelty of bumping rubber wore off, they were pretty much all found lacking and put in a box in the closet, rarely seeing the light of day. Years later I saw that there was a line up of some interesting looking smaller sleeves that wouldn't break bank, so I dove back in.

The Torque is an average to high intensity sleeve which offers a pretty big amount of variation packed into a smaller size sleeve. Penetration is good, as the initial spiked chamber is a nice introduction to the experience at hand. I'm not sure if it's the material of the clear sleeve, but it feels firmer than my other opaque Fleshlights. As such the texture is slightly pronounced and a little less smooth, but not to the point of not being enjoyable. It's not realistic at all but not all sleeves have to be at the end of the day. It's sometimes exciting to enter something foreign. It also has nice suction because of the smaller size and tighter canal.

On paper, and in my individual ratings for the qualities of the sleeve, it's a decent performer. Good even. But yet something about it just doesn't make it see the light of day much. The non-descript orifice, while practical in guiding you towards the interior, just isn't very sexy. The texture, while varied, isn't the most interesting, or is found better in other sleeves. The clear material doesn't do much for me either, as I tend to look elsewhere when doing my thing, but I could see it being a turn on for some. Clean up is good because of the smaller size, but dry time and lube use is mediocre at best. I believe that best describes my feelings towards this sleeve as a whole; mediocre.

Looks good on paper, but its qualities are found better elsewhere. The orifice is function over form, which some might prefer, but not for my taste. The best thing about it is tightness and its ability to create suction, otherwise it's a decent sleeve that I rarely bring out.

Score 3.00 Overall Satisfaction 2.5
2 Thank
Throwaway5837's Avatar

Throwaway5837's Review

May 31st, 2019 by Throwaway5837
Owns 7 Sleeves, 3 Reviews

Good Sleeve.
Originally went with the torque due to recommendations about it in reference to my size and can say it has been good. Textures are enjoyable as you can especially feel the ones that are within the spherical parts of the sleeve.

Also another benefit is since it is semi-transparent, you can get a more accurate idea of how far you are able to insert as this can be useful in future purchases.

So far i’ve had good medium length sessions as it is not too intense and allows me to control the pace well.

The smaller size allows for it also to be held much more easily and is also easier to store in smaller places.

Overall good. Textures are good along with benefits such as it being semi transparent to get more accurate measurements and its small size is a plus for storage and transportation.

2 Thank
Intensity 4.6
Stimulation 4.5
Penetration 4.1
Tightness 4.2
Suction Effect 4
Realism 2.43
Variation 4.25
Smoothness 2.3
Orgasm Rating 4.5
Noise 4.7
Lube Use 4.3
Cleanup 3.9
Dry Time 4
revtwentyseven's Avatar

revtwentyseven's Review

May 28th, 2019 by revtwentyseven
Owns 54 Sleeves, 42 Ratings, 39 Reviews

I got the Go Torque as a freebie for reaching a certain $ threshold in the End of Year/New Year New Rear sale of 2018. Although this was a freebie, I will endeavor to give it a fair review, as I do with all sleeves.

Aesthetics: As a fellow FA member commented, aesthetics should be considered with the overall review. I agree. The only difference with the Go Torque compared to the Go Surge (which I do not yet have) is the entry (and in case of the freebie, the color, it is transparent blue), and the entry looks a lot like a jet engine opening. Kinda fascinating, but also an indication of how the sleeve will behave as you enter and begin thrusting.

Lube: For this review, I have been using Fleshlube Water, but have recently acquired some Gun Oil H2O after it being highly recommended by other redditors on the FL reddit and also on FleshAssist. But, need to use up what's already open.

Noise: This was not a particularly noisy sleeve. Again, the FL sleeves don't seem that noisy, so unless you are really going to town in an echo chamber or in plain sight, you shouldn't be able to give yourself away with it.

Penetration: The Go Torque is slightly smaller than a full FL, and thus allows for more fuller penetration for those who are average or below average in the size of their endowments. For those above average, the sleeve is still long enough to penetrate fully, but those with exceptional endowments may have to use caution so not to thrust their sensitive head into the hard plastic cap. Besides size, the Go Torque is richly textured with with a circular chamber, followed by a ribbed chamber and then another spherical chamber before a series of alternating ribbed and textured cylindrical chambers. Each new texture is a new sensation to penetrate into with every thrust, leading invariable to a ratcheting up of..

Intensity: The Go Torque is not exactly a gentle sleeve, and it is a challenge to last too long with this sleeve. In addition, the smaller case and texture sleeve adds additional friction and tightness to the experience, and orgasms tend to come on rather quickly, especially if one thrusts vigorously with abandon.

Orgasm: With a FL, there are three orgasms that tend to come about (pun intended). One is a gentle buildup that leads to a nice orgasm. Another is one that causes you to cum without warning. The last is a "when you blow, you know." The Torque is very much a third category sleeve: Orgasms tend to be quick, intense and often lead to vocalizations. This sleeves forte in inducing orgasms is magnified if one has the shower adapter (for Flight and Go) plus the Shower Mount.

Cleanup: The Torque is a tricky sleeve to clean due to it being transparent and heavily textured. It is recommended that you immediately rinse the sleeve out after your FLight and then gently run a paper towel through it. While powdering will make the sleeve less sticky (with talc or corn starch), it will quickly cloud the transparent sleeve, making it less visible to see you thrusting into the sleeve. I would not recommend powdering this sleeve at all, and just being very proactive in cleaning it.

The Go Torque may not be a "top-shelf" sleeve, but it is a welcome addition for those who are desiring a more compact FL product for travel or for those who are smaller in the size department that desire a more "filling" experience. For a FL collector, getting one of the GO products is generally recommended anyways.

Score 4.01 Overall Satisfaction 4.3
2 Thank
Intensity 3
Stimulation 3.5
Penetration 2.5
Tightness 3
Suction Effect 2.5
Realism 2
Variation 3.45
Smoothness 2.5
Orgasm Rating 3.55
Noise 2.8
Lube Use 3.3
Cleanup 3.8
Dry Time 3.75
ed16854's Avatar

ed16854's Review

June 19th, 2020 by ed16854
Penis Length: 7.6cm Girth: 5.3cm
Owns 3 Sleeves, 2 Ratings, 2 Reviews

I am 7.6 inches long and 5.3 inches in girth. Uncut, with a sensitive head. I use Gun Oil H2O as lube. I do not warm my sleeves either with a warmer or hot water bath.

As others have pointed out, the main benefit of the sleeve is being able to watch yourself penetrate it. For me, that’ was the biggest selling point. The sleeve also makes your penis look bigger and thicker!

The texture itself isn’t the best. Maybe its my size, but the tightness in some parts can be borderline uncomfortable unless I add more lube, which just ruins the rest of the textures for me. However, I am above average in girth and uncut, which makes my head super sensitive to this. You might not have an issue if you’re not as sensitive or on the more average side. Apart from those few tightness issues, the rest of the texture is unique and enjoyable, just not blow your mind spectacular.

The texture is extremely sticky, which makes cleanup worse than it already is. Not being able to use cornstarch exacerbates this issue, If you don’t mind the sleeve getting cloudy, go ahead and use the cornstarch though! Apart from that, the cleanup and care is identical to normal sleeves.

Great for those wanting a tighter sleeve and seeing yourself inside it. Not the most intense but the visuals definitely make up for it.

Score 3.04 Overall Satisfaction 2.85
1 Thank
Intensity 2.9
Stimulation 3.55
Penetration 3.7
Tightness 4.45
Suction Effect 4.6
Realism 3.05
Variation 2.85
Smoothness 3.6
Orgasm Rating 4
Noise 4.8
Lube Use 4.7
Cleanup 4.95
Dry Time 4.8
Yrouel's Avatar

Yrouel's Review

December 28th, 2019 by Yrouel
Penis Length: 5.91cm Girth: 5.51cm
Owns 16 Sleeves, 7 Ratings, 7 Reviews

Of course the first thing to consider when talking about this sleeve is it's see through appeal. Besides all other parameters, being able to see yourself, and show off to others why not, when penetrating this beauty is a turn on in on itself.
The sleeve is quite tights but thanks to the somewhat softer material its tightness becomes a quite appreciable feature rather than source of discomfort.
The texture is just intense enough to not be boring but not too much intense to preclude longer sessions.
Another huge bonus is its compactness and lighter weight which makes it overall more pleasant to use compared to the full size models.

The downside of the clear material however is its extreme stickiness which makes its handling a bit trickier compared to the tinted sleeves. For example using a microfiber cloth rather than a simple hand towel or tissue to leave it to dry is practically mandatory since it is a magnet for any lint or other lose particles. Removing and putting it back in its clear case is also a bit annoying because it will stick to the insides and you'll need to massage it a bit to unstick it.

Clear, compact and lightweight a trifecta of features that makes this Fleshlight quite enjoyable and satisfying but all this awesomeness requires a bit of sacrifice in handling the clear material which is completely worth it in my optinion.

Score 4.00 Overall Satisfaction 4.05
1 Thank
Intensity 3.35
Stimulation 3.8
Penetration 3.85
Tightness 3.2
Suction Effect 3.8
Realism 1.3
Variation 3.55
Smoothness 3
Orgasm Rating 4.25
Noise 2.7
Lube Use 2.55
Cleanup 2.6
Dry Time 1.9
zerocreativity's Avatar

zerocreativity's Review

December 18th, 2019 by zerocreativity
Owns 2 Sleeves, 2 Ratings, 2 Reviews

I own two fleshlights. This one and the flight instructor. I reach for the instructor more often because of it's convenient size and being easier to clean. However when I really want to treat myself I go through the trouble of breaking this one out.

First of all the absolute best thing about this is that it is see through. Being able to see myself while inside this is the strangely a turn on. Not only for me though. During that time of the month, my partner wanted to use this on me and she found it the hottest thing ever. Both being able to see me inside it, and being able to see me finish inside it. We used this one together a lot and I highly recommend it. The most intense orgasm I've ever had was after her edging me with this for two hours. I don't think she would have found a non see through one interesting enough to do this for that long.

The entrance and the spot about 3 inches in provide a lot of stimulation to the head when passing though. Mainly because of those spots I find this sleeve way more intense than the flight instructor. Unlike the instructor there is plenty of variety in this sleeve, so sometimes I like to go super slow and try to really feel the individual sections. Some sections are less pronounced and therefore less distinguishable.

It does take a while to dry and you gotta be a little more diligent with your cleaning as there are plenty of ridges for stuff to hang on to. If it weren't for these two and the size I would probably exclusively use this fleshlight.

This definitely was a great purchase, in the future I will always get the clear variant of a sleeve if its possible.

Clear fleshlights are amazing. While some sections aren't distinguishable, its still more intense than my other fleshlight. If you don't like head stimulation it might be best to avoid this one.

Score 3.16 Overall Satisfaction 4.4
1 Thank
Intensity 3
Stimulation 2.05
Penetration 5
Tightness 2.6
Suction Effect 4.45
Realism -
Variation 2.95
Smoothness 2.15
Orgasm Rating 2.5
Noise 2.2
Lube Use -
Cleanup -
Dry Time -
Bear299's Avatar

Bear299's Review

December 9th, 2019 by Bear299
Penis Length: 5.6cm Girth: 4.9cm
Owns 37 Sleeves, 28 Ratings, 28 Reviews

I'm 5.6 inches long and circumcised. I have 28 fleshlights/fleshjacks total. I dry by placing by fleshlights in front of a fan overnight and they are always dry come morning, so I do not put drying time on my ratings. As for realism, being a virgin, I am unqualified to rate it.

The best part about this sleeve is it's orifice. That swirl is very noticeable when you are entering, and I enjoy just rubbing my tip around the circle as I am entering. Occasionally pulling all the way out just to do it again. Unfortunately the rest of the sleeve is not as spectacular. It has a pretty tight section that's pretty noticeable, but the rest I can hardly feel any variation. It's just squishy (which isn't bad, just boring.).

Like I said, the orifice is the best part. It's definitely worth a try if you have other sleeves and want something different.

Score 3.04 Overall Satisfaction 3.45
1 Thank
Intensity 4.5
Stimulation 4.95
Penetration 4.2
Tightness 4.5
Suction Effect 4.95
Realism 3
Variation 4.5
Smoothness 3
Orgasm Rating 4.5
Noise 4.5
Lube Use 4
Cleanup 4.5
Dry Time 2
FLair's Avatar

FLair's Review

December 31st, 2017 by FLair
Owns 68 Sleeves, 68 Ratings, 28 Reviews

This review is made purely out of my personal experience/opinion and judged after atleast 10 sessions to break the sleeve in completely. Typically used in shower with the shower mount after having heated up the sleeve and the lube.

The GO Torque sleeve is a shrunken down version of the standard Ice Crystal texture, just with a new designed, non-anatomical orifice. The Torque uses the same type of clear yet sticky material and even the same texture as the Ice Crystal just shrunk down to be slightly more compact, but also making it significantly tighter and closer packed together. The texture offers a high level of stimulation with mid range intensity throughout the first half of the sleeve and comes down to low range intensity in the back chambers which are much smoother feeling than the front half of the sleeve.

The GO Torque texture is a great addition to any collection, and offers a high level of stimulation and tightness with a mid level intensity, however if you already have a full sized Ice Crystal sleeve and can reach the back chambers of it, then this product might be worth giving a miss as the texture is literally identical.

Score 4.08 Overall Satisfaction 4
1 Thank
Intensity 4.4
Stimulation 3.9
Penetration 3.35
Tightness 3.85
Suction Effect 3.45
Realism 1
Variation 3.95
Smoothness 3
Orgasm Rating 3.75
Noise 3.5
Lube Use 3.35
Cleanup 4.25
Dry Time 3.45
rich28988's Avatar

rich28988's Review

December 27th, 2017 by rich28988
Owns 17 Sleeves, 17 Ratings, 17 Reviews

I'm only about 5.8 in in length so this sleeve is perfect for me to experience most of the textures, unlike the regular sized Ice. It's also noticeably tighter and the best part is, it's translucent and nothing beats the sight of your dick sliding deeper and deeper and getting close to the edge. Gives you a good ego boost. That said though, I can't feel the textures as well as I can with the regular sized Ice because it's tighter.

Perfect travel companion with the added bonus of the visual effect. Also perfect for people with average sized penis.

Score 3.49 Overall Satisfaction 3.7
1 Thank
Intensity 2.8
Stimulation 2.7
Penetration 2.7
Tightness 2.05
Suction Effect 2.45
Realism 2
Variation 3.85
Smoothness 2.95
Orgasm Rating 3.35
Noise 2.4
Lube Use 2.2
Cleanup 2.55
Dry Time 2.55
loolwut's Avatar

loolwut's Review

December 21st, 2022 by loolwut
Penis Length: 7cm Girth: 5cm
Owns 10 Sleeves, 6 Ratings, 3 Reviews

This one was cool because it was clear, so you could see all the action. The problem is the clear plastic seems different than the normal type. At least the clearances seem much tighter on this one that I got. So much so that I can't get the end cap off anymore. So now it's harder to clean and also has unlimited suction. Which can be cool I guess at times but can also be loud or just too much. It's a bummer because I liked this one for the variety.

I like having something to look forward to after the initial penetration. Not sure if I'll get a clear one again after this problem however. I wonder if others have this issue or was just a one off thing that I had. I do like this go size vs the standard huge size. It's just more than I can use to be honest lol

Need to get myself a replacement, another one that's tight with lots of variety.

Score 2.72 Overall Satisfaction 3.55
Intensity 2.75
Stimulation 1.95
Penetration 1.55
Tightness 5
Suction Effect 3.85
Realism 1.1
Variation 2.05
Smoothness 1.95
Orgasm Rating 3.9
Noise 3.8
Lube Use 3.25
Cleanup 1.35
Dry Time 1.35
mmmraz69's Avatar

mmmraz69's Review

December 15th, 2021 by mmmraz69
Owns 10 Sleeves, 5 Ratings, 9 Reviews

If you want tight, and I mean TIGHT then get this one. Smaller than regular Fleshligt but bigger than Flight models. Cleaning and drying take some time. At certain points it was too tight for me to the point where it wasn't that enjoyable. Despite that, when I'm the mood for tight-tight-tight this is my go-to. The transparant material is a very nice plus.

Tight, tighter, tightest. Nothing can beat it on the tightness-scale. Cleaning and drying is hassle. Transparant material is a huge plus on this one because of the tightness. Tighter than a Flight and it's a bit bigger than a Flight case.

Score 2.63 Overall Satisfaction 3
Intensity 3
Stimulation 4
Penetration 4
Tightness 4.5
Suction Effect -
Realism 0.5
Variation 4
Smoothness 0.5
Orgasm Rating 5
Noise 3.5
Lube Use 3.05
Cleanup 3
Dry Time 4.05
Jeffsch27's Avatar

Jeffsch27's Review

August 29th, 2021 by Jeffsch27
Owns 1 Sleeve, 1 Rating, 1 Review

About me: for reference, my dick is 7.25” in length, 5.8” girth at the widest point, and about 5.6” around the head. I’d say I’m about average in head sensitivity, cut, and I don’t suffer from the dreaded death grip. I like to edge and I use FL regularly for all types of jerking. I *usually* warm my sleeve in a bowl of warm to hot water prior to use. I use LubeLife brand lube purchased through Amazon; highly recommended.

Why GoTorque Ice: Happenstance. As I said, this was my first. I took a shot in the dark. I was listening to a podcast the day I purchased it. The guest was a sex therapist recommending that men should dabble in toys like women do. All I needed was one professional to tell me I (all men) should experiment in toys to pull the trigger. Mine was purchased on Amazon through the official FL store. I peeked through the couple options they had and went with this one thinking the size would be helpful for storage.

Design: The GoTorque is pretty straight forward. What drew me to this one was the clear case and sleeve. The idea of seeing my dick pumping away inside the toy really excited me. The plastic case is well made. The sleeve itself was a comfortable material. I would describe the material as being a low level sticky. After 6 months of use, the clear material has turned moderately cloudy. Not so much that I can’t see, but noticeably opaque.

Texture: Going in (pun intended) I wasn’t paying attention to the fact that that was an inner pattern. I never really thought about how different bumps, swirls, and grooves could make my cock feel so amazing. It does. The entrance is moderately tight around my head. The initial penetration and 1st bump pattern is my favorite. The tight stimulation is something. I can really feel the bumps flicking the frenulum as I stroke. Then the ribs and larger nub section bring some of the most amazing sensations my dick has ever experienced. The changing bumps and ribs make edging the day away very desirable. Long, slow strokes seem to be the key for max pleasure with this unit.

Use tricks: I’m on the girthier side of cocks. This sleeve is smaller than the usual FL product. I imagine for cocks 4-6 inches with proportional girth, this sleeve would be like Cinderella’s glass slipper. For bigger guys, It’s not too tight to use but it’s nearly impossible to cum inside with the normal set up. With the sleeve properly inside, I hit about 4-5 inches inserted and can’t go further. To fix this, I pop the sleeve out just past the lip designed to to hold the sleeve in the case. Doing this pulls the sleeve out just short of an inch, stretches the canal and 3 support braces, and makes a nice loose spot at that 4 inch mark. Using this set up I can stroke into the square cut out section. It’s slightly less tight doing this but if you’re girthy I don’t think you’ll notice much.

Edging: In practice I’ve found this sleeve to be pretty versatile. I’ve had days where I was too horny and I came in minutes. I’ve had days where I was too horny and I edged for hours. The large round opening allows you to insert anywhere from a medium chub to a full blown raging hard-on. Again, my trick to edging with this sleeve had been long and slow strokes. This really helps to feel everything and prolong the experience. I find I can go for hours with this routine. The first 30/60 minutes I can really get after it with constant stroking. Then it’s 5-10 strokes and pull out cool down. I never notice the sensations to dull down through your a session. However, there is for sure a sweet spot with lube. Less Is more in my opinion. Better to keep re-applying than to lose time from sloppy lube.

Orgasm: This was a challenge and there was for sure a learning curve on how to cum with a FL. On my first run, I was so blown away by the feeling I blasted inside, fully inserted (only 4” as I stated above). The sensation was too much and I almost found it painful. I tried this a few more times with the same results. Very disappointing after an amazing edging session. For the next month or so I used the sleeve without a case. This I was great. The texture sensations were slightly dulled, but I was still able to edge and the cumshots were fantastic. Finally it dawned on me to pull the sleeve out as I described above. Let me tell you, my dick has never been happier. Orgasms are top-notch. Just about as good as pumping inside a partner. When done, I find that my cock stays pulsing for a good minute after cumming. My whole body feels the release and relaxation post-orgasm.

Cleaning: This is definitely the hardest part of the FL experience. Not because it’s difficult to do, but more because I just want to lay there in bliss or pass out once done. I usually finish inside my sleeve and try to keep my meat inserted until I get to the sink to act as a plug. Then I run like-warm water through the canal for 30-60 seconds. This flushes the cum and lube out nicely. Then I use my fingers on both ends to get in the crevices and pull out anything that may be there. Then 30 seconds more of rinse. I have a stand that the thicker head portion sits on top so the water can drip through and air-dry. This does take about 24 hours to really get to a storable dry level. I’ve yet to try any powders, starches, etc… but I’ve also yet to have any smells or mold inside the canal. I store the FL with both caps on under my bathroom sink.

There you have it folks. This sleeve has been a great way to dive into the FL world. I struggle to imagine how other sleeves could possibly be better! Hopefully someone reads this and finds it useful, informative, and/or hot! I’m going to dive into the FLgirls soon. I’m open to sleeve suggestions in the comments. Thanks for reading and happy FLing!

Score 3.39 Overall Satisfaction 5
Intensity 3.6
Stimulation 3.85
Penetration 3.5
Tightness 4.05
Suction Effect 3.65
Realism -
Variation 3.6
Smoothness 3.65
Orgasm Rating 3.95
Noise 3.4
Lube Use 3.6
Cleanup -
Dry Time -
Mccal100's Avatar

Mccal100's Review

February 27th, 2021 by Mccal100
Penis Length: 5.25cm Girth: 5cm
Owns 135 Sleeves, 92 Ratings, 28 Reviews

A rundown of my personal experience, after at least 3 flights, (usually more) with the sleeve and texture, chamber by chamber. Check out my profile if you’d like to see the rating scale/criteria I use and a bit of background info for more context. Now onto the review!

The go torque is my favorite of fleshlight’s more compact line up available (including flight, go, and quickshot options) The see through is an added bonus for visual stimulation and partner play, which is also helped with the smaller size making it easier for your partner to hold and control the sleeve. As for the texture itself, it’s a shrunken version of the ice lady crystal with a non-anotomical orifice. The sleeve is a smooth ride with all the subtle textures still being noticeable, with the more circular chambers providing excellent stimulation and the ribbing between them adding a little bit of kick to the sleeve intensity-wise. The sleeves design makes for easy penetration and the curves along with the tight to loose transitions in the texture and the way it opens up inside the spherical sections, enveloping the head, help create an almost water slide effect that glides your dick with a gentle force into the spheres, due to the sudden change in width opening up and welcoming your head into these chambers. It’s a mid-intensity and upper-middle stimulation sleeve through and through

Overall a nice sleeve with nothing too overwhelming or intense but provides a smooth, stimulating ride to the finish line

Score 3.70 Overall Satisfaction 3.9
Intensity 4.5
Stimulation 4.4
Penetration 4.4
Tightness 4.4
Suction Effect 4.3
Realism 1.65
Variation 3.65
Smoothness 4.35
Orgasm Rating 4.4
Noise 2.5
Lube Use 3
Cleanup 3.8
Dry Time 2.2
musashireal's Avatar

musashireal's Review

November 26th, 2020 by musashireal
Owns 8 Sleeves, 8 Ratings, 8 Reviews

The Go products are hands down my favorite line-ups. The Torque texture knocks it out of the park with the internal ribs and lines, it just feels really warm and nice to enter. The noise level is pretty decent as well and you can avoid excess suction noises with the correct amount of lube.

Highly recommended. Overall a great sleeve for those with smaller stature such as myself.

Score 3.72 Overall Satisfaction 4.55
Intensity 3.95
Stimulation 3.95
Penetration 3.85
Tightness 3
Suction Effect 2.6
Realism 0.9
Variation 3.85
Smoothness 0.9
Orgasm Rating 1.95
Noise 4.9
Lube Use 2.85
Cleanup 4.9
Dry Time 3.9
JSmith765's Avatar

JSmith765's Review

December 6th, 2017 by JSmith765
Owns 10 Sleeves, 9 Ratings, 7 Reviews

I brought this for travel purposes as the Go is significantly smaller than the standard FL. The Go Torque has has a clear case and a clear sleeve. This allows you to watch yourself while going at it. I thought that I would like this feature very much; however, I found it very distracting. The sleeve itself felt like a slightly less intense Pilot (Mini Destroya). If you are looking for realism, look some place else. This ended up being my least favorite sleeve up til now ( 5 tried, 3 to go).

I wish Fleshlight would make FLG sleeves in the Go size for normal sized people. I didn't enjoy this one much, due to the distraction effect, but that may be a big turn on for some. I also (now) prefer more realistic sleeves. For intensity, I would get the Pilot instead.

Score 3.04 Overall Satisfaction 1.1
Intensity 4.65
Stimulation 4.45
Penetration 3.65
Tightness 4.75
Suction Effect 3.7
Realism 3.5
Variation 3.7
Smoothness 1.95
Orgasm Rating 4.45
Noise 3.2
Lube Use 3.7
Cleanup 1.2
Dry Time 0.85
SexToyMcSexface's Avatar

SexToyMcSexface's Review

December 31st, 2016 by SexToyMcSexface
Owns 3 Sleeves, 3 Ratings, 3 Reviews

This was my first Fleshlight. And God, it shouldn't have been. After the first few uses I thought I was having a PE problem, that's how intense it was. It's the FL sleeve I would choose first out of the three I currently own. I'm a thick 6 inches and size is no problem. Other thoughts: the Torque is clammier than the regular pink FL. You can use cornstarch on it to make it more supple. It does take forever to dry, however leaving on my radiator for just a few minutes takes care of drying quickly. Finally, it does fit the shower mount w/ Flight adaptor.

Intense. INTENSE. The Torque is probably as intense as an STU, though I don't own the latter, nor feel I need to with this wonderful gift.

Score 3.47 Overall Satisfaction 4.85
Intensity 3.85
Stimulation 4.35
Penetration 3.35
Tightness 4.1
Suction Effect 2.95
Realism 2.85
Variation 3.6
Smoothness 3.25
Orgasm Rating 4.25
Noise 2.75
Lube Use 2.4
Cleanup 1.95
Dry Time 1.5
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December 31st, 2016 by Smith0710
Owns 3 Sleeves, 3 Ratings, 3 Reviews

This is my wife's favorite. She finds the realistic entrances of other models be a little creepy. She also likes that she can watch through the transparent material. Finally, it's smaller than the standard size, which she likes as well. I like that she likes it...and the texture is pretty good too.

It takes forever to dry, so not a travel friendly item.

Overall, this is best for use with a partner. If you are planning to use it solo, I don't think you will be disappointed but you might want to consider a different model because of the long drying time.

Score 3.24 Overall Satisfaction 4.15

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