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Brandi Love's Heartthrob offers the incredible realistic sensation of having sex with the world's hottest MILF. Gentle yet in control of your cock, this texture is known to cause full body orgasms like you may have never felt before.

Brandi Love Headshot
Brandi Love

Brandi Love made her debut in porn a little later than most pornstars. While many begin their careers in their late teens or early twenties, Brandi started at the age of 31 which automatica...

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rotlicht's Review

June 20th, 2020 by rotlicht

I do like the molding of Brandis lips, they are not symmetrical but that is insignificant for me, they are pronounced and fleshy and you can rub your dick on them which is a plus.
The orifice is very inviting, you easily slip inside and the first thing that comes into my mind is “lots of room here”, just like a milf is supposed to be. The canal is repetitive and more realistic to the... Read More

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Brandi Love


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Brandi Love Pussy

Release Date:

November 2017

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Fleshlight Heartthrob Reviews

Found 10 reviews in total

Intensity 3
Stimulation 3.4
Penetration 2.75
Tightness 2.3
Suction Effect 2.6
Realism 4
Variation 3
Smoothness 3.75
Orgasm Rating 4.3
Noise 2.3
Lube Use 2.75
Cleanup 4.1
Dry Time 4.05
rotlicht's Avatar

rotlicht's Review

June 20th, 2020 by rotlicht
Owns 36 Sleeves, 2 Ratings, 2 Reviews

I do like the molding of Brandis lips, they are not symmetrical but that is insignificant for me, they are pronounced and fleshy and you can rub your dick on them which is a plus.
The orifice is very inviting, you easily slip inside and the first thing that comes into my mind is “lots of room here”, just like a milf is supposed to be. The canal is repetitive and more realistic to the real thing.
Some say that they use this fleshlight for edging and longer sessions but I am not into this, I do not want to take my time…maybe five max. ten minutes and I am done depending on a break in between changing to the shower mount. So if you are into quickies this one can do it for you!
And as always: Preparation is key. Warm it up, also the lube (gun oil H2O or whatever you prefer but know that lubes can be different and the cheapest will not be as good as the more expensive ones).
Coming in heartthrob is very relaxing…just feels very good.

Cleaning is as easy as with other sleeves I own…when you have your routine you do not care about the canal and its edges and curves.

Conclusion: Brandis pussy sleeve is a good one! Gliding inside is so easy and you feel welcomed. Coming inside is very satisfying. You do not be afraid that you orgasm might be ruined like it happens sometimes to me with other sleeves and especially with heavenly. If the end is meh than the session was a downer. Not with this one!

Score 3.34 Overall Satisfaction 4.4
2 Thank rotlicht
Intensity 1.9
Stimulation 3.5
Penetration 1.1
Tightness 1.5
Suction Effect 3.1
Realism 3.95
Variation 1
Smoothness 2.8
Orgasm Rating 3.9
Noise 2.8
Lube Use 2.75
Cleanup 3.05
Dry Time 3.1
Imadissappointment's Avatar

Imadissappointment's Review

December 6th, 2019 by Imadissappointment
Owns 17 Sleeves, 11 Ratings, 11 Reviews

Many flyers complain that the textures aren't matched up to the right porn star. For example Riley Reid is a short skinny girl with small dimensions so she should have a tight texture right? Well Utopia isn't exactly that. Or Dillion Harper another short and small girl has the loosest flg texture? I'm not saying that every texture has to be dead on with what the girl actually feels like in terms of tightness but I should be able to suspend my disbelief, and with heartthrob I can do much more than that. Heartthrob's tightness feels just right in terms of how I think Brandy Love would actually feel. If you don't know, Brandi is taller (compared to other pornstars) MILF, meaning that her texture shouldn't be tight, it should be loose, and fleshlight nailed the exact right tightness. I know this is a smaller detail, but it's what helps guys feel like they are actually fucking the girl(s) of their dreams. Now other than the fact that they nailed the tightness in this texture, what else is good? The texture itself is mild making it great for edging and longer sessions and in addition can provide some of the best orgasms from any texture in my opinion.

Drying/cleanup is quick because this is a looser sleeve so more air can go through it when drying.

This texture is great for edging and longer sessions, and edging it also has a great climax.
If you are looking for more intense textures this is not the texture for you

Score 2.70 Overall Satisfaction 3.4
1 Thank Imadissappointment
Intensity 4
Stimulation 4
Penetration 4.5
Tightness 3.5
Suction Effect 3
Realism 3.75
Variation 2.5
Smoothness 3
Orgasm Rating 4
Noise 3.95
Lube Use 4
Cleanup 4
Dry Time 3.5
ohhey's Avatar

ohhey's Review

May 11th, 2019 by ohhey
Owns 25 Sleeves, 26 Ratings, 25 Reviews

I'm normally not a fan of a lot of lips but they work on this one for extra stimulation, right at the opening it's tight then has a kinda lotus node that's pretty noticeable follow by the alternating ribbed areas, those give a massage type feeling in my opinion. There's not a lot of variation and its pretty smooth over all but still feels pretty good. It has a fairly real feel to it as well.

Tight but not too tight, fairly real feeling, could use a bit more variation. If you like real feeling sleeves it;s worth having in your collection.

Score 3.69 Overall Satisfaction 4
1 Thank ohhey
Intensity 3.75
Stimulation 4.2
Penetration 4.3
Tightness 3.85
Suction Effect 3.7
Realism 4.05
Variation 4.1
Smoothness 3.55
Orgasm Rating 4.8
Noise 3.95
Lube Use 4.15
Cleanup 4.05
Dry Time 3.85
stiffpoles' Avatar

stiffpoles' Review

October 3rd, 2020 by stiffpoles
Penis Length: 7.25cm Girth: 5.75cm
Owns 64 Sleeves, 44 Ratings, 34 Reviews

I'm Julio! I'm an 7.25 in. long and 5.75 inch girth. I inspect each sleeve for texture, uniformity and I use the sleeve 3 times before committing to a review. That way I'm thorough and as detailed as possible. Your ticket to find out exactly what you want before you buy. It's time to review our next Fleshlight!

I'm Julio! I'm an 7.25 in. long and 5.75 inch girth. I inspect each sleeve for texture, uniformity and I use the sleeve 3 times before committing to a review. That way I'm thorough and as detailed as possible. Your ticket to find out exactly what you want before you buy. It's time to review our next Fleshlight!

The Heartthrob opens with a perfect replica of Brandi Love’s pussy lips, accompanied by her signature on the side. The first inch or so is a very tight tunnel, followed by a ‘notch’ cut out of the sleeve edge which gives the penis something to push through. The rest of the sleeve is textured with a simple repeating pattern of cross ribs. Each set of seven ridges is arranged in a diamond shape; they widen and lengthen towards the center, pressing inwards into the channel. The sets alternate through the sleeve so that the channel between them remains narrow with pressure from all sides.

One of the advantages of a sleeve like this is it’s suitability for all penis lengths; the repeating pattern means that it is possible to get the full benefit of the texture even if you don’t reach the end. The entrance is pleasantly tight and there is a good amount of resistance followed by a satisfying ‘pop’ as you push into the sleeve. Inside, the channel is tight without being constrictive and the different sized ribs create just enough texture to be noticeable.

As one set of ribs decreases in size, the next is getting bigger, creating a constant subtle stimulation in a wave like pattern. The ribs themselves are not large enough to be felt separately – the sleeve actually feels smoother than I anticipated – but the overall sensation is something like a subtle vibration along the length of the penis.

The effect is intensified as the penis swells and I found that moving a little faster and more aggressively increased the stimulation, leading swiftly to a pretty amazing orgasm.

It’s worth noting that the amount of lubrication makes a big difference to the experience of using Heartthrob; I found the texture a lot less noticeable when I was too generous with the lube.

‚ÄčThe Heartthrob was a nice surprise; it was more subtle and felt a lot more realistic than I expected. Overall, I’d say that it’s one of the better sleeves I have tried; reasonably stimulating without ever becoming overwhelming. It’s great for long, slow masturbation sessions and edging, with just enough intensity for a quickie when you’re in the mood.

Score 4.00 Overall Satisfaction 3.65
Thank stiffpoles
Intensity 3
Stimulation 3.95
Penetration 4.85
Tightness 2.8
Suction Effect 1.9
Realism 3.9
Variation 2.3
Smoothness 3.95
Orgasm Rating 4.9
Noise 4.95
Lube Use 5
Cleanup 5
Dry Time 4.9
DentHead's Avatar

DentHead's Review

December 20th, 2019 by DentHead
Owns 11 Sleeves, 11 Ratings, 1 Review

As a fan of consistent pattern fleshlights, Brandi Love's Heartthrob is one of the best entries in that category. The entrance is snug, with the beginning entry chamber providing a great "pop" as you push past the beginning folds. Once inside the Heartthrob's smooth but ribbed main interior provides an excellent texture for long edging sessions, but also provides enough stimulation if you're looking for a quickie. I'm almost always a fan of reduced suction in fleshlights, as it tends to vice grip your dick and lessons the feel of the texture, but the Heartthrob is incredible with the cap fully sealed as you slowly push through. Because the Heartthrob lacks the nooks and crannies of so many other sleeves, both cleanup and dry time are fantastic, with a quick rinse of water and rubbing alcohol leaving the sleeve dry in less than an hour, making cleanup incredibly convenient.

If you're looking for a long session sleeve, the Heartthrob should be near the top of your list.

Score 3.93 Overall Satisfaction 3.55
Thank DentHead
Intensity 1.4
Stimulation 2.9
Penetration 2
Tightness 2
Suction Effect 2.6
Realism -
Variation 1.25
Smoothness 2.6
Orgasm Rating 3.1
Noise 3.9
Lube Use -
Cleanup -
Dry Time -
Bear299's Avatar

Bear299's Review

December 18th, 2019 by Bear299
Penis Length: 5.6cm Girth: 4.9cm
Owns 37 Sleeves, 28 Ratings, 28 Reviews

I'm 5.6 inches long and circumcised. I have 28 fleshlights/fleshjacks total. I dry by placing by fleshlights in front of a fan overnight and they are always dry come morning, so I do not put drying time on my ratings. As for realism, being a virgin, I am unqualified to rate it.

One of your standard sleeves with a uniform texture all the way through. There really isn't much to say about sleeves like this, as it really comes down to personal preference. Sleeves like this can be boring, so I personally will use 2 or more sleeves per session, switching between them, if I am using one like this just for variety.

Notes on the sleeve itself: I really don't notice the diamond shape of the ribs. It's not much different than Charmer or Super Ribbed, so if either of those have a more appealing orifice or texture, have a peek at them before deciding.

The diamond shape isn't apparent during use and you may as well get Super Ribbed or Charmer. If you already have either of those, you should skip this sleeve.

Score 2.49 Overall Satisfaction 3.15
Thank Bear299
Intensity 2.75
Stimulation 3.5
Penetration 4.75
Tightness 2.1
Suction Effect -
Realism 2.8
Variation 2
Smoothness 2.9
Orgasm Rating 3.95
Noise 4.7
Lube Use 4.1
Cleanup 4.5
Dry Time 4.3
CountBanana's Avatar

CountBanana's Review

December 13th, 2019 by CountBanana
Penis Length: 6.69cm Girth: 5.28cm
Owns 19 Sleeves, 26 Ratings, 19 Reviews

I usually have at least 5 flights with a new sleeve before writing a review. Also the end cap is always open and I use 3 Fleshlight Girls at a time mostly.

I think we all can agree that Brandi Love is one of the hottest MILF porn stars out there. Brandi's juicy pussy is one of the main reasons why I am a big fan of her. Like many other recently released Fleshlights they did a very good job on her pussy orifice. Her lips are quite big and of course the left side is a bit bigger just like Brandi's real vagina. There is also some nice detail on the surface texture.

My decision to get Brandi Love's Heartthrob Fleshlight was entiirely based on my liking for Brandi Love, so I didn't care too much about the texture. I even thought the texture looked a bit bland on the cross section picture. Good thing that I was proven wrong.
It is a real pleasure to caress the beautiful pussy lips with your dick and penetrating them is awesome du to their inviting geometry.
The texture starts with a small narrow section and leads to the main part of the texture which is repeating along the whole sleeve. The elements which make up the main section consist of 7 closely packed rings wich protrude into the middel of the texture. The midde ring stands out the most and from there the protrusion decreases linearly to the outer rings.
The first narrow section is a great contrast to the open pussy lips, so you get kind of suprised by the tightness in the beginning. The main section feels also great. The rings can be felt as a subtle grinding sensation. While intensity is somwhere in the middle, the sensation is high. The best thing is that it doesn't get boring despite being a repetetive sleeve.
In the end Heartthrob has a texture that will not disappoint you. I use it whenever I cannot decide what sleeve to use. Of course I also use it when I am watching Brand's scenes and want to imagine what she feels like.

Heartthrob has a great molding of Brand Love's pussy and the texture is a solid choice for anybody who wants to experience a good Fleshlight, that is not in the high intensity range.

Score 3.60 Overall Satisfaction 4.5
Thank CountBanana
Intensity 3.2
Stimulation 4.55
Penetration 3.45
Tightness 4.35
Suction Effect 2.3
Realism 3.55
Variation 2.3
Smoothness 2.6
Orgasm Rating 3.8
Noise 2.9
Lube Use 2.6
Cleanup 3.45
Dry Time 3.5
GaryGourmand's Avatar

GaryGourmand's Review

May 31st, 2019 by GaryGourmand
Owns 1 Sleeve, 1 Rating, 1 Review

My measurements are L: 6.1", G: 5.1", uncut.

I have now had this for a bit over a month. It is my first Fleshlight, so I can't really compare it to other sleeves.

* I find it is very stimulating on the entire penis, from the base to the tip. This gives a really intense erection and feels really good!
* Warmed up it feels very nice and quite realistic
* Despite the large amount of stimulation, it doesn't grip the penis very hard, so it can be used for longer sessions without making your dick too sore ;)

Less good:
* If cumming inside it, I found it to be a bit hard to clean properly, so I often choose to finish outside of it, though it may be that I just haven't found the proper cleaning technique.
* I would have liked it if the cap could be closed to be completely airtight. I tried taping around the seam to close it up, and the suction got a lot more intense.
* It takes a while to dry after cleaning

Overall I think this is a great sleeve, which feels really good, especially when warmed up and with a good amount of lube. As it is not overly intense, I enjoy using it for longer sessions a lot!

Score 3.32 Overall Satisfaction 3.9
Thank GaryGourmand
Intensity 4
Stimulation 4
Penetration 2.5
Tightness 3.5
Suction Effect 3
Realism 2
Variation 2
Smoothness 3.5
Orgasm Rating 4.5
Noise 3
Lube Use 3.5
Cleanup 4
Dry Time 2.5
Anonymous's Avatar

Heartthrob Review

May 22nd, 2019 by Anonymous
Owns 2 Sleeves, 1 Rating, 1 Review

Warmed up, the inside is very welcoming. Entering this sleeve is very easy because the hole is not tight at all. This sleeve seems to be quite wide open. When your inside it is still as tight as it should be, just the hole looks quite loose from the outside. There is little variation to it but the sleeve pretty much drains your dick, trust me. This is the best way to describe how the sleeve feels. It's incredibly comfortable and the texture adds nice suction and resistance when pulling back and when thrusting back in. If it's your goal, you can ejaculate a lot with this sleeve. The feeling is like a tunnel with rings everywhere that your penis will glide through. "It drains your cock" is not just what it does, but pretty much how it feels like. The only cons could be the big pussy lips that are not symmetrical and the fact that the orifice is pretty wide open, not like some other sleeves. Important to say, orgasms with this sleeve are amazing. You don't have to use a lot of lube but definitely don't go in unprepared. Medium amount of lube, warmed up sleeve in hot water and you're good to go. If you're a fan of Brandi Love, there is pretty much 0 regret in this purchase. Treat the sleeve well, as you would with any other. The sleeve really tries to drain your dick. That's the best description I can give to how it feels.

The feeling: drains your dick very comfortably. Warm it up, use medium amounts of lube. Orgasms are way above average (amazing, one of the best sleeves when it comes to orgasms). If you're not into that, the asymmetrical lips could be a slight turn off, though they feel and look realistic. The orifice is wider open than other sleeves so you can always look through the entire tunnel of the sleeve. Entering the sleeve is still tight and the feeling is heavenly (dick drainer). Oh, and do us all a favour: use the shower mount.

Score 3.29 Overall Satisfaction 4
Thank Anonymous
Intensity 3
Stimulation 3
Penetration 3
Tightness 3.5
Suction Effect -
Realism 2
Variation 2
Smoothness 2
Orgasm Rating 4
Noise 5
Lube Use -
Cleanup 4
Dry Time -
Anonymous's Avatar

Heartthrob Review

May 4th, 2019 by Anonymous
Owns 21 Sleeves, 21 Ratings, 21 Reviews

I was a little disappointed in this one. I'm an intensity fan because I'm not overly sensitive and this wasn't as potent as I had heard. It does feel pretty good when pulling out slowly. I'm on the larger s and I think I would've liked it more if it were a little bit smaller.

Good for longer sessions if you if you don't want to have to fight to hold hold on. I like edging with the more intense stuff. If you want something to edge with that's not as intense, then I'd give it a shot.

Score 3.18 Overall Satisfaction 3.5
Thank Anonymous
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