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How do I contact Fleshlight?

Visit the Fleshlight Contact page.

Is this product built to last?

Fleshlight's soft, pliable, non-vibrating SuperSkin® masturbation sleeve is made from a patented, high-quality material designed to replicate the sensation of penetrative sex. The molded sleeve comes housed in an atttractive and sturdy canister that resembles an ordinary flashlight, allowing for simple and discreet storage. It's easy to use and clean, and is 100 percent safe. With proper usage, your Fleshlight product offers a lifetime of enjoyment!

How big is a Fleshlight unit (Size of a Fleshlight)?

Fleshlight units (sleeve & case) are approximately 10 inches (26 cm) in length and 4 inches (10) cm in diameter, this is for the standard Fleshlight products. The Quickshot or GO products are smaller.

Does it vibrate?

Fleshlight products do not require batteries or electricity to function. However, the Fleshlight Vibro uses 3 Fleshlight Bullet vibrators to produce intense stimulation!

Are Fleshlight sleeves made with latex or plastic or silicone?

No. Fleshlight Sleeves are manufactured from a material covered by a series of US patents known as SuperSkin®. The exact formulation of Fleshlight's product is a closely guarded company secret. No other sex products are built with the same feel and durability as Fleshlight products. Words can not adequately explain this one of a kind product!

Does the Fleshlight material contain phthalates?

Phthalates are defined as "any of various salts or esters of phthalic acid used especially as plasticizers and in solvents". There is quite a bit of controversy surrounding the use of phthalates in sex toys but Fleshlight are pleased to assure Fleshlight's customers that the Fleshlight material DOES NOT CONTAIN phthalates.

How do I use Fleshlight products?

Warm your Fleshlight Sleeve by removing it from the case and soaking it in a sink/tub filled with warm water (a bit higher than body-heat, not boiling!). If necessary, drain the water and repeat the process with fresh warm water. Do NOT boil or microwave your sleeve! Shake off excess water and replace the sleeve into the Fleshlight case; adjust the tightness of the cap at the bottom to vary the suction; finish by applying a liberal amount of water-based lubricant to the orifice and yourself. If the Fleshlight Sleeve still feels too cold to you, try warming lube or warming your existing lubricant in the sink/tub at the same time as the sleeve. Your Fleshlight product is now ready for use. For more suggestions: Fleshlight Subreddit.

What is the best way to clean Fleshlight products?

Simply rinse your removeable Fleshlight Sleeve with warm water from your sink and allow time for it to dry before storing. Do NOT use soap to clean your SuperSkin® sleeve. For tough cleaning, Fleshlight suggest using a little isopropyl alcohol. To maintain that soft feel, sprinkle a liberal amount of corn starch on the sleeve and shake off the excess powder. Fleshlight do NOT recommend the use of talcum or baby powder. NOTE: Powdering an Ice Fleshlight masturbation sleeve with anything other than corn starch will cause it to cloud over and lose its clear quality.

What is the best way to dry the Fleshlight Masturbation Sleeves?

Shake out as much water as possible and place in a well ventilated area - near a window or next to a fan. For quick drying, slide a thin cloth/towel through it from one end to the other. When you return it to the case, make sure to leave the end caps loose so that air can continue to circulate.

Can I use the Fleshlight in the shower/tub?

Yes, you can use Fleshlight products in the shower/tub. While there is no problem with soaking the product in water, make sure soap does not come in contact with the removeable masturbation sleeve. If the soap contains oils, it may damage your Fleshlight sleeve.

Can I use a condom with Fleshlight products?

While there is no need to use a condom with Fleshlight products (as long as you do NOT share them - which Fleshlight never recommend doing anyway), doing so will not harm the Fleshlight Sleeve or yourself. Make sure you still use water-based lubes while using condoms!

Where can I find empty cases?

Spare Fleshlight Cases can be purchased separately.

Can I use different textured masturbation sleeves with my Fleshlight Case?

Yes, all of Fleshlight's Textured Sleeves are for use with the Fleshlight Case. Fleshlight recommend purchasing a case for each sleeve in order to make storage as convenient as possible, but you may opt to use several sleeves with just one case.

Why is my Fleshlight Sleeve sticky when I rinse and dry it?

Your masturbation sleeve is NOT defective. It may be stored in its tacky state. When it comes time for using the Sleeve again, just rinse the sleeve in warm water, let it dry, and then apply lubricant. If you prefer to keep your sleeve as smooth as possible, simply powder it with a bit of corn starch. Ice (clear) masturbation sleeves are naturally stickier than the colored ones.

What colors are currently available?

Pink and Ice (clear) are the currently manufactured colors. While Fleshlight do offer a new "FleshTone" (also available in dark for Misty Stone) option for Fleshlight's Fleshlight Girls and Fleshjack Boys brands. Mocha, Gold, Lavender, and Chocolate have been discontinued.
The Ice sleeves are powdered before shipment, simply rinse the powder off with warm water to obtain maximum clearness. The lack of pigment leaves the ice masturbation sleeves slightly stickier than the others. Make sure to pair up your Ice Sleeve with an Ice Case.
Update: In recent years, more colors have been added, mainly for the Freaks line as well as some variations to ICE variants such as limited edition Green Ice or the Blue Ice and Copper colors used on the Turbo line.

I really like the color X, can you please make one?

Unfortunately not. Fleshlight are not able to accomodate special requests of this kind.

I orgasm too quickly, any advice?

The Stamina Training Unit (STU) was designed to prolong sex and help you develop your sexual stamina and technique.

Does the 3 for 2 special include a case?


Does the Build Your Own include a case?

Yes, the BYO does include a case if you select the option when it appears.

What type of lubricants can I use with my Fleshlight product?

Fleshlight recommend the use of water-based lubricants only. Oil-based lubricants should NOT be used, since they will slowly destroy the Fleshlight material over time. Sleeves damaged by use of oil-based lubricants are not eligible for exchange or refund.

My masturbation sleeve has developed black spots, what do I do?

This occasionally occurs when the sleeves have been stored in non-ventilated places while wet. Use a liberal amount of isopropyl alcohol to clean your Real Feel SuperSkin® sleeve.

Am I too old to use Fleshlight products?

Men of all ages are discovering Fleshlight brand products everyday! Reported ages vary from the early 20s to late 50s. The reasons for joining vary as much as the ages and Fleshlight welcome all men over the age of 18.

I keep hearing about the "shoe method", what is that?

The "shoe method" is a style of hands-free "FLying" (a term commonly used to describe someone using a Fleshlight product). Stick the narrow end of the Fleshlight Case into a shoe, on a flat surface. You can optionally put a pillow over the shoe to rest your hands on, while you continue the "missionary" position.

Ordering & Payment Information

What is my personal information used for?

Fleshlight use your personal information only for billing and shipping. Information is never sold, rented or shared with any other service or company! Besides your order, you will not receive any additional catalogs, mailings, or emails from ILF, LLC (US) and FLi, SL (EU).

Is my online information secure?

Your personal information will be protected by the worlds most advanced encryption technologies. The padlock on the bottom of your browser status bar ensures your order will be securely processed.

How long is my information kept for?

Credit card numbers and personal information is destroyed after product is successfully shipped.

How will the order show on my statements?

Purchases made by credit card or online check will read on your statement as "ILF Inc." or "ILF, LLC" (US) and "FLi, SL" (EU).

Why was my payment declined?

Credit card payments may be declined for any number of reasons. The best way to determine the cause of the failure is to contact the bank that issued your credit card. Otherwise, contact Fleshlight via phone or email to review your order and attempt to process the transaction again.

Will I receive purchase confirmation?

Once your order is submitted, you will receive an initial email confirming your order. Once your payment processes successfully, you will receive a second email indicating "payment received". The final email will include your UPS or USPS tracking number, which is generated as soon as your tracking number is assigned. Be aware that it will be an additional 24-48 hours before will be able to offer accurate tracking information.

Important: If you have submitted an invalid email address you will not receive automated notifications. Email addresses can not be modified once an order is submitted.

How do I return an item I have purchased?

Contact customer support on the Fleshlight website. This obviously only applies to orders made on the official website.

Which Payment methods does ILF accept?

  • Credit Card

  • Click n Buy

  • EU Debit

  • Phone Order

  • Online credit card payment

    Accepted Methods

    Fleshlight accept Visa, Visa Electron and Mastercard credit cards. Check and debit cards that carry the Visa or Mastercard logo are also accepted. To make a payment online using your credit card, while in the shopping cart select "Credit Card" and then click "Proceed to Checkout". Complete the form in its entirety! Credit cards are generally processed within 3-5 minutes of receipt. If Fleshlight encounter difficulty processing your payment, you will be contacted via email. Once payment is received, all orders will ship within 1-3 business days.

    * Please note that larger orders may be delayed due to additional verification needed to ensure that the order is legitimate and that the card holder has authorized the transaction. FLi, S.L. is committed to protecting consumers from credit card fraud and act in the best interest of the consumer in attempting to verify transactions of this type. Fleshlight apologize for any delays this may cause Fleshlight's customers.

  • Bank transfer

  • Fax order

Shipping Information

Are there any additional customs fees and duties?

If ordering from the European website, orders outside European Union may be subject to additional customs fees and duties, please inform yourself at your local post-office. If ordering via different regions please check your local customs and duties regulations.

Why does my tracking number not work?

Most tracking numbers will be track-able within 24 hours of receipt of the email notification. If you received your tracking number and you've allowed 24-48 hours for UPS to update their tracking information and still are not able to track your package, Contact Fleshlight.

Do you ship to freight forwarders?

No, Fleshlight do not ship to freight forwarders.

Do you require a signature for delivery?

It depends where you live. In the United Status a signature is usually not requiered. In Europe it usually is.

Do I have to be home at time of delivery?

A notice will be posted that a delivery attempt was made and it will offer a variety of ways for you to obtain your order.

What does the package look like?

All orders are shipped in a plain, cardboard box. The shipping label will identify the shipper as "FLI S.L." and will not reference "", "Sex Toy" or any other identifying description related to products designed for adults. Packaging

Countries Fleshlight do NOT ship to:

Afghanistan, Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Bolivia, Bonaire, Brazil, Cayman Islands, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Curacao, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Ghana, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Lesotho, Malaysia, Mexico, Montserrat, Morocco, Namibia, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Qatar, Rwanda, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, St. Barthelemy, St. Eustatius, St. Kitts/Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Martin, St. Vicente, Suriname, Tanzania, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Vietnam, Virgin Islands, Ukraine, UK Virgin Island-Virgin Gorda, Yemen

Can I change my shipping address?

Contact Fleshlight to make changes to your shipping address.

How can I change or cancel my order?

Contact Fleshlight to change or cancel your order; Fleshlight make no guarantee that the change can be made before the order ships. Fleshlight regret any inconvenience this may cause you.

What happens if my package was sent back?

If a package is refused upon delivery and returned to Fleshlight's facility without an RMA number, the product value will be refunded upon receipt, less the original shipping fee as well as the shipping fee charged by UPS to return the package to Fleshlight's facility.
International Orders (outside of the United States)
UPS Worldwide Express Saver

Meet delivery requirements with this guaranteed, afternoon delivery service. Delivery by end of day; next business day delivery to Canada; delivery in two business days to Europe and Latin America; delivery in two or three business days to Asia. Door-to-door service with in-house customs clearance; up to three delivery attempts.

UPS Worldwide Express
Take advantage of this faster one-to-three day shipping service with guaranteed morning delivery times throughout the world. Delivery by 10:30 a.m. or 12:00 noon; second business day delivery to Europe and Latin America; delivery within two or three business days to Asia. Door-to-door service with in-house customs clearance; up to three delivery attempts.

Why is my country on the "Do Not Ship" list?

Countries on the list are there because, in Fleshlight's experience, orders shipped to those countries have been confiscated by customs and are not delivered to the client or returned to Fleshlight's facility. The "Do Not Ship" list is subject to change at any time.

How are orders shipped to International locations?

All orders are shipped via UPS unless Fleshlight are shipping to a PO Box or an APO address — these will ship via USPS.

Are duty fees included in the shipping price?

International orders may be subject to additional customs fees and duties. Fleshlight do not include these additional costs as a part of the total amount.

How will the items be declared in customs?

Fleshlight will declare the actual product value to customs, but name declarations are assigned per the following:
Fleshlight sleeves = gel sleeves
Fleshlight cases = plastic housing
Lubricant = water based liquid
Vibrators = massagers
Mr. limpys = gel molds

Can you ship my item as a "gift"?

Requests to ship your order as a "gift" will not be honoured.


What items do you accept for return?

All items that are unopened and unused can be returned for product value. Fleshlight will NOT accept opened/used items for return. All items must be returned within 30 days from the date the item is delivered for a product value refund.

Defective or incorrect item(s)

If you opened the item but it is defective or if it is not the item you purchased please contact Fleshlight so Fleshlight can resolve the issue for you. Fleshlight will need to see pictures to verify it is a defect or the incorrect item. Once pictures verify it is a defect or the wrong item Fleshlight will send a replacement at Fleshlight's expense. Fleshlight do not need the incorrect/defective item(s) back.

You must contact Fleshlight within 90 days of delivery for Fleshlight to replace a defective/incorrect item. After 90 days Fleshlight will not replace nor refund defective/incorrect items.

Unopened item(s)

Product refund
If you would like a refund on an unopened item(s), please contact Fleshlight to obtain an RMA number. Fleshlight do not cover the shipping costs for returning an order to Fleshlight. After Fleshlight receive your return and inspect the returned merchandise, Fleshlight will reimburse your credit card for the purchase price of the item as long as it is unopened/unused, less the original shipping fee.
Please allow Fleshlight 10 business days from the time Fleshlight receive your item to process your return.

Remember that Fleshlight will not issue a partial product value refund on package deals; they must be returned all together! Any items that are returned to Fleshlight used or opened will simply be disposed of and Fleshlight will not issue a refund for them.

Please be aware that Fleshlight cannot accept return merchandise that arrives without an RMA number on the outside of the package.

FleshAssist Questions

What is FleshAssist?

Consider FleshAssist your portal to all Fleshlight information in one place. Often, users spent many hours looking for various websites that would have a pretty short review on a texture and that was all there was until I built FleshAssist. With FleshAssist we are able to gather all of the information and user's opinions in one global website. No longer must you look at 10 websites, no long must you view adverts or misleading information. Everything you find on FleshAssist is genuine and honest, no bullshit.

How does ranking and ratings work?

FleshAssist's ranking system is completely based on user-input, this means, what users have to say about a texture. Twice a day, all of the ratings of our users for every texture is added up and the totals are all calculated to eventually list the top to worst textures out there.

What if a user rates a lot of textures badly?

Since the website is heavily based upon user input, the system I built makes it extremely easy to remove invalid/badly-intended ratings and reviews. I get alerted whenever a user starts doing dodgy things, for example: if a user is found rating 50 textures with 3 stars in all categories, they are obviously not trying to help the community. Within two clicks I am able to remove and ban this users' ratings and keep the ranks genuine.

Are you affiliated in any way with Fleshlight/ILF?

Technically, no. Of course, a lot of the media (text, images and videos alike) are property of Fleshlight (ILF/FLi SL). I was not hired to create this website, nor am I getting paid to tweak the ranking results. This website is completely user-run and Fleshlight are not affiliated with it in any way, apart from the fact that links directing to the official Fleshlight store are linked to my affiliate account so I get a percentage of sales, this lets me pay for hosting and services.

There are no adverts on the site, how are you paying for it?

The short and honest answer is by affiliate sales. I gain a small percentage of revenue of sales that are directed from here to the Fleshlight Store. It would help me out a lot if you use the Buy link on FleshAssist before making your next purchase.
This lets me mostly pay for the hosting and services. I have never, and never will, run adverts on this website.

A page is returning an error/is blank!

FleshAssist has a custom error handling system which allows me to easily identify what went wrong. When you find a page which is returning an error with a custom message OR a hash value (1c78cn2hc905yc12c) OR the page is blank, you do not need to report it to me.
If the error makes the website vulnerable or reveals critical information, please, use the /contact page and alert me as soon as possible!

How does the Advisor work?

Again, purely based on user-input. It will go through all the values of each texture and calculate which one meets your criteria best.

I found some information that is incorrect/missing.

Great! 80% of the information on this website is provided by our community. If you find something that is wrong or missing simply send a contact mail via the contact page with the type of "Erroneous Data", thank you!

User-Submitted Questions

Why can’t I feel the texture in my new Fleshlight?

You most likely have DGS, or Death Grip Syndrome; an artificial syndrome created by an unknown senior member of the Fleshlight forum community. It is not a big deal and is completely reversible if you follow one rule: masturbate only with your Fleshlight. No using your hand or rubbing yourself through your underwear. Sex, of course, will not add to DGS. If you want to learn more about this problem please visit the DGS section of this document for an extremely detailed explanation of what we think is the cause of it.

I really have to force myself to orgasm when using my new Fleshlight. What is going on?

Please see the answer to question directly above this one.

I just bought another Fleshlight and it doesn’t seem as good as it was claimed to be. What can I do?

If this is an additional Fleshlight and you have been using it for some time following the DGS rule then you can usually expect it to get better with use. New sleeves have a “break-in” period that not only consists of the texture slightly changing but you also have to get used to the new texture; begin to notice the subtle or drastic changes compared to you previous sleeve. Example changes in the sleeve during its “break-in” period can consist of, but not limited to:

Complete removal of factory-applied cornstarch. It usually takes me 2 sessions with a new sleeve to finally get all of the cornstarch removed. The first rinse will not remove it, nor will the subsequent first rinse out.
Texture contraction due to not having the shipping rod in-place.

It also must be said that some textures will not get better. Different people like different sensations. The personal preferences of each individual complicate matters when reading my reviews and, especially, my intensity and preference lists.

What kind of lube is recommended for use with Fleshlights?

Any water-based lubricant is safe to use with your Fleshlight. It is imperative that you never use any lube that is silicone-based as it will damage your sleeve over time. Commonly used and easy to locate safe lubricants are:

FleshLube Fire/Ice/Water
WET! Original
ID Glide
Gun Oil H2O (My preferred lubricant)

Do I have to clean my Fleshlight as often if I don’t ejaculate inside of it?

Yes, you have to clean it the same frequency as you would if you ejaculated inside of the sleeve. The lubricant is still in the sleeve even if your semen is not. It will begin to smell if you don’t clean it after every session. However, there is one exception to this rule. If you are going to use a Fleshlight, and ejaculate inside of it, but you know you will be using it again before you go to bed, you might not clean it until then. You can also get away with using it and then going to bed, but you MUST clean it the next morning. If you do either of these make sure you screw both end caps on tight as you do not want anything foreign getting inside of it.

Do I really have to let it air dry after I clean it?

Technically, no you do not. However, your Fleshlight will start to smell quite quickly. The time it takes to get an odor is also affected by the “hardness” of your water source. Once it begins you smell bad you will have to give it an alcohol bath.

Do I really have to clean it will alcohol? If so, how often?

Yes, you will eventually have to clean it will isopropanol, commonly referred to as rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. How often you do this is up to you. Various users usually bathe theirs with alcohol bi-monthly. Please see the cleaning section of this document for more information on how to take care of your Fleshlight.

Do I really have to cornstarch the sleeve? If so, how often?

No, constarching is not a requirement for the care of your Fleshlight. However, it will not hurt to do it once in a while. Howeven, if you choose to cornstarch your Fleshlight, just cornstarch the exterior of the sleeve and not the interior to avoid irritation when using it afterward.

How long should I rinse my Fleshlight after I have used it?

You should allow water to run through the entire sleeve for at least one minute to remove semen and lubricant if not more depending on the viscosity and strength of the lubricant you are using. Some lubricants break down immediately when they encounter water, one such lubricant is WET! Original, while others require longer to dissociate.

Is it possible for Fleshlight to have sold a used item?

All returned Fleshlight products will be discarded upon arrival to our Returns Department. Due to the nature of the product and the possibility of product tampering, Fleshlight's policy is to destroy all packages that have been returned by a customer.
All Fleshlight sleeves and cases have been packed and sealed by our warehouse team and the products are newly manufactured and never used. The sleeve is stapled into a plastic clam shell package to ensure that it is not damaged during shipment.

My Fleshlight sleeve’s exterior has developed small black “boogers”, is there something wrong with my Fleshlight?

No, it is perfectly normal for these to accumulate on your sleeve over time. They are basically just dirt and other dust particles building up on the outside. They are quite troublesome to remove, but it seems the best way to do this is to use cornstarch as an abrasive remover of sorts. If you cannot remove all of them, do not get upset. While they are ungainly to look at they pose no threat to the longevity of your sleeve.

I clean and dry my Fleshlight after every use but it is still starting to smell. What do I do?

No matter how well you clean and dry your Fleshlight it will eventually begin to smell because you cannot completely dry all areas of the complex texture inside. You can solve this by giving it an alcohol bath.

Will my new Fleshlight come with lubricant?

It will come with some 1-2 use pillow packs of FleshLube so you will need to order some with it or pick some up at your local pharmacy or adult shop

How will my new Fleshlight ship?

It will ship in a standard, plain, brown package with no indications of what is inside other than it is coming from ILF. The box will contain your Fleshlight sleeve, case (if you bought one), a couple of FleshLube pillow packs of lubricant, and a little pamphlet on how to take care of your new toy. The sleeve itself will be inside a plastic container that is stapled shut on each corner and the front. They are extremely rigid staples so the best way to remove them is to use a flat head screwdriver to pry the bent ends straight and then use the screwdriver to pull the staple out of the container.

Can I turn my sleeve inside out to help to reduce drying times?

Some people have claimed they have done this, but it is strongly recommended that you do NOT try this as you can damage the material; cause tears.

My new Fleshlight sleeve has a tear in it. What do I do?

Contact customer service immediately via the Live Chat system on the website. During normal business hours you can chat directly with someone or after-hours you can leave a message and they will get back to you within one day. ILF’s customer service is second to none and will require an image of the tear. As soon as they have that they will ship out a replacement promptly.

My sleeve has become really sticky on the outside. How can I fix this?

If you apply some cornstarch to the exterior of the sleeve it will rectify this problem and return it to its factory smooth feel.

I have fewer cases than Fleshlight sleeves, what is the best way to store them?

Some users have found that the best way to store them are in ZipLoc bags placed in a storage container from your local Wal-Mart or equivalent store. Many people also just keep the plastic containers they are shipped with to use as storage containers instead of ZipLoc bags.

What are FleshBucks?

FleshBucks are a form of discount that you can use on your purchases from either the Fleshlight or FleshJack site. You can use them to reduce the price of your order by up 25%. 1 FleshBuck = 1 Dollar or 1 Euro (Update: might not be accurate any more!).

Can I buy an item from the Fleshlight site and FleshJack site at the same time; i.e. are the shopping carts linked?

Currently, the sites are independent of one another and you cannot purchase items from both sites in the same transaction. However, your FleshBucks are shared between the two.

What is the difference between Fleshlight and the Sex In A Can models?

Sex In A Can models are smaller and cost less than their Fleshlight analogs.

   Sex In A Can / Jack’s Soda  Fleshlight / FleshJack
Case Dimensions
7.75" x 2.80"
(19.69 cm x 7.22 cm)
10.0" x 4.0/2.50"
(25.40 cm x 10.16 cm/6.35 cm)
Texture Dimensions
 6.80" x 2.60"
(17.27 cm x 6.60 cm)
 Price Difference
 ~$50 (~30% Less) ~$70

Due to the decreased size, the SIACs are more suitable for guys with penises less than 5" (12.70 cm) long but can also be enjoyed by guys as large as 7.5" (19.05 cm). However, if you are quite large with respect to girth then you may find these models uncomfortable to use. SIAC cases also create immense suction even if the end cap is only slightly screwed on and nearly a complete vacuum if tightened all the way.

How large is the Fleshlight?

The Fleshlight measures 10 inches long, and 4 inches in diameter. Many people are surprised by the size when they get their first one, it's bigger than expected!

What are Fleshlight’s made out of?

The material that the Fleshlight is made out of is a special material developed by the creators of the Fleshlight which they have dubbed Superskin. The material is quite remarkable and feels surprisingly like skin and is quite soft. SuperSkin® is also extremely durable and stretchy.

How do you clean the Fleshlight?

Many users will agree that the best way is to just run warm water through the Fleshlight until any of your deposits are removed. Run water through the canal for at least a minute or two in each direction. Do NOT use any soap as you could damage your Fleshlight. If you want to do a deeper cleaning than just plain water you can use a little isopropyl alcohol. After you are done washing your Fleshlight you need to make sure you dry it out. To dry, first shake out as much water as possible and then place the Fleshlight in a well ventilated place. Some users find that placing them in front of a fan works quite well. A quicker and much easier method is to use a handkerchief or bandana or some other type of small thin cloth or towel and slide it through your fleshlight insert. When you store your Fleshlight either keep it out of the case or keep the caps on the case loose so that air can circulate through the insert.

My Fleshlight is all sticky, what can I do?

ILF, the creators of the Fleshlight recommend that you sprinkle corn starch on the insert and then shake off the excess powder. They do not recommend the use of baby powder or talcum. That said, many users use baby powder and have never noticed any ill effects but they do suggest doing so at your own discretion. Please note that the stickiness in no way effects the Fleshlight and is completely normal, your insert is not broken.

Does the Fleshlight Vibrate?

For the most part, no. Fleshlight does sell one model of Fleshlight that does vibrate though. It’s called the Vibro Touch.

Do the different inserts all work in the same case?

Yes, all of the different inserts can be used in the same case with no issues.

Do you need to use a lubricant with the Fleshlight?

Yes. Without lubricant it isn't going to be at all enjoyable and maybe not even possible.

What type of lubricants do you use with the Fleshlight?

Water based lubricants are recommended. Do NOT use any oil based lubricants as they will slowly destroy your Fleshlight. ILF sells lubricants and it is suggested that you order some when you first purchase your Fleshlight.

How is the Fleshlight shipped?

Your Fleshlight(s) will arrive in a plain cardboard box, the shipping label will just say “ILF, Inc.” as the shipper and there will be no reference to “Fleshlight”, “Sex Toy” or anything else that could potentially be embarrassing anywhere on the outside of the box.

I am a virgin, is the Fleshlight for me?

Of course! There is absolutely no reason for you to not get one. Chances are, when you do find yourself that special someone you will be a better lover because of your Fleshlight as well.

I am uncircumcised, can I use the Fleshlight?

You betcha. Some uncut men seem to prefer the smooth inserts such as the Original and Super Tight. You may want to take that into consideration when you are making your purchase but remember everyone is different.
If you found this page helpful you can help me out by pressing the button below. It would be greatly appreciated.

As a beginner - which Fleshlight should I get? I'm interested in trying something different and fun and not just the plain, straight-forward standard Fleshlight.

Check out the top textures rated by Fleshlight's users, many of us suggest the FLG line!

Do I have to buy the renewing powder?

Powdering is optional. Some occasionally powder, while others are more dilligent. Powder keeps it from getting tacky and sticky. Wash with hot water and occasional use alcohol to sanitize. No oil or soaps, cause they'll degrade the material.

What is the so-called "Break-In Period"?

Most sleeves have a break-in period that consists of the training of the penis to differentiate subtle differences in the texture and the actual break-in of the sleeve itself. The sleeve will become slightly softer over time with use.

What is FLight?

A word created on the Fleshlight forums as a truncation for a Fleshlight session.

What is Death Grip Syndrome (DGS)?

The desensitization of the brain to smooth penile mechanoreceptors’ responses due to the use of your hand for masturbation. The skin over your hand is much rougher than the material of the Fleshlight coupled with the fact that most people grip their penis very tightly during masturbation causes the mind to temporarily lose their ability to discern more subtle differences that a Fleshlight provides. Symptoms of DGS include: inability to feel parts of the texture in the Fleshlight sleeve or difficulty reaching orgasm due to the apparent lack of stimulation provided by the texture. Death Grip Syndrome is not a permanent condition and the cure is to simply stop using your hand for masturbation and the sole use of the Fleshlight or having sex. If you would understand DGS’s possible biologic cause please read the next section.
Biology of DGS
The penis has an extremely large network of touch receptors called mechanoreceptors that monitor stresses applied to the skin. There are four types of mechanoreceptors that detect different forms of stimulus: slowly adapting (SA) type 1, SA type 2, and rapidly activating (RA). SA type 1 allows the perception of structure and coarseness of a stimulus while SA type 2 respond to skin stretches. RA mechanoreceptors detect oscillation and constant-touch movement; i.e. sliding. The final type is Pacinian receptors that are activated by high-frequency oscillation; i.e. fast vibration. When a nerve receives a stimulus it responds by firing an action potential (AP). The electrochemistry and biology behind the AP and continuation of the AP to other neurons is beyond the scope of this summary, however this information can easily be found in a textbook or Wikipedia. Eventually, this stimulus reaches the part of the brain that processes and decodes the information. The brain then decides whether not the stimulation requires action, i.e. movement due to pain or discomfort, or it is simply feeling of touching like, in the case of the penis, pleasure. If the brain becomes accustomed, or habituated, to receiving rough signals from the SA type 1 mechanoreceptor it has to adjust its range of detection toward the rougher end of the spectrum.
Therefore, it is not paying close attention to lesser, or smoother, stimuli. However, it is not true that it completely ignores them. It just doesn’t detect subtle changes in the smooth stimuli and is just detected as smooth rather than being a range of subtleties. An analogy to this is when you walk from a dark room into a bright one. At first you are overwhelmed and possibly blinded by the intense change in light. However, you quickly adjust to the light and can see just fine. The difference here is the cones and rods that detect light intensity can quickly alert the brain to adjust pupil dilation, or in this case, reverse it. The difference here is that this occurs very quickly while that of the touch sensations mentioned earlier, take much longer. Now, back to DGS and how it fits in with the above information.
Masturbating with your hand causes the part of the brain responsible for processing this to shift its range of detection toward that of rougher stimuli. So when you switch to a Fleshlight that provides a multitude of smoother sensations you have to allow your brain to adjust its spectrum back to that of the smooth side.
Once this has happened you will notice that you can feel differences in the texture that you never could before when you suddenly switch from your hand to the Fleshlight. At this point you are very close to, or have, eradicating DGS.

What is FleshCrack?

Another forum produced word for the need to purchase many Fleshlights.


It is imperative that only water-based lubricants are used with all Fleshlight products. Oil- or silicone-based lubricants can damage your sleeve. Immediate damage will not be apparent but will accrue over time. Some lubricants that are safe for your Fleshlight are listed below:

  • WET! Original

  • Gun Oil H2O

  • Fleshlube Fire/Ice/Water

  • ID Glide/Pleasure

Like most things, it is cheaper to purchase lubricants in larger quantities.


All Fleshlights will require a more robust cleaning every so often than simply washing the sleeve out with water. Do not use any form of soap or any other surfactant other than isopropanol (IUPAC: propan-2-ol).
Common names for isopropanol are rubbing alcohol and isopropyl alcohol. A wide range of concentrations are available from most stores such as Wal-Mart. The higher the concentration the faster the alcohol will evaporate, thus using 70-90% solutions provide the best cleaning and quick drying properties. The importance of cleaning the sleeve thoroughly and allow it to fully dry is very high. Air-borne bacteria thrive in moist conditions, compound that with the fact that semen contains many nutrients that most bacteria can metabolize and you have created an environment that can quickly become unhealthy.
Depending on where you live, the “hardness” of the water can also affect how often you need to clean your sleeve with alcohol. You will know when it is time to clean with alcohol as the sleeve will begin to have a bad odor.

Corn Starching

All Fleshlights ship with powdered corn starch inside and outside of the sleeve. Cornstartch is what gives a new sleeve its silky smooth feel. Many owners corn starch the exterior of the sleeves often to keep stickiness to a minimum. While not a required step for Fleshlight longevity it will certainly not hurt to powder the sleeve after possibly a month’s use.


Storing your Fleshlight(s) correctly, especially if you have a large collection, is just as important as cleaning them. Don’t leave lubricant or semen in the sleeve after you have finished your session. Always rinse it out even if you do not ejaculate inside it.
Allowing your Fleshlight to dry before you place it back in its case is not a requirement, but you will have to clean the sleeve with alcohol more often.
REMEMBER that your penis is not the only thing that enjoys a warm, dark, damp tunnel. Other organisms do as well; i.e. arachnids!
Just make sure you run water thoroughly through the sleeve before you use it to make sure you are the sole inhabitant of the sleeve. If you do not have cases for all of your Fleshlights you can still protect them as if you do.
I use ZipLoc bags to hold my individual sleeves which can have corn starch added if you so desire. A secondary container is needed to keep even a single in-case Fleshlight from prying eyes as the case does not give a convincing appearance of a real flashlight; this holds particularly true of the SIAC line.



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