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Abigail Mac is the epitome of sexual attraction, which is why we have named her Fleshlight sensation Lush. The custom texture exudes all of the seductive features of Abigail Mac's body -- from her bountiful breasts to her tight butt, the features of this sleeve offer exaggerated pleasure mounds and a compressed embrace thrust after thrust for an experience that only Abigail Mac could offer her sex partner.

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Abigail Mac

Abigail Mac is known for her hard body and supple breasts, the type of femininity that drives men and women crazy with pleasure. You've seen Abigail in hundreds of memorable scenes from full...

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southernadventurer's Review

May 12th, 2019 by southernadventurer

Here are my notes: 1) Lips that grip. One of the few sleeves that have lips that wrap around you- Beyond being another. This is one of my favorite aspects of the sleeve. 2) The first ring about an inch in is terrific and one of the main stimulators. 3) Noticeably quiet. It's louder if you take the cap off but with the cap on the only thing people would hear are your moans. 4) The sleeve is on... Read More

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Sleeve Only$59.95€64.95$89.95$86.31

Abigail Mac


Fleshlight Girls


Abigail Mac Pussy

Release Date:

October 2017

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User Reviews:


Can be purchased as a sleeve only
Fleshlight Kayden Kross

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Fleshlight Lush Reviews

Found 2 reviews in total

Intensity 3.45
Stimulation 4.45
Penetration 4.85
Tightness 1.9
Suction Effect 2.05
Realism 4.5
Variation 3.6
Smoothness 2.5
Orgasm Rating 4.95
Noise 4.5
Lube Use 4
Cleanup 3.95
Dry Time 3.95
southernadventurer's Avatar

southernadventurer's Review

May 12th, 2019 by southernadventurer
Penis Length: 5.5cm Girth: 5.25cm
Owns 20 Sleeves, 8 Ratings, 4 Reviews

Here are my notes: 1) Lips that grip. One of the few sleeves that have lips that wrap around you- Beyond being another. This is one of my favorite aspects of the sleeve. 2) The first ring about an inch in is terrific and one of the main stimulators. 3) Noticeably quiet. It's louder if you take the cap off but with the cap on the only thing people would hear are your moans. 4) The sleeve is on the looser end of the scale - not necessarily a bad thing. This also causes less suction and is one of the few sleeves I can leave the cap 80% of the way on without it being too overpowering. 5) It's not super intense, so you can edge with it, and it has a great climax that you can stroke through.

Overall a really strong sleeve. Would put it near the top of my collection but I have a couple of other favorites ahead of it.

Score 3.80 Overall Satisfaction 4.5
1 Thank southernadventurer
Intensity 4.05
Stimulation 4.6
Penetration 4.2
Tightness 4
Suction Effect 4
Realism 3.95
Variation 4.45
Smoothness 4.15
Orgasm Rating 4.35
Noise 4.8
Lube Use 4.75
Cleanup 4.6
Dry Time 4.4
revtwentyseven's Avatar

revtwentyseven's Review

December 22nd, 2017 by revtwentyseven
Owns 39 Sleeves, 29 Ratings, 25 Reviews

Welcome to another review by yours truly, revtwentyseven! A few points of info when reading my reviews: I am circumcised, use Gun Oil H20 lube, and generally FLy several times with each sleeve, including once immediately prior to the review. Most of my reviews reference how that review FLight was accomplished. Now on to the review for the:

I got the Abigail Mac Lush FL during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2017 sale. In the interest of remedying a lack of any reviews, I went ahead and wrote this review after three FLights with the Lush, as opposed to my customary five FLights.

Aesthetics: As a fellow FA member commented, aesthetics should be considered with the overall review. I agree. Abigail Mac's vulva is very realistic, and quite appealing to the eye. It also is very enticing when one penetrates into the sleeve as the head and shaft of one's cock rubs against it.

Lube: In the case of this review, I used ID Glide water based lubricant. Lube was not too much of an issue, although I did have to re-lube towards the end. As a rule of thumb: If in doubt, use more.

Noise: The noise made by FL's don't bother me much, and unless someone is actually watching you going at it, it's probably not that big of an issue.

Penetration: The Lush starts out with a narrower than usual opening before expanding into a set of incomplete spiral points before reaching a spiral that's somewhat similar to the entry of Kendra Sunderland's Angel. The next texture is a series of very small bumps aligned in rings that are very close to another. By this point, a man of average endowment would not likely reach the next texture. Pulling back out of the Lush leads to a reverse sensation going throw the spiral, a nice contrast.

Intensity: The Lush is not incredibly intense at first, but it does build up nicely over time. It does take time for one to build up to orgasm, but the journey to release is enjoyable and feels a lot like spending time with someone you love... in that you want the experience to last.

Orgasm: With a FL, there are three orgasms that tend to come about (pun intended). One is a gentle buildup that leads to a nice orgasm. Another is one that causes you to cum without warning. The last is a "when you blow, you know." The Lush is something that falls almost entirely in the first category, with some potential for the last category if one is rather horny and haven't had action in a few days.

Cleanup: Very little issues with clean up. Running some warm to somewhat hot water through the canal will remove deposits rather quickly, and it doesn't hurt to run a finger through it as well. A paper towel run carefully and slowly through the canal will pick up most moisture, and help cut the drying time.

The Lush is a nice addition to the FLG line, and worth a look if one is looking for a Fleshlight that allows for one to take their time. Abigail Mac fans will not be disappointed, and those who have several Fleshlights should consider adding it to their collection.

Score 4.35 Overall Satisfaction 4.65
1 Thank revtwentyseven
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