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Stick your shaft into the tight and cleverly designed Elsa Jean Treat. You've never felt a better pussy and this one aims to please.

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Elsa Jean

Elsa Jean is the young petite blonde beauty that you just cant help but be enamored with. Her long golden air and her perfect pouty lips are what fans and followers adore about this midwest...

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VX312's Review

July 28th, 2019 by VX312

The orifice:
Inviting big lips, looks nice and meaty.

The texture:
It feels too tight for me. At least with closed cup. This bumps inside, feels more smooth, and less pronounced. With fully loosed cup, it's still tight, but those bumps starts feels like frequent point sensation, almost on aggressive side, which drives fast into orgasm. Luckily, there a second chamber, which is smooth, and a... Read More

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Elsa Jean


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Elsa Jean's Pussy

Release Date:

July 2018

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User Reviews:


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Fleshlight Tasty Reviews

Found 25 reviews in total

Intensity 4.55
Stimulation 3.55
Penetration 3.2
Tightness 4.6
Suction Effect 4.1
Realism 2.55
Variation 2
Smoothness 3.35
Orgasm Rating 4.25
Noise 4.1
Lube Use 4.2
Cleanup 4.05
Dry Time 2.2
VX312's Avatar

VX312's Review

July 28th, 2019 by VX312
Penis Length: 7.09cm Girth: 6.89cm
Owns 4 Sleeves, 3 Ratings, 3 Reviews

18 cm (7.08") length, 17.5 cm (6.89") shaft girth, and 15 cm (5.9") at head. Drying with fan, so i don't include dry time.

The orifice:
Inviting big lips, looks nice and meaty.

The texture:
It feels too tight for me. At least with closed cup. This bumps inside, feels more smooth, and less pronounced. With fully loosed cup, it's still tight, but those bumps starts feels like frequent point sensation, almost on aggressive side, which drives fast into orgasm. Luckily, there a second chamber, which is smooth, and a little bit loose, it serves as rest place, where you can stop for a while. This make it good for an edging. Next, is a third chamber, which i actually can't reach, because of sleeve stretching. This chamber should starting at 1.5 inches earlier. Otherwise, it's unreachable for most users.

Orgasm sensations:
Intensity during orgasm is strong, and somewhat rough-like. I have tried many times, and only some of it is acceptable to stroke through, more often is not so, and resulting in overwhelming. This make me feel really squeezed after use.

Super tight texture, with strong intensity. Can't recommend for girth such as mine, or for sensitive users.

Score 3.61 Overall Satisfaction 3.85
5 Thank VX312
Intensity 4.6
Stimulation 4.8
Penetration 4.65
Tightness 4.95
Suction Effect 5
Realism 4.5
Variation 3.8
Smoothness 3.8
Orgasm Rating 5
Noise 4.65
Lube Use 3.4
Cleanup 3.8
Dry Time 3.85
countrydeputy's Avatar

countrydeputy's Review

July 9th, 2019 by countrydeputy
Owns 5 Sleeves, 1 Rating, 1 Review

Stats: 6.5, 5" girth.

This is probably my 8th FL purchase, and damn was it a good one. My most recent purchase prior to this was was Utopia from Riley Reid, and Tasty blows it out of the water. It's intense, but in a 'she definitely does kegel exercises, young an tight' kind of way. It's the tightest sleeve I've owned, and the orgasm from it is intense. If you're bigger than I am, it might be too tight. With the cap on it's ALMOST too tight, the suction is insane, as if she's orgasmic and clamping down through every stroke. Texture is more smooth, and passive aggressive than straight up intense. This is like the girl you hook up with from tender who has that golden pussy, and you nut in just a few minutes. So maybe this will build some resilience lmao. However, you can ride it out for a longer session/edge, but it's tough to hold back. The lips grip pretty well, and they look great. Uses quite a bit of lube, and it's fairly loud.

Overall a 4.9/5. Definitely make this purchase a priority. TIGHT. The sleeve that does kegels and will make you bust quick

Score 4.41 Overall Satisfaction 4.9
4 Thank countrydeputy
Intensity 3.6
Stimulation 4.05
Penetration 3.35
Tightness 2.95
Suction Effect 4.5
Realism 3.5
Variation 2.85
Smoothness 3
Orgasm Rating 4.45
Noise 2.45
Lube Use 3.45
Cleanup 4.3
Dry Time 3.4
southernadventurer's Avatar

southernadventurer's Review

May 18th, 2019 by southernadventurer
Penis Length: 5.5cm Girth: 5.25cm
Owns 20 Sleeves, 8 Ratings, 4 Reviews

My notes: 1) Mid-level intensity, though probably a little more on the higher end of the scale. 2) BIG lips. They don't necessarily grip you like Beyond but it's a feature! 3) When you hit that lube sweet spot, the bumps from 2.5" to 4.25" really take over and will drive you to climax. They're subtle but they let you know exactly when you have the right amount of lube. 4) The Tasty really stimulates my head. Sometimes I'll have to pause for a few just to catch my nerves back up. 5) This is a noisier sleeve - especially with the cap off which is what I prefer for this sleeve. 6) Cap on at any level and you have a pretty high suction effect. I can bounce back and forth between the two, but for me, it glides better with the cap off.

One of my favorite sleeves though it was also my first FLG so there might be some bias. I really like the intensity range the Tasty provides and it's one that I consistently go back to. The head stimulation can create some intense orgasms.

Score 3.59 Overall Satisfaction 4.45
4 Thank southernadventurer
Intensity 3.8
Stimulation 3.9
Penetration 3.85
Tightness 4.2
Suction Effect 3.5
Realism 1.9
Variation 2.7
Smoothness 3.25
Orgasm Rating 4.3
Noise 2.3
Lube Use 3.9
Cleanup 3
Dry Time 3.7
Anonymous's Avatar

Tasty Review

December 10th, 2019 by Anonymous
Owns 3 Sleeves, 3 Ratings, 1 Review

This is my third Fleshlight and it is not a disappointing one.Orifice is not my main viewpoint, but it has nice big lips. The texture feels smooth, and can really feel the bumps in the second chamber.It is my tightest sleeve, but if you are average size in girth it should not be a problem.Suction effect with the cap on is high. With the cap off it is a little bit too noisy.Not the most intese sleeve, you can edge with it pretty well.Cleaning the sleeve is not hard because of the smooth texture, and the drying time is average for me(around 2 hours with a small fan).

I really like this sleeve, tight, smooth and good stimulation.If you are average in girth and like these type of sleeves you will not be dissapointed!

Score 3.50 Overall Satisfaction 4.7
2 Thank Anonymous
Intensity 4
Stimulation 3.9
Penetration 4.05
Tightness 4.2
Suction Effect 4.05
Realism 4.05
Variation 3.85
Smoothness 3.85
Orgasm Rating 4.15
Noise -
Lube Use -
Cleanup -
Dry Time -
rr806767's Avatar

rr806767's Review

June 20th, 2019 by rr806767
Owns 13 Sleeves, 2 Ratings, 1 Review

This is one of the many fleshlight sleeves that I own. I usually like the tighter sleeves. By far this is one of my favorite sleeves.

I tried to feel the sensation closely with other sleeves and I can say that this sleeve is definitely something I could feel the most intense pleasure.

It offers a great simulation overall. Go for it and have fun.

I am very happy with the purchase.

One of the best sleeves that you can own. You will be happy.

Score 4.01 Overall Satisfaction 3.95
2 Thank rr806767
Intensity 4.05
Stimulation 4.9
Penetration 4.7
Tightness 4.9
Suction Effect 5
Realism 4.5
Variation 4.45
Smoothness 4.95
Orgasm Rating 4.7
Noise 4.35
Lube Use 5
Cleanup 4.05
Dry Time 4
knife_bro69's Avatar

knife_bro69's Review

March 17th, 2020 by knife_bro69
Owns 8 Sleeves, 8 Ratings, 8 Reviews

First off, I gotta say, what the fuck, how is this so good and how have I been missing this my whole life. Just wow. I'll be talking about two textures today, primarially the Elsa Jean Tasty one, seen below

But also I will be mentioning the Stoya Epic texture, seen below.

Well welcome to my review thing, to be honest, you wont get a number rating or a letter grade from me. I don't really feel that conveys the experience, since everyone has a different experience. Sexuality and all that jazz can change your opinion on a lot of stuff, and so forth.

I got the Tasty texture, because to be honest with you all, I'm not even sure why I got this fleshlight. I think I just thought, damn that girl in the photos looks cute as fuck I bet she would be tight, and I bought it. Before this, I had purchased the Stoya Epic texture, which I love. I noticed the thing I loved about the Epic right off the bat, is the entryway. I think it has to do with this below:
It's very tight, but opens up immediately in the front of it. I believe this is to allow the asshole, which is quite big on the fleshlight itself, to kind of deflate into the region. Making the asshole go up and down along with your shaft, basically replicating a real asshole. Very realistic opening, if you blindfolded me and blah blah blah, I still would know, but it would kind of take me a second...

Anyway, I discovered I also liked the ridged parts of the fleshlight a lot as well. Which is close to the entrance as well, the stoya epic really is insane at the front of it, it does kind of open up, but so does a real asshole, I mean it's just not as tight as a vagina in general. But it does add to the realism, at least for me of a real asshole, and yes I have fucked many assholes so don't worry I've got knowledge on this at least a bit.

So that brings us to this:
Look at how many ridges, are in that tight as fuck opening. I swear that the tasty is almost as tight as the epic's asshole, but even though it's not as tight, it's juuust slightly under and continues for a larger area than the asshole on the epic. Also, in addition to this I also found out something that often goes overlooked.

I understand some people do not care about orifices, but to me it really adds to the experience. Not a lot, but if it is at least slightly realistic I guess it's good enough for me haha. But that said, the tasty's lips are outstanding. They are hard to describe if you've never fucked a girl with pussy lips like that. It's kind of weird to look at, sure that's a given (although I like them, I just know some people don't) but the point is, they act as basically a slide going inwards from a larger area than usual, basically slip and slidin that dick right into the aforementioned ridges, which basically act as a really TIGHT spot. Also, these pussy lips warm up quite quickly, even without warming it with a thing, fucking it will make them warm to the touch very quickly. Unless you live in ******* siberia or some shit, you get what I'm saying.

So we have a few factors here, very tight initial vaginal hole, smooth tight warm pussy lips sliding your dick into nirvana, and then I kind of hit the middle and was a bit confused. The middle I thought sucked, but what it actually is, is basically a place where lube can get built up, and spread throughout your shaft. It's the tornado looking part. I'm not sure if that's actually what it does, but I'm almost certain it spreads the lube on your dick and holds the lube in place.

So, why is that a good thing? Haha, well buddy, let me tell you. When you fuck a girl right, she gets wet and that same "oh she's getting wet" sensation, is basically what the tornado looking part functioned as. So, I mean obviously this turned me on, and I actually started to fuck the fleshlight, using the good ol' pillow trick. Oh man, fucking that actually changed the experience.

I'm sure if I knew you had to go deep to get the parts that are good on this, I would have just done it deeper while doing the shake weight routine. But yes, looking at the texture, it's obvious now, but when you go deep into it, there is a massive ridge in the structure of the fleshlight. It's right before the bumpy part at the end.

When you hit that, I'm not sure what it reminds me of, or if it's even realistic. All I know is that it's a massive tight spot, in an already smooth feeling tight pussy, with smooth soft lips pressing on you, and it's way deep into the fleshlight itself. Needless to say, it's good motivation to deep fuck it. I'd say that this texture feels best when you deep fuck it.

After discovering this of course, I tried using my epic texture again, and tried deep fucking it. Holy shit, it has a very tight spot, but what is even better are the little tentacle looking things at the near end of the texture. It just feels like you're fucking so far into their ass that you reached their intenses or something LOL. Of course yes, not for everybody but damn it is really doing it for me. The only downfall of the stoya epic was the middle part of the texture, where it kind of opens out. But that is more realistic, and does encourage you to fuck it deeper.

After fucking it and basically going ballz deep, I came, and when I did, the orgasm was very intense. Not sure if it was just because I liked it or something, but I felt like it was more drawn out, even more so than if I was wearing a cock right and actually fucking a girl. So yeah, it drained my balls and the orgasm was amazing.

So if you are average to sizable, I'd recommend either of these textures, if you are into deep fucking that is. But that being said, both entrances are amazing as well. The middles of the textures are absolutely not bad, and I believe each serve a purpose.

The noise on the tasty was pretty high if you just went completely out of it quickly, if you slid out slowly, no noise. There is a lot of vacuum on it, I suppose haha. I honestly couldn't hear it at much if at all while using the pillow method, so if you are concerned with noise maybe do that. I should mention the stoya's noise as well, not that bad but if you are too quick or exit too fast it can make a slorping sound, but I guess so can real assholes. Just go slow if you don't want much noise, or just use the pillow technique.

Cleanup afterwards was about the same as my stoya. Pretty easy, nothing really gets caught in it with a good 60 seconds of it running with water until a sink. Dries about as quickly as my stoya, I basically can only use it two times a day if I want it to be completely dry. Although, you can go to toydemon**** and get the dry stick and that would probably work. That is what I plan to do. Not that I need to fuck something twice a day... but I do like my stuff to be taken care of and that seems like a good way of ensuring it.

Overall, I went into this with the mindset of hey, I want to fuck a really tight girl that is like 20 years old. That is the fantasy that basically was fulfilled to me. Obviously, it is not real sex, but this is competing not with sex, but with your hand, and holy crap this is miles better than that.

Score 4.61 Overall Satisfaction 4.95
1 Thank knife_bro69
Intensity 3.5
Stimulation 3.5
Penetration 4.75
Tightness 3.45
Suction Effect 3.3
Realism 2.6
Variation 3.2
Smoothness 2.8
Orgasm Rating 4.45
Noise 3.7
Lube Use 4.5
Cleanup 3.55
Dry Time 2.5
xucivilal's Avatar

xucivilal's Review

December 11th, 2019 by xucivilal
Owns 2 Sleeves, 2 Ratings, 1 Review

I have used this texture roughly 20 times now. My length and girth inches are 5.5 and 5 respectively.

Tasty starts off mild and not too narrow. You are gradually eased into the rhythm of thrusting instead of plunged head first like say, Destroya. As you slide deeper in, you are greeted with narrower and narrower canals until you reach a choke point. One of the main highlights of Tasty are its succulent (pun intended) lips. If you enjoy edging, taking a break and playing with those lips can be heavenly.

Unfortunately, this fleshlight might not be the best for smaller guys like myself. As much as its lips are fantastic, the real fun of Tasty comes around the 5.5 to 6 inch mark, right after the narrowing point. Those less well-endowed do not have to opportunity to enjoy this difference in width.

All in all, I'd say Tasty is an excellent fleshlight if you are at least 6 inches. If you are not, then I'd suggest supplementing this texture with another. Regardless, Tasty is my favourite fleshlight to begin my sessions with and its no surprise that I find myself switching as I reach closer to climax.

Score 3.58 Overall Satisfaction 4.35
1 Thank xucivilal
Intensity 2.45
Stimulation 5
Penetration 4.85
Tightness 4.4
Suction Effect 4.05
Realism 2.5
Variation 3.15
Smoothness 2.85
Orgasm Rating 5
Noise -
Lube Use 3.1
Cleanup 4.9
Dry Time -
tantricstiffy's Avatar

tantricstiffy's Review

April 2nd, 2022 by tantricstiffy
Penis Length: 7cm Girth: 5.25cm
Owns 11 Sleeves, 4 Ratings, 5 Reviews

I prefer going for more or less an hour maybe 2. I am circumcised. Isabel Fey lube, Kiiroo Keon, Universal Launch, and Liberator: On A Mission. I'll keep updating the top 5 as I collect more. My top 5: 1. Tasty 2. Squirt 3. Creampuff 4. Ethereal 5. Beyond

After using this for a few weeks now. This is my new favorite sleeve.

Tightness: The tightness is incredible because this has a slight softer material than CreamPuff. For my girth this thing is like perfect.

Intensity and Variation: The variation is good. The chamber just after the bump is like the softest thing ever. It's amazing.It's just intense enough to never get boring, but not that I lose control inside 15 min.

Realism: This one is pretty close to reminding me of really good sex.

Suction: Suction isn't as much as Cupcake, but it's still really good.

Tasty feels like Elsa's looks the last few years. Damn near perfect. There are reasons it's #1 of the 11 I have.

Score 3.93 Overall Satisfaction 4.9
Thank tantricstiffy
Intensity 4.5
Stimulation 4.5
Penetration 4.55
Tightness 5
Suction Effect 4.7
Realism 3.95
Variation 3.9
Smoothness 4.35
Orgasm Rating 4.7
Noise 3
Lube Use 3.95
Cleanup 3
Dry Time 3.05
Itz_Cam123's Avatar

Itz_Cam123's Review

January 5th, 2022 by Itz_Cam123
Owns 5 Sleeves, 3 Ratings, 1 Review

Noob reviewer/FL owner, 7" X 5".

My First FL, very satisfied. Very very tight, about ¾ of the way into the sleeve there is a pocket that feels absolutely amazing. I had the best experience with this sleeve with the cap off, it's very tight and the full suction makes it like a vacuum cleaner. I would say this is a very good all around sleeve and a very safe bet especially if this is your first FL. Orgasm was very very good, one of the best I've ever had. Took a while to get there but that's mine and not the sleeves fault. This is an intense sleeve, but is still usable for edging. If I could only have one I imagine this would be a very good one to pick based on my experience. Oh and also, the orifice is fucking amazing, looks even better in person and looks just incredible sliding up and down your shaft. If you're struggling to decide, just yet this sleeve.

Fantastic beginner/all round sleeve. Balance of intensity and edging leaning towards intense side, very very tight.

Score 4.12 Overall Satisfaction 4.55
Thank Itz_Cam123
Intensity 3.5
Stimulation 3.75
Penetration 3.55
Tightness 4.55
Suction Effect 5
Realism 3.45
Variation 3
Smoothness 3.6
Orgasm Rating 4.45
Noise 2.8
Lube Use 2.55
Cleanup 3
Dry Time 3.4
adthrwwy's Avatar

adthrwwy's Review

January 4th, 2022 by adthrwwy
Owns 1 Sleeve, 1 Rating, 1 Review

I'm a fairly new fleshlighter but have been using the Elsa Jean Tasty sleeve for a few months now and feel comfortable reviewing the toy. The first thing you notice with this sleeve is the tightness and the suction. Without the cap unscrewed almost unfully it can almost be a struggle to get in and I can imagine might be a problem for some girthier gentleman. The tightness and suction gives an amazing sensation though when using the toy and also really helps you feel the different chambers of the toy. I have found sometimes that it can use a lot of lube but I don't have any other sleeves to compare whether it is an outlier in that regard or not. Dry times are aa pain but similarly I don't know if that is specific to this sleeve or not.

I would definitely recommend this toy, it gives realistic feeling (if not maybe a little too tight) and will drive you wild.

Score 3.65 Overall Satisfaction 4.45
Thank adthrwwy
Intensity 3.5
Stimulation 3.45
Penetration 4.35
Tightness 4.35
Suction Effect 4.4
Realism 2.4
Variation 2.6
Smoothness 3.6
Orgasm Rating 4.05
Noise 3.15
Lube Use 1.65
Cleanup 2.85
Dry Time 2.95
Anonymous's Avatar

Tasty Review

December 27th, 2021 by Anonymous
Owns 11 Sleeves, 10 Ratings, 8 Reviews

Picked up this sleeve largely on the advice of other users, not particularly a fan of the star. That being said, Tasty quickly became one of my favorites in my collection.
In a lot of ways it seems like it shouldn't be that impressive, it's somewhat on the mild side compared to other sleeves I own and the variation is somewhat limited. That being said, it has one of the best orifices of any that I've tried. Even though it's on the tighter side, the opening is sort of funnel shaped and helps guide you in with no issue. The feeling inside isn't exactly what I would consider realistic, but it's sort of just a bit more texture than would be natural without feeling absolutely crazy. It dries out really quickly on it's own which is also a bit surprising considering how snug it feels.

Not the most intense or stimulating sleeve, but very reliable. Doesn't use a ton of lube or take forever to dry. Great for edging and longer sessions. Generally would highly recommend it unless you're looking for something a bit crazier.

Score 3.37 Overall Satisfaction 3.9
Thank Anonymous
Intensity 4.35
Stimulation 4.5
Penetration 3.8
Tightness 3.7
Suction Effect 2.65
Realism 4.5
Variation 1.4
Smoothness 3.75
Orgasm Rating 4.65
Noise 3.1
Lube Use 3.2
Cleanup 3.8
Dry Time 3.35
Vinesaroundher3's Avatar

Vinesaroundher3's Review

November 16th, 2021 by Vinesaroundher3
Penis Length: 5.8cm Girth: 5cm
Owns 6 Sleeves, 2 Ratings, 2 Reviews




Just under 6” not very thick.

So, the lips are beautiful, but they lead into a wide slick slope before you actually penetrate the sleeve and it is not a pleasurable slope in my opinion, it feels like a lot of wasted space and limits depth, so, being under 6”, it feels like the sleeve is too big to really enjoy because of the loss of like a good 1-1.5”.
That said, the sleeve gets much more enjoyable during use. I usually go about 40 minutes to an hour, though I have had a quickie with it and that wasn’t great. The orgasm sneaks up every time and it is the best thing about this sleeve as it really feels great for some reason. I do not have a warmer nor warm sleeve with hot water, but it does warm up through use maybe 15 minutes in or more it becomes noticeable and is nice.
Elsa’s Tasty doesn’t feel that tight to me, but I think that has to do with the slick texture because if I insert two fingers it feels extremely tight, but my member is about 3-4 of my fingers in girth so maybe its the lots of lube that make it feel slightly looser that way.



Okay guys, I had pretty much decided I would never use Elsa again, and just keep using Peaches. I have had enough time and boredom and gotten past the “learning how to enjoy a fleshlight” phase and gave her another chance. This is crazy to say but now I have completely stopped using Peaches and just use Elsa’s Tasty once sometimes twice a day. The thing is just amazing, but it took a little getting used to and also maybe had a break in period.

The one thing I loved even when I didn’t like the sleeve much was the orgasm. With the Peaches sleeve I can literally edge for 2 hours if I am so inclined and have the time, and while the orgasm is really nice, it only feels a little better than edging and stopping on the *edge* of orgasm.

Elsa’s Tasty orgasm is fucking eye rolling, like a shot of safe heroin that lasts for 30 seconds.

On top of that, Tasty is really comfortable to stay inside of afterwards and just catch a breath.

Peaches is still easier to clean, but Tasty is not hard to clean anyway. The huge pussy lips are gorgeous and honestly I like them more each time.

Another great thing about Tasty is that if you turn it side ways it looks like a mouth so it’s fun to start off with a “blowjob” and then switch her around. It really is a fun all round fleshlight, and the opening, which I did not like at first, is really great now that I am USED to it. Since it was my first fleshlight I believe I had built up too much anticipation or something and so I didn’t really enjoy it the first week and almost shelved it.

It is magnificent, and it definitely is not something I can edge for 2 hours in, but the time spent FEELS like 2 hours even if it is just 40 minutes.

So updated review: Elsa is 10/10, and it was the amazing orgasm that drew me back in to giving her a 2nd chance, now a dozen Flights later or more.

Updated. First i gave her a 5/10, now. TEN OUT OF TEN 10/10.

Elsa was my first FL, took some getting used to, almost shelved her for Autumn Falls Peaches. But after a few more tries I figured her out, broke her in, and the entire experience from beginning to end is magnificent with an orgasm that feels better than 2 hours of edging in Peaches.

So what they say really *is* true: some Fleshlight’s have a breaking in period and Elsa is a beautiful sparkling golden example, and those lips are a blessing every time too.


Score 3.68 Overall Satisfaction 4.7
Thank Vinesaroundher3
Intensity 3
Stimulation 3.5
Penetration 4
Tightness 3
Suction Effect 2.5
Realism 3
Variation 3
Smoothness 4
Orgasm Rating 4
Noise 3.5
Lube Use 4
Cleanup 4
Dry Time -
Fil07's Avatar

Fil07's Review

September 28th, 2021 by Fil07
Penis Length: 7.48cm Girth: 5.51cm
Owns 1 Sleeve, 1 Rating, 1 Review

This was my first Fleshlight ever, and after 5/6 flights I'm going to do my review.
I ordered this model becouse I love the actress, and I was intrested on the variety of the texture.
I felt it not as tight as other reviews say. The first section is the most stimulating, not too stimulating I would say but it can bring you to orgasm very quickly if you underestimate it. The spiral section comes in help from the initial stimulation as this is not so intense and you can slide between the spirals edging and taking relief from the first part, it makes this fl very fun and playful for edgeplay.
But expecially if warmed up the spiral section can get very stimulating as well as you can feel it tightening in the middle.
The orgasms are not too intense and enjoyable, I can keep thrusting during orgasm and the penetration feels very smooth too.
After all I'm satisfied that this was my first fleshlight as I belive this is a good beginner experience!

After all I'm satisfied that this was my first fleshlight as I belive this is a good beginner experience

Score 3.54 Overall Satisfaction 4.5
Thank Fil07
Intensity 3.55
Stimulation 3.8
Penetration 4.95
Tightness 4.55
Suction Effect 4.3
Realism 4.75
Variation 3.8
Smoothness 4.9
Orgasm Rating 3.85
Noise 3.85
Lube Use 3.8
Cleanup 4.4
Dry Time 4.05
Spinmashter7's Avatar

Spinmashter7's Review

July 3rd, 2021 by Spinmashter7
Owns 14 Sleeves, 12 Ratings, 8 Reviews

All reviews after multiple uses and warmed up. 6.75 inches, above avg girth. I review sleeves based off their appearance, initial penetration, stimulation/intensity and orgasm. Current ranking: 1. Thunder 2. Squirt 3 Cream 4. Lvl Up 5. Vivacious 6. Spice 7. Tasty 8. Exotica

Review of Elsa Jean’s Tasty. I’m 6.75 in with an over avg girth. All reviews are after multiple sessions and always using warmed.

Appearance: this is one beautiful sleeve and a great replica of Elsa’s big beautiful vagina. I love to play with the lips before entering it. The foreplay enhances the experience for me big time. My favorite looking sleeve of the 5 that I own.

Penetration: the big lips make it so fun to penetrate. The initial inch is super tight and very realistic feeling.

Stimulation/intensity: I find this very stimulating but not very intense. Meaning it is super tight and feels amazing to be inside every single inch of it, but it’s not one of those sleeves that will melt your mind from intensity. Not a bad thing as you can fuck it as hard as you want and is great for longer sessions. I tend to leave the cap closed on this one as the suction increases the tightness and I can handle it with this sleeve.

Orgasm: simply awesome. I can stroke through it which makes it even better.

Overall: the most realistic sleeve that I own. Not for you if you want something really intense, but if you want a realistic, tight feeling pussy with big beautiful lips, this is a great sleeve.

Score 4.20 Overall Satisfaction 4.2
Thank Spinmashter7
Intensity 3
Stimulation 2.95
Penetration 3.55
Tightness 2
Suction Effect 3.5
Realism 5
Variation 2.5
Smoothness 2.95
Orgasm Rating 2.95
Noise 2.55
Lube Use 2.45
Cleanup 4.9
Dry Time 3.6
Anonywank's Avatar

Anonywank's Review

March 2nd, 2021 by Anonywank
Owns 2 Sleeves, 1 Rating, 1 Review

Introduction: 6” length maybe 5.5” diameter honestly I’ve never measured this is my best guess.

I got the Elsa Jean Tasty as my first flashlight because of the lips. That labia bro... idk it just does it for me. Plus Elsa Jean is one of my favorite porn stars on the list of available porn stars here. I prefer slim petite fit girls.

I was expecting a lot more from this in terms of intensity and enjoyment to be honest. The first time I used it I nearly blew my load in the first 30 seconds but I guess that’s what you’d expect with your first FLight experience. Each consecutive time I’ve used it though I’ve found myself wanting more. More tightness, more variety.

Maybe I’ve beat off all my life in a way that’s decreased my sensitivity. I couldn’t tell you to be honest. But I find my self constantly wanting to put a hair band around it to make it tighter at the opening, which is awesome btw. But it’s still meh in the middle. I guess I expected more ‘intense’ sensations half way in.

I will say, I have had sex with over 100 different women in my life, and am currently in a committed relationship with a woman that encourages trying out a flesh light for the first time, and with that said let me first state that this is my one and only flesh light: this definitely feels realistic. This feels pretty realistic to my girl to be honest. If you’re going for realism then this thing will do it for you.

One thing I’ve found is that if you point the labia sideways, to the left I think, there are textures there that will hit the bottom of your glans in a way that it never does. It’s the only time I ever feel a unique experience beyond the epic entrance.

If realistic is what you’re after, get it. I’m average in length and girth so for me this wasn’t the ‘tight’ flesh light I was originally hoping for.

Score 3.21 Overall Satisfaction 3.1
Thank Anonywank
Intensity 4.25
Stimulation 4
Penetration 4
Tightness 4
Suction Effect 4.25
Realism 3.25
Variation 3.5
Smoothness 3
Orgasm Rating 4
Noise -
Lube Use 3.25
Cleanup -
Dry Time -
frictionalflyer's Avatar

frictionalflyer's Review

December 31st, 2020 by frictionalflyer
Penis Length: 5cm Girth: 5cm
Owns 16 Sleeves, 7 Ratings, 7 Reviews

5 inches in length. 5 inches in circumference. Cut. Not sensitive. Mid 30s in age. I will review a sleeve only after having at least five sessions with it. I tend to get more detailed impressions of a sleeve when I use it manually while lying down. I warm my sleeves and lube in warm water prior to sessions.

I'm reviewing Tasty, Elsa Jean's Fleshlight Girls vagina sleeve, which I bought in Fall 2020 along with another Girls vagina sleeve. With wider, milder sleeves forming the foundation to my growing chest of toys, I decided pick up this sleeve to branch out further and the general consensus in this site and in the FL subreddit is that it's a tight, mid-intensity sleeve.

The first thing that struck me when handling Tasty in the flesh for the first time was how impressively large Elsa's lips are on this sleeve. They absolutely DOMINATE the outside face of the sleeve! It's quite impressive to look at, especially in a side-by-side comparison with Crush. I also found it interesting to observe that Elsa has an inconspicuous clitoral hood in stark contrast with, say, Adriana Chechik or Madison Ivy. She's all labia! Anyways, I see much potential for fun with this pussy.

Sessions with Tasty begin with Elsa's thick 'n' meaty lips, which gradually ease my sausage into a hungry, tight canal that begins with a set of ribs that do not hesitate to devour it. The ravenousness of this initial chamber was especially strong in my first several flights with this sleeve, when the only thing I'd feel is my cock being repeatedly swallowed whole by the series of ribs. While this sensation is indeed pleasurable, it became dull after the first few flights, which required successively more effort to climax. Nevertheless, I kept it in my rotation.

And then, it started to get interesting.

Recently, I started to feel the ribs give way to the nubs that lay beyond them. While the ribs continue to grip onto my shaft, the nubs have become increasingly active by gently massaging the more sensitive extreme of my cock. In this way, Tasty is now starting to feel like all of Thrust -- orifice and all -- condensed into a canal with a new meaty orifice to go with it. Additionally, because it is smoother than Thrust and at least as tight overall, it creates stronger seals and therefore produces more suction which only enhances its interpretation of Thrust. These new elements produce a more diverse symphony of sensations that generate far better build-ups to orgasm than before.

Dull, what!? Tasty is actually the date who goes from hangry to horny.

Once merely a one-trick texture with an unreal orifice, Tasty has quickly become the sleeve that most fascinates me as it's the first to demonstrate to me the potential of breaking in a sleeve. Like wine, I'm hoping it continues to get better with time.

Score 3.77 Overall Satisfaction 4
Thank frictionalflyer
Intensity 3.9
Stimulation 4.85
Penetration 3.6
Tightness 4.85
Suction Effect 4.2
Realism 3.75
Variation 3.8
Smoothness 4.9
Orgasm Rating 5
Noise 5
Lube Use 2.8
Cleanup 3.8
Dry Time 2.9
Whiteindian060181's Avatar

Whiteindian060181's Review

December 30th, 2020 by Whiteindian060181
Penis Length: 5.12cm Girth: 4.72cm
Owns 3 Sleeves, 3 Ratings, 3 Reviews

intro: I'm only 11cm Length and 12cm girt. and I am very sensitive after cumming.

The texture:
It feels really tight, and this is great for me. upon entering you immediately feel the ridges and this quickly gives an incredible tingling sensation. if you push further it gets just a little bit more tight and you really feel it. The bumps feel smooth and they also give you a very nice sensation quite quickly. After that it gets even a little bit narrower and this is a dangerous point not to come early. I myself cannot get further than this point, but this already feels very good. there are days when I can't last longer than 5 minutes because this sleeve feels so tight, but so good.

In the shower I find it easier to edge with this sleeve. then she is really very smooth.

The orgasms are very strong with this sleeve and I own Dorcel and Eden. but this one really shoots the other 2 out of the water, in a sense of orgasm and smoothness.
This is my absolute favorite sleeve.

If you are a bit smaller, or you want a feeling of a real virgin then this is certainly a very good purchase. And you certainly will not regret buying this one.

tight like a virgin pussy. ideal for smaller men. high intensity.

Score 4.17 Overall Satisfaction 5
Thank Whiteindian060181
Intensity 3.55
Stimulation 3.6
Penetration 2.85
Tightness 2.85
Suction Effect 1.9
Realism 3.75
Variation 3
Smoothness 2.9
Orgasm Rating 3.8
Noise 1.55
Lube Use 2.95
Cleanup 2.8
Dry Time 2.55
Jrs1023's Avatar

Jrs1023's Review

December 8th, 2020 by Jrs1023
Owns 7 Sleeves, 7 Ratings, 7 Reviews

The looks The intensity The stimulation The overview

This sleeve is such an interesting and inviting sleeve it definitely gives you the feeling that you are sliding your cock straight into Elsa Jean herself it's a nice sleeve with a great texture not too intense but just intense enough to give you great stimulation and has just the right intensity that you can go for a while and give yourself maximum stimulation and get the maximum amount of time to play with this sleeve before you erupt like a volcano inside of Elsa jeans nice tight and amazing feeling sleeve

It is a great sleeve that has the perfect balance of intensity stimulation and realism you can't go wrong

Score 2.98 Overall Satisfaction 3.6
Thank Jrs1023
Intensity 3.65
Stimulation 4.6
Penetration 3.3
Tightness 3.6
Suction Effect 3.9
Realism 3.9
Variation 3.65
Smoothness 3.9
Orgasm Rating 4.75
Noise 2.75
Lube Use 3.6
Cleanup 3.45
Dry Time 3.65
Brody8296's Avatar

Brody8296's Review

December 6th, 2020 by Brody8296
Owns 3 Sleeves, 2 Ratings, 3 Reviews

This is one of the many fleshlight sleeves that I own. I usually like the tighter sleeves. By far this is one of my favorite sleeves.

This was my first purchase and still my favorite one to go back to all the time. It feels great and has great grip.

It offers a great simulation overall. Go for it and have fun.

I am very happy with the purchase.

One of the best sleeves that you can own. You will be happy.

Score 3.82 Overall Satisfaction 4.75
Thank Brody8296
Intensity 4.25
Stimulation 4.15
Penetration 3.95
Tightness 3.55
Suction Effect 3.8
Realism 3.8
Variation 3.45
Smoothness 3.85
Orgasm Rating 4.1
Noise 3.1
Lube Use 3.15
Cleanup 3.65
Dry Time 3.65
JuanAfokme's Avatar

JuanAfokme's Review

December 3rd, 2020 by JuanAfokme
Owns 9 Sleeves, 8 Ratings, 8 Reviews

My measurements: 7” x 5.75”C

For reference I’m 6.5” Length 5.25” Girth:

I got this sleeve based on how tight all reviews claimed it was tight and I’d have to say that I wasn’t disappointed. Not as tight so where it pushes you back out like some have said but if you prefer tighter sleeves this won’t disappoint. The different textures aren’t so easy to distinguish for me but it’s not boringly smooth at all, the right amount of intensity for me and I’m sure most stimulation comes from its tightness. The opening makes entry very unrestricted and it can get a little loud with the cap fully on. Clean up is much more of a breeze than I anticipated as nothing gets trapped in spaces. I have a limited collection so this is easily my favourite so far, it’s not as tight as I was expecting but I would still definitely recommend.

Lives up to the hype. Possibly one of the tightest vag sleeeves you can get but it still won’t choke your best friend. If you’re after tighter I’d recommend looking at back door sleeves like Sinner and Tight Chicks, on my wishlist.

Score 3.75 Overall Satisfaction 4
Thank JuanAfokme
Intensity 3.15
Stimulation 4.65
Penetration 4.8
Tightness 2.2
Suction Effect -
Realism 3.45
Variation 5
Smoothness 3.1
Orgasm Rating 3.9
Noise -
Lube Use 4.8
Cleanup 4.6
Dry Time 4.8
CountBanana's Avatar

CountBanana's Review

November 15th, 2020 by CountBanana
Penis Length: 6.69cm Girth: 5.28cm
Owns 22 Sleeves, 31 Ratings, 19 Reviews

I usually have at least 5 flights with a new sleeve before writing a review. Also the end cap is always open and I use 3 Fleshlight Girls at a time mostly.

I have heard many good things about Elsa Jean and also watched two of her scenes prior to getting her Fleshlight. But only after getting her Fleshlight I really came to appreciate her and her delicious looking pussy. There are not many actresses in porn with such juicy pussy lips. The only one I can think of right now is Christy Mack and she is hot as hell (To bad she quit porn). Now Elsa is different type of girl compared to Christy Mack, but somehow her petite body fits perfectly to her big lips. So Elsa's pussy fills a special spot in my list of porn hotties, that was empty for quite some time. That's why I am glad, that ILF modeled her pussy lips perfectly, like with all orifices recently. Elsa Jean Tasty has easily one of the most outstandig pussy orifice in the whole Fleshlight Girls series. You can see all the detail on her lips and just looking at the wide opened and inviting orifice is enough to get me going.

Tasty consists of roughly four parts. The first part of the texture has small ribs that are around 3 cm long. What comes after can be described as the main section of the texture with nubs and edges pointing in different directions. The third section of the texture are two spiraled rib chambers that are connected by a narrow point. And the last section are just nubs with diameters getting smaller towards the end with two small rings at the very end.
When caressing Elsa's pussy lips with your dick, it's hard not to dive right in. Those big juicy lips will beg you to slide between into pleasure. Those ribs in the first section make Elsa's Fleshlight feel very organic. The feeling is kind of loose, but there is a certain grip to it nonetheless. It really is a nice way to enter a Fleshlight. You don't have to push in hard, you just slide in and you are happily welcomed by Elsa's pussy and those ribs. It simply feels nice, there is no other way I could desbribe it. The second part continues with a similar sensation, but it feels just a little bit tighter and a bit pointy, but far from pointy as Destroya is. It is a great development from the first part, because the texture is getting slightly more intense and stimulates in just the right way. The third section of Tasty is can be felt very prominently with the two chambers creating a snugly place to edge in for hours. The fourth section I cannot reach, so I will refrain from reviewing it.

Elsa Jean Tasty has gotten a lot of attention with many people saying it is a very tight intense texture. My experience with Elsa is a bit different. I don't perceive Tasty as tight as the other reviewers. I think it is moderately tight with great stimulation and a unique combination of different sensations throughout the sections of the texture, which makes it another greate sleeve for edging.
Nonetheless, I think Elsa Jean Tasty is a must-have in every Fleshlight collection.

Score 4.10 Overall Satisfaction 4.75
Thank CountBanana
Intensity 3.9
Stimulation 4.4
Penetration 4.25
Tightness 4.65
Suction Effect 4.45
Realism 4.35
Variation 4.05
Smoothness 4
Orgasm Rating 4.5
Noise 3.7
Lube Use 4.3
Cleanup 4.6
Dry Time 4.3
stiffpoles' Avatar

stiffpoles' Review

October 3rd, 2020 by stiffpoles
Penis Length: 7.25cm Girth: 5.75cm
Owns 64 Sleeves, 45 Ratings, 35 Reviews

Julio's back, back, back again! I am a highly educated, motivated, ambitious, and not to mention, a sexy Latino here! I'm always up for fun, interesting, open-minded people, looking to have some fun! I'm an 7.5 in. long and 5.75 inch girth. I inspect each sleeve for texture, uniformity and I use the sleeve 3 times before committing to a review. That way the summary is thorough and as detailed as possible. I have a large collection of fleshlight products (64). So, let's go help you make a well informed decision when you go to purchase a fleshlight. It's time to review our next Fleshlight!

The first thing I noticed about this sleeve was the orifice. Like all Fleshlight Girls sleeves, it is made from a mold of Elsa Jean’s own pussy lips. These are seriously big; perhaps not as tight as others I have tried but very visually appealing. Inside, the sleeve texture consists of four distinct parts. The first inch or so is lined with regular ribs and is pretty tight, at 0.4” (10mm).

The second section contains an interesting mixture of rounded bumps, square-edged nubs, and walls which tighten to narrow ‘points’ no less than three times in just 3” of sleeve. This is an unusual combination of shapes; it looks pretty intense and I was looking forward to testing it.

The third section is divided into two chambers which widen suddenly as raised ribs spiral around the walls. A short narrow tunnel divides them, creating a tight constriction halfway along.

At 0.8” (20mm) wide, the final section of the Tasty looks like an altogether gentler area which might provide some relief from the heavily textured early sections. However, it starts 6.5” (165mm) from the entrance so it will only really be accessible to longer penises. The ribbed section near the entrance is pleasingly snug and the ribs provide enough texture around the head of the penis to create instant stimulation.

It’s a promising start, and the tight ribs continue to grip the base of the penis as it moves deeper into the sleeve. The second chamber is immediately intense; the texture is very noticeable and the narrow sections are very tight. There is no let-up at all from the tiny points of stimulation which surround all sides of the penis. The third section, when it comes, is almost a relief: the walls widen a little and the penis head glides smoothly though the spiraling ribs. It’s still powerful, but less overwhelmingly intense.

The final section of this sleeve will be out of reach for many guys but those who get there will likely find a much milder sensation from the gentle massaging of the softly rounded bumps. For me, the best part of this sleeve is the spiraling third section where the ribs create a gentle ‘pull’ around the penis. However, I found the tightly packed nubs and bumps in the second chamber almost too powerful. I’d recommend using a lot of lube here, and perhaps giving this one a miss if you find super intense sensations a little uncomfortable.

​The Elsa Jean Tasty has a really unique combination of textures which add up to something pretty special and deliver some seriously powerful sensations. I prefer a slightly milder sleeve but if intensity is your thing I’d highly recommend giving this one a whirl.

Score 4.29 Overall Satisfaction 4.6
Thank stiffpoles
Intensity 2.5
Stimulation 3.5
Penetration 4.3
Tightness 3.95
Suction Effect 3.95
Realism 2.9
Variation 2.8
Smoothness 3.85
Orgasm Rating 3.8
Noise 2.8
Lube Use 2.8
Cleanup 3.85
Dry Time 2.85
SupernutTrunks' Avatar

SupernutTrunks' Review

December 31st, 2019 by SupernutTrunks
Owns 22 Sleeves, 15 Ratings, 11 Reviews

Intro: 6x5" cut and generally lead to more intense sleeves

What to say about this sleeve, it is my most recent purchase and along with Karma has climbed its way to my top 3 within its first couple of uses.
Orifice: lips lover rejoice as it is a perfect replica of Elsa's "infamous" genitalia, nothing more to say here.
Texture: quite snug, not sure if its tighter than the destroya but definitely tighter than Karma imo, The texture is more gentle than intense but its suction is off the roof and and pulls you in for more with each stroke. While gentle there's something about the texture that makes me want to finish quick lol, like a magic vagina probaly equivalent to having sex with a gym rat Uni chick tight asf. Lube use is pretty heavy tho and the noise is pretty high, not the worst thoughand the lips look really nice when you're inside

Easily one of my favourite sleeves with an amazing orifice and nice gentle but amazing textures inside, easy recommendation to any snug boys out there, 9/10

Score 3.46 Overall Satisfaction 4.65
Thank SupernutTrunks
Intensity 3.85
Stimulation 4.25
Penetration 3.8
Tightness 3.95
Suction Effect 3.7
Realism 3.2
Variation 3.65
Smoothness 3.05
Orgasm Rating 4.35
Noise 3.45
Lube Use 3.8
Cleanup 3.7
Dry Time 3.6
Fleshly092's Avatar

Fleshly092's Review

December 30th, 2019 by Fleshly092
Owns 15 Sleeves, 14 Ratings, 12 Reviews

The tasty is a unique sleeve with several different chambers that all provide various sensations. It starts off with a nicely ribbed entrance that stimulates the head before thrusting deeper into a chamber with a number of bumps and nubs. When the end cap is tightened, there is a great deal of suction. However, the only drawback is that, when you do this, the sleeve isn't pronounced as it is with the endcap loosened. This is why I tend to use the Tasty with the endcap unscrewed. The third chamber hits my shaft just right, creating a swirling sensation that is just delicious to feel. I can edge by staying in the third chamber, but it's ultimately the second chamber that pushes me over the edge into orgasmic bliss. While the lips on this mold don't grip like other sleeves do, they still look great and add a bit of visual stimulation. My cleanup routine is pretty much the same with any other sleeve, so I don't really have an issue with cleanup and dry time. If you're a fan of Elsa's work, adding her sleeve to your collection is a great way to support her while also pleasing yourself.

This sleeve is indeed tasty! The big lips on the mold, the variety of sensations, and the orgasm that it is able to pull out of me make this sleeve a standout choice. It's a little noisy, but I don't mind the noise. It can sometimes even be a turn on. Give tasty a shot and I'm sure it will end up being one of your sleeves most often used.

Score 3.77 Overall Satisfaction 4.45
Thank Fleshly092
Intensity 3.15
Stimulation 3.5
Penetration 3
Tightness 3.5
Suction Effect 4
Realism 3.1
Variation 4.45
Smoothness 4.1
Orgasm Rating 3.5
Noise 3.6
Lube Use 3.65
Cleanup 3.55
Dry Time 3.45
Anonymous's Avatar

Tasty Review

December 26th, 2019 by Anonymous
Owns 8 Sleeves, 6 Ratings, 6 Reviews

This was my first ever FL sleeve. I really love this sleeve as a slightly above mild sleeve. I enjoy the lips on this sleeve a lot. It is a bit on the louder side in my experience, but that's not an issue for me personally. I'd say cleaning is about average and the same goes for lube use.

In conclusion, I would recommend this sleeve for beginners, mainly because of the slightly above mild intensity.

Score 3.63 Overall Satisfaction 4.25
Thank Anonymous
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