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Mia Malkova Fleshlight Image

It's official, today Fleshlight officially announced their next Fleshlight Girl: Mia Malkova!
This is great news, as many people were worried that something had happened as there had not been a new Fleshlight girl for many months.
There is currently no news on what the texture will be like, but it will most definitely be two unique textures, one for her pussy/vagina orifice and one for her butt/anus orifice.
Release date is said to be the end of november, we will keep everyo...

Alexis Texas Tornado Image

For tonight's flight I randomly picked Alexis tornado. Previously, I liked to fly with both the butt and vagina for each girl… however, I'm not doing that as much because as you know cleanup is never fun. Also for the record, for each blog entry I do not look at what I previously wrote. I like to start each flight with an open mind and see if my opinion is the same as it was before. So Alexis’s ass is still probably more stiff compared to all FL vaginas, but still feels very good. I like the...

Fleshlight Abigail Mac
Blind Tests Image

This post is dedicated to blind tests, and will be updated regularly. Blind test: Grab a random fleshlight, go in blind, review it...

2019-04-11: Angela White Blind Test
I felt lots of nice nubs when using the slick free oil lube (stuff you get with Fleshlight). Need to try this lube with the other girls too. Felt lots of nubs and that of course is very nice; overall, great! Felt even better when I turned it sideways and turned it around as I stroked. Need to experiment mo...

Stuck on Madison Image

I'm trying to figure out a good review for Madison... I think I would say overall she's a mild to medium sleeve, not over-stimulating but not under-stimulating either. Once she's warmed up and the perfect lube combo is present (after stroking a bit) she feels so amazing. I think it's that second entry after the first canal where she really grabs you and the textures there really come to life. I really love her vulva I can't get over how beautiful it is I could sit and worship it. The only proble...



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