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Introducing Fleshlight Heatmaps!

This is something I've been wanting to add for a while, and now that I finally am able to dedicate time to the development of the site again I'm happy to have finished this feature!

The way heatmaps work, a user can submit up to 3 "hot-zones" per texture. Once a texture receives at least 3 submissions, an algorithm will run on all the submitted hot-zones and it will calculated which parts of a sleeve are the hottest vs coldes...

Updates to LoveHoney price tracker Image

LoveHoney have released a new website, alongside with it, they have changed their networks which caused me to have to rewrite all the code to track product prices on their sites.

That being said, the change is welcome, as FleshAssist now tracks multiple regions of LoveHoney stores (USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Spain and Germany).

You might see these newly tracked products to appear on the offers pages with big % changes, this is normal while it'll take a wee...

Belle Delphine Fleshlight Image

Internet personality Belle Delphine just appeared on the H3H3 Podcast announcing her interest in releasing a Fleshlight toy.

Link | The clip starts from 1:19:07 till roughly 1:21:18

Ethan: Would you ever consider having a Belle Delphine sex toy?

Belle: Yes, I was actually speaking to them about it, and then realized that, obviously it has to be a real mold of your pussy right? S...

Fleshlight Girl Megan Rain Announcement Image

Rya Isabella, aka Megan Rain, is Fleshlight's newest Girl! An absoute stunner!
Beginning her performing carreer in 2014, she has won numerous awards over the years

Her release brings a new Pussy / Vagina Fleshlight, molded after her!

Check out her exclusive texture Lightning for more information.

And a Butt Sleeve!

Check out her exclusive texture



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