About FleshAssist

What is FleshAssist anyway?

The goal of this website is to create a place where people can find out all about Fleshlight Textures, Sleeves, Fleshlight Girls, Fleshjack Boys, as well as a place where the community can share their opinions on the textures by rating and reviewing them. Instead of having a website that is sharing the opinion of a single reviewer, why not have a place where everyone can have a say!
By creating a place where Fleshlight owners can rate their textures is not only helping the community by gathering important information, but also helping out newcomers step into the Fleshlight world when it comes to making their first purchase.
Furthermore, no longer must you view the dozens of threads on forums asking "Which is the most intense/realistic sleeve?". By having all the information in one place we are quickly able to display which is rated higher in every category.

Who am I?

A 29 year old web(and FL)-aficionado! I love to code in my spare time, and I have grown very passionate about this site. I have put my own time and money into this project so far, but if you'd like to support the project, you are gladly welcome to help me fill out any missing data or even write reviews, guides and more! Contact me if you have any suggestions or feature requests.

Please note that FleshAssist runs on its own dedicated server, which costs money to keep online, as well as haven taken countless months to develop and code. If you are going to purchase a Fleshlight please click on the Buy Now button located on the Details page before doing so, which will allow FleshAssist to gain a little commission and help keep the website alive. This doesn't cost any extra money for you. Thank you very much and enjoy the site!

Copyright and Third-Party Scripts

FleshAssist.com does not encourage the use of any acts of infringement or copyright crime.
All Intellectual Property not belonging to FleshAssist is stated, either in our Legal page or via tool-tips.
Content that has not been specified to be from third parties is reserved IP solely of FleshAssist. Use of the content without permission is not permitted and will be pursued.
FleshAssist © 2023. All rights reserved.

Special Thanks

Thanks to everyone who tested FleshAssist while it was in Beta many years ago, as well as everyone who has helped contribute information regarding textures. A thank you as well to those who review and rate textures for the rest of the community to see!
Special shout-out to the following sexy people:

DaHorse, Betwell, Ttobihive (aka. "T"), mrbean, Iskandar, Ooyah, AoD (aka. AoD123), orlandot94, Curiousity, Etix, Seadog, Rayne, Casquetero, Fleshlight Subreddit, including the fantastic mods bustnuts100 and darkPizzacutter, & last but not least ThePowerHouse (R.I.P.)



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