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Are you having a hard time choosing a texture for your next, or first, purchase? Is the wide selection of Fleshlights overwhelming and you want to narrow down the options?
Welcome to the FleshAssist Advisor! This tool allows you to select what you are looking for, whether it be realism or intensity, tightness or lube usage, simply select what you prefer and view the top textures instantly!

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Fleshlight Texture Advisor

Welcome to the FleshAssist Advisor. This tool will help you decide what texture is the perfect match for you. It uses an extensive algorythm that determines the best match based on our thousands of user ratings, sleeve information and your search criteria.

This introduction will ask you a few questions to help determine what is best for you.

You can skip this at any time by clicking the Skip link below, to go directly to the configurator.

Do you currently own any Fleshlights?
It looks like you have some sleeves in your collection, are you looking for something similar to the ones you already own, or something different?
The advisor will work better if you rate the sleeves you currently own, that way it'll know what sleeve type you enjoy the most. This wont take very long and greatly helps suggestions.
The advisor will work better if you sign up and rate the sleeves you currently own, that way it'll know what sleeve type you enjoy the most.
What Orifices are you interested in?
What Product Categories are you interested in?
What is most important for you in a sleeve? Select at least 3:
What do you want your sleeve NOT to be? Select at least 1:
Would you like to share your Penis Length, this helps the advisor decide if you should avoid smaller sleeves or full-sized Fleshlights.
    Texture Image Texture Image
    Finally, would you like to display Discontinued textures? These can no longer be purchased from the official website.
    That's it! The advisor has taken your input and calculated that the following texture could be perfect for you:
    Butterfly Texture Image
    But that's not all! You can now tweak your input to your liking, go ahead and try it out.


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