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Popped Jenna Jamesons cherry Image

I decided to fly with Jenna tonight because Adam and Eve (where I got her) wanted a review lol. She’s amazing, what I can say… a very nice tightness and you can feel those nubs just fine. I loosened the cap and still felt amazing. I couldn’t wait to try the shower mount too which I used on mirror I have set on my dresser cabinet which is perfect standing height. Standing and flying… amazing!!! I need to practice my stamina though, because for some reason hands free methods make me go...

Popped Riley Jensens cherry Image

I started off using the Stamina Training Unit (was my first time) and It felt alright (more like just ok) and I think I used to much lube, so I stopped midstream and called on Ms. Jensen to help me out. Let me tell you, the difference was night and day… Riley’s vagina felt AMAZING! I think it’s the opening that was the best the way those ridges go against the grain really make it intense. Maybe she was a little to intense, but it felt so good. I went missionary because that always take...

Popped Lena Pauls cranberry Image

First time with Ritual and Nymph together as one package. Ritual might be slightly better I loved how it felt. I was able to maintain a better stamina with Ritual. I felt myself ready to cum with Nymph so I’d switch into Ritual and I could go longer. When I felt like I wanted more intense I’d slip back into nymph but I really can’t last long there it’s so intense. I tell ya, having both of these at the same time is the key and was a most beautiful experience. Once I went missionary...

Popped Alexis Texas cranberry Image

First time I got to fuck her anal and in her pussy during the same flight. This helps with edging big time. When I feel close to taking care of business, I switch holes… it works. Fucking her missionary is so awesome I couldn't resist exploding to quickly. The tornado feels amazing as expected. I love the tight entrance an the swirl affect of this sleeve. Kinda like a hand job where she turns her hand as she strokes your dick.



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