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Popped Christi Macks cherry Image

So, this sleeve is more loose in general, but still feels really good! I could actually let myself last longer than usual as a result. And my session was quite enjoyable, I wasn’t struggling to take care of business or anything like thiat… it was jus a nice momentum going which is good! The entrance into the second chamber kinda reminds me of the thrust a little bit ( but not as good) but how its a tight squeeze in there. But after that is where it’s all loose. I ended up going missionary ...

Popped Nicole Anistons cherry Image

I must be cured from death grip syndrome by now because just about all these Fleshlights are feeling ultra amazing to me and Nicole Aniston’s Fit is no exception. This one is perfect in that it’s not to tight, and it really is the ultimate fit.. hence the sleeve name. You can sense smooth and succulent bumps in the entrance as it sort of swirls around your dick… which is an amazing amazing amazing feeling! I love that it wasn’t to tight, but that it was just right allowing me to last a ...

Popped Dillion Harpers cherry Image

I am not joking but this could’ve been the best I’ve ever had I can hardly believe how awesome it was. It was perfect tightness perfect everything it felt great!

Popped Lena Pauls cherry Image

I just flew with Lena Paul (nymph) and it was AMAZING! It was a perfect tightness, and in fact I had to loosen the cap to make it not so tight... and yet it still felt perfect like that. The cross section design in the front was my favorite part. I spent most of my time there and occasionally I dipped into the 5 to 6 inch area for more intensity (thats a deep as I can go) and pulled back out again repeating the first section as my focus. Twist and turned in every direction possible. I don't know...



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