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Popped Alexis Texas cranberry Image

First time I got to fuck her anal and in her pussy during the same flight. This helps with edging big time. When I feel close to taking care of business, I switch holes… it works. Fucking her missionary is so awesome I couldn't resist exploding to quickly. The tornado feels amazing as expected. I love the tight entrance an the swirl affect of this sleeve. Kinda like a hand job where she turns her hand as she strokes your dick.

FleshAssist v2 is here Image

It gives me huge pleasure to announce the release of the complete rework and redesign of FleshAssist!
After many many months and hard effort it is finally here. There were a lot of bumps last year preventing me from working on this, and I won't go into much detail but basically I initially started working on the rewrite early 2018, but due to family complications I spent the entire day after day doing freelance work to cover the bills and had no time at all to work on FA. Things had thank...

Popped Christi Macks cherry Image

So, this sleeve is more loose in general, but still feels really good! I could actually let myself last longer than usual as a result. And my session was quite enjoyable, I wasn’t struggling to take care of business or anything like thiat… it was jus a nice momentum going which is good! The entrance into the second chamber kinda reminds me of the thrust a little bit ( but not as good) but how its a tight squeeze in there. But after that is where it’s all loose. I ended up going missionary ...

Popped Nicole Anistons cherry Image

I must be cured from death grip syndrome by now because just about all these Fleshlights are feeling ultra amazing to me and Nicole Aniston’s Fit is no exception. This one is perfect in that it’s not to tight, and it really is the ultimate fit.. hence the sleeve name. You can sense smooth and succulent bumps in the entrance as it sort of swirls around your dick… which is an amazing amazing amazing feeling! I love that it wasn’t to tight, but that it was just right allowing me to last a ...



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