Popped Elsa Jeans cranberry

Written by satchking on June 1st, 2019

Popped Elsa Jeans cranberry Image

This morning I flew with Elsa Jean in both holes. Again, I'm sensing an overall pattern here with the butt sleeves in that they are more stiff compared to the vaginas. Maybe, this is true in real life too I'm guessing? I've never had anal sex in real life before, only vaginal sex. And since the vagina sleeves are very similar (if not identical to a real vagina, yes they feel that good!) I'm guessing the butt ones are too. In this case, I enjoy Tasty more than I do Treat, but both were very, very nice. I believe Tasty is more of a mild sleeve which isn't bad because that can make you last longer. Overall, it's very nice vagina I'd say because I didn't feel bored with it at all and all the textures surround and message my dick just fine. On the other hand my first impression of Treat is damn that hole was tight going in!!! I had to give her some extra lube to make it glide easier, and I also opened the cap it was so tight. I ended up going missionary in Tasty, it felt so good I almost lost it, so I switched to Top Dog / Treat and that felt just as good if not better and I lost it after that. In some ways, these pillows are so god damn good they are almost toooo good because as I've said before, I have a difficult time keeping my stamina and I don't last more than a couple minutes when I go hands free.

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