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Popped Lena Pauls cherry Image

I just flew with Lena Paul (nymph) and it was AMAZING! It was a perfect tightness, and in fact I had to loosen the cap to make it not so tight... and yet it still felt perfect like that. The cross section design in the front was my favorite part. I spent most of my time there and occasionally I dipped into the 5 to 6 inch area for more intensity (thats a deep as I can go) and pulled back out again repeating the first section as my focus. Twist and turned in every direction possible. I don't know...

Popped Nina Hartleys cherry Image

This could be the best Fleshlight ever… smooth….tight…..amazing! You can feel those ridges when you wiggle around when deep inside her. It’s intense, but not over the top either… making it just about right in every way imaginable.

Popped Romi Rains cherry Image

Amazing to say the least. she really grabs my nick nice and I could feel lots of nubs. Going very deep almost felt a cooking sensation.

Update on the 2nd June 2019 - The faster I go, the quicker I fall: Flew With Romi… felt amazing with cow girl position, can feel the textures real nice and she's the perfect tightness (with cap fully tight). I probably shoulda loosened it to last longer. The vid I was watching (Heather Night vid I found on a torrent) she was getting fucked top ...

Popped Abella Dangers cherry Image

I flew with Zone tonight with every intention of flying in Danger as well… however, I couldn’t let myself leave Zone it felt so amazing. It’s really nice and tight and I loved the numbs I felt in there. I think it’s the tightness tho that really set it apart.



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