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Alexis Texas Tornado Image

For tonight's flight I randomly picked Alexis tornado. Previously, I liked to fly with both the butt and vagina for each girl… however, I'm not doing that as much because as you know cleanup is never fun. Also for the record, for each blog entry I do not look at what I previously wrote. I like to start each flight with an open mind and see if my opinion is the same as it was before. So Alexis’s ass is still probably more stiff compared to all FL vaginas, but still feels very good. I like the...

Popped Alexis Texas cranberry Image

First time I got to fuck her anal and in her pussy during the same flight. This helps with edging big time. When I feel close to taking care of business, I switch holes… it works. Fucking her missionary is so awesome I couldn't resist exploding to quickly. The tornado feels amazing as expected. I love the tight entrance an the swirl affect of this sleeve. Kinda like a hand job where she turns her hand as she strokes your dick.

Popped Alexis Texas cherry Image

I felt like it was the best I ever had it was so amazing. It's the perfect tightness once it gets warmed up. I wonder if it was her virgin hole that made it amazing? Meaning, a brand new fleshlight… will it feel this good after repeat spins? This was day 6 for me as well, so I was surprised there was no struggle for me taking care of business. She’s perfect!

Update on 22nd April 2019 - Alexis Texas edging: Going deep feels really amazing. In order to edge, I focused on only go...



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