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Popped Cherry Devivres cherry Image

Some of the BEST farting noises I have ever heard in a sleeve. This only started happening when I went missionary position with her; girl on top didn’t produce any farting noises. Overall, I felt a lot of nice variations in her and was a very good flight for sure. I kept the cap on the tightest the entire session. This is the first time I used the Sunsuva On power glide ‘for him’ lube. It’s supposed to make you firmer and keep a stronger erection, however I never had a problem there so I...

Popped Nicole Anistons cranberry Image

First time riding with Flex and it was probably the most unnatural Fleshlight feeling I think I’ve ever experienced. The first chamber feels really unusual in how it each one sort of yanks at you as you pull out. I mean, it’s not a horrible feeling… I still enjoyed it. But it just felt a little unusual to me. Also, my first impression is flex is....it's damn tight! I couldn’t get over how tight it was… maybe the tightest I’ve ever experienced so far. Again, I don’t mean to diminis...

Gun oil used for the first time with Romi Image

Great for sure. I used the Gun Oil for the first time and it doesn’t take much but yeah what the guys say online is legit… good stuff for sure! Romi’s texture seems allot like STU when you look in there and see those nubs, but it feels soooo much better. It’s a perfect tightness. I was hearing farting noises and that’s always nice too… plus I had to uncap it and it still felt amazing. I couldn’t hold back, wanted to go longer but towards climax it just feels sooo good, can’t...

Popped Janice Griffiths cherry Image

Now, for today’s journal... Finally flew with Janice and watched one of her vids for the first time and I was highly impressed with both… she is such a sweet girl. Her pussy is just the same, so sweet and mostly gentle… but felt very, very, very good! I think the tiny numbs on in the front make it a little more gentle and as you go deeper she really grabs on to ya… which is also very nice. I wouldn’t say this is a favorite sleeve, but it still gets the job done. For this flight I could...



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