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Popped Dillion Harpers cranberry Image

Took both her ass and pussy and alternated more than once. At first I thought I preferred her ass. But the more I fucked her the more I thought her pussy was more inviting. Her pussy was making a juicy sound like I’ve never heard before and I loved it. It really felt amazing and I swear to god if I had been blind folded I would have thought a real pussy was stroking my dick that’s how good it felt. It was kind of weird because getting started it wasn’t as good as her ass. But after a few m...

Popped Abigail Macs cherry Image

Afternoon flight with Abigail since I had the entire house to myself... perfect time for a flight. Well, not sure I could sense much variation in this sleeve, but my actual flight was out of this world! In fact, possibly one of the best flights I've ever experienced. I know the fact that I was extremely horny has something to do with the results, and the vid I picked was amazing... so probably under those circumstances any sleeve is fine. Although I will say this sleeve didn't leave me feeling b...

Popped Stoyas cranberry Image

Morning sex! I felt like it had been awhile since I've been with Stoya so I decided to take her in both holes! No Stoya vids in my Redtube premium, but I found a girl named Lacy Lennon in that search which turned out to be an amazing girl to watch! I loved her sweet laugh and man she knows how to give good head! In regards to the Fleshlight... Getting in Destroya again is good confirmation for me that she is indeed the best! I just love the way her pussy feels it's just perfect. To edge, I pulle...

Popped Madison Ivys cranberry Image

Tonight I flew with Madison and entered both holes... it was beyond wonderland! :) Well, her ass is much tighter than her pussy but that's about all I can say... each hole was quite enjoyable. Hard to judge this and say which one I liked better because having both was a very nice combo. I think overall her pussy is a smoother ride compared to her ass. Both have very interesting and stimulating textures. I'm wondering if this will be a reoccurring theme for me as I'm more of a novice with ass hol...



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