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Popped Angela Whites cranberry Image

This afternoon got home from work and decided to rub one out real quick as I had to the house to myself again. I popped Angel’s cranberry and and took her in both holes. I believe her pussy feels 100 times better than her ass, but I still enjoyed both. I think overall her ass was stiff going in, but a smooth ride for the most part. Her pussy is amazing as always… and I think she might be more on the mild side when I think of all my other girls. This afternoon was a standing session and i...

Popped Angela Whites cherry Image

Well, January 28th was the first time I typed info. Cherry popping actually took place on 12/14/2018 but no journal was made. Also, 12/17/18 was the second time I flew with her. So this entry on 1/28 is the first time a journal was made. For this entry, the classic white cream (Sensuva) was used, and then the cooling gel (Fleshlight brand) midstream. I swear, once things start heating up with the lube it is practically perfect and I have a hard time holding out. I don’t think it matters which ...



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