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Henessy is the newest Fleshlight Girl Image

Cosette Ibarra, aka Henessy, is Fleshlight's newest Girl!
Her release brings a new Pussy / Vagina Fleshlight, molded after her!

Check out her exclusive texture Fanatic for more information.

Fleshlight GO Stamina Training Unit Announcement Image

It's been a while since we've seen a new product launch, But today, Fleshlight have announced two new products! The first, both of which use the same pre-existing texture (Stamina Training Unit, or STU for short) but modify the size of it.
We have the new Fleshlight GO Stamina Training Unit, and the Quickshot Stamina Training Unit.

Check out the Stamina Training Unit's texture page for more information.
Both new products are not listed on F...

Fleshlight Emily Willis

Update: EU Facilities are now up and running again, shipping from EU is available.
This is a quick update to all those living in the EU and are interested in getting a Fleshlight product from the official site.
Due to the Spanish President's orders regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, Fleshlight have had to temporarily close down their Spain/EU factory/facilities. This means, they are not able to ship orders out of Spain till the state of alarm period is over and they can re-open their factory.

Ella Hughes Fleshlight Image

It's nearly the end of the year, but Fleshlight had one last surprise up their sleeves for all of us fans. Today, on Christmas day, they have released Ella Hughes' Fleshlight!
Ella is a British porn star who's been around now for a couple of years and is gaining more and more fans.
Her release brings a brand new Fleshlight texture, featuring her Vagina/Pussy orifice. The texture is called Candy and looks to be like a smooth texture. We'll have to wait and see what people have to sa...



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