Dillion Harper revisited

Written by satchking on June 15th, 2019

Dillion Harper revisited Image

I finally had a chance to fly with Dillon again, and unlike the previous session with her... today's session was PURE BLISS!!!! I'm happy to say what I wrote about Dillion in my very first blog session (when I popped her cherry :) rang true again in today's session!!!! I think the lube combo is very important, because well... it just works for me. I don't think I should experiment with lubes ever again because this combo seems to be perfection for me! I think I want to fly with Dillion again the next session, and in-spite of what I just said about lubes, I do want to try a different lube combo as a test. Because after-all I have invested in other lubes and I hate them to go to waste. But at the same time I feel like why break what works?!! Also, I purposely did not use the Launch today because I previously thought it was the source of failure for the last fleshlight session I had. However, after todays flight with Dillion, I no longer think the Launch was to blame in the previous session, but instead it was the lube combo I used (I'm 99% convinced of that). I also want to experiment with Dillon again using my amazing prescribed lube combo AND the Launch and let's see how that turns out as well (should be good). I want to continue to fuck Dillon because I have a good idea how her pussy feels after a few uses, so if I change certain variables I'll be able to tell what is wrong and what works well. In addition, I think I can create a finalized review about her vagina and I'm looking forward to that. I do think the Launch is a great tool, but the only problem I have with it is the lack of flexibility. One thing I love to do w/o the Launch is twist and turn change the angles of the the fleshlight when I'm in flight which really helps me feel the textures. Going straight up and down (as what happens with the Launch) limits this type of angled movement. I guess I could probably still achieve flexible movement with the Launch, but the Launch is so bulky it makes that a little more difficult. Also, the other thing I don't like about the launch is the automation.... I suppose I prefer a stick shift where I can be in control of the action. I was highly concerned about the previous session but I think today's aha moment shed some light for me and will help with future sessions for sure.

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