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Brandi is a bit mild compared to others Image

Brandy probably has the most mild pussy of all my girls. I skipped a day, and this was in the morning, yet I still had a little bit of a hard time taking care of business. I used classic white lube (Sensuva), and after a bit I used the Fleshlight cooling gel which is a great combination. And even though it was really amazing I still had a difficult time. I also use a vibrator (a tiny one I stick in the sleeve). I don’t think there’s much suction affect with Brandy, and she’s not very tight...

Popped Brandi Loves cherry Image

On this day I had girl on top sex with Brandi and Riley Reid. I started with Brandi, and it felt really good but I wanted to compare against another girl so it was Riley. Riley’s pussy feels much tighter than Brandi’s. So far, Riley’s pussy is the best compared to any of the other girls (I think). In the end, I started to feel like I was going to cum so I pulled out of Riley, and started fucking Brandi again. It only took me less than 30 seconds and I came in Brandi.



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