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Penis Length: 19.05cm
Girth: 15.24cm

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Blue Ice Review

December 6th, 2019 (Blue Ice Texture)

This is a good simple masturbation aid but compared to Fleshlight's it is very loose and it's too short for me in that my cock gets cold having half the shaft stuck out. If you like the rest your head this is great but not for me. I got mine for free as part of the black Friday deal. Compared to some Japanese toys I have that this thing is more akin to it just doesn't maybe up.

Better off buying a cheap Japanese toy. Half my cock is cold.


Barracuda Review

May 28th, 2019 (Barracuda Texture)

I bought this sleeve purely for the novelty of having sex with Lisa Ann. I bought this sleeve early on in my Fleshlight ventures. If you want massive variations this ain't it. But lube it up and go hard and you won't last too long. For my girth this sleeve can easily fall into that trap of texture not being noticeable with too much lube. Suction is strong. Sometimes the sleeve can pop out during insertion with cap closed tight.

This sleeve is a strong mainstay and though the texture is simple you can go hard while watching Lisa Ann and see how long you last.

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