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An anal virgin (for now) Kimmy Granger’s ass has never offered more pleasure. You can’t judge a book by its cover and you can’t assume that Kimmy Granger is as innocent as she looks. Her butt Fleshlight Mischief combines all of the extraordinary elements of our highly rated Fleshlight Girls into one tight anal experience.


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Kimmy Granger

When you think of Kimmy Granger it’s likely that the words cute and sweet come to mind. Take a moment to watch one of her porn performances or watch her on her OnlyFans channel, and you�...

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CollegeGuy1's Review

January 5th, 2022 by CollegeGuy1

Kimmy's ass has a very tight orfice for me (7 inch girth) but it is not uncomfortable. The texture is not the same as pictured as it is only a simple spiral texture and the ridges are not as thick as you are led to believe. The sleeve can be very intense when rotating it as you stroke, lube use and noise are on the lower end which is nice. Read More

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Sleeve Only$59.95€64.95$89.95$81.77

Fleshlight Girls


Kimmy Granger's Butt

Release Date:

September 2018

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Fleshlight Mischief Reviews

Found 5 reviews in total

Intensity 4.55
Stimulation 4.5
Penetration 3
Tightness 4.5
Suction Effect -
Realism 1.75
Variation 1.8
Smoothness 2.85
Orgasm Rating 3.85
Noise 3.65
Lube Use 4
Cleanup 3.6
Dry Time 3.45
CollegeGuy1's Avatar

CollegeGuy1's Review

January 5th, 2022 by CollegeGuy1
Owns 11 Sleeves, 11 Ratings, 10 Reviews

Kimmy's ass has a very tight orfice for me (7 inch girth) but it is not uncomfortable. The texture is not the same as pictured as it is only a simple spiral texture and the ridges are not as thick as you are led to believe. The sleeve can be very intense when rotating it as you stroke, lube use and noise are on the lower end which is nice.

Overall a very tight and intense sleeve with low lube use and noise, dry time can be a bit long at times.

Score 3.53 Overall Satisfaction 4.4
Intensity 4.4
Stimulation 3.85
Penetration 5
Tightness 5
Suction Effect 5
Realism 4.15
Variation 2.65
Smoothness 4.5
Orgasm Rating 5
Noise 3.45
Lube Use 2.25
Cleanup 2.85
Dry Time 2.75
FleshlightFan's Avatar

FleshlightFan's Review

December 30th, 2021 by FleshlightFan
Owns 12 Sleeves, 8 Ratings, 12 Reviews

Really nice twisting anal sleeve. The opening and closing chambers of the sleeve don't feel as pronounced as one might hope from the sleeve side view. It's mainly just a right twisting sensation which is still very nice! With most anal sleeves, this sleeve requires more lube and drying time after cleaning.

Great anal sleeve with a twisting sensation without as pronounced squeezing between different chambers as the side view shows.

Score 3.99 Overall Satisfaction 5
Intensity 3.6
Stimulation 3.85
Penetration 4
Tightness 4.1
Suction Effect 4.05
Realism -
Variation 2.2
Smoothness 3.4
Orgasm Rating 3.9
Noise 3.6
Lube Use 3.5
Cleanup -
Dry Time -
Mccal100's Avatar

Mccal100's Review

March 9th, 2021 by Mccal100
Penis Length: 5.25cm Girth: 5cm
Owns 135 Sleeves, 92 Ratings, 28 Reviews

A rundown of my personal experience, after at least 3 flights, (usually more) with the sleeve and texture, chamber by chamber. Check out my profile if you’d like to see the rating scale/criteria I use and a bit of background info for more context. Now onto the review!

Mischief has a uniform texture of thick, spiraling ribs from start to finish. It’s been described as having a milking effect, which I agree with. This is brought about through a tugging effect when pulling out of the sleeve as it’s soft ribs grab hold of you. The ribs have much more give than a lot of other ribbed chambers do and a squishiness to them due to the thicker, softer nature of these ribs compared to the more often seen, thinner, sharper ribs in other sleeves. The stimulation and tightness is definitely there and the intensity is somewhere in the mid to slightly high-mid range. Overall, you can pretty much imagine exactly how this sleeve feels just by looking at it and would probably be right if you’ve tried a few flashlights to get a feel for how their design and textures work.

A solid sleeve, but not one I would be too upset about if it were to break. If you really enjoy thick ribbing, milking effect, or squishier sleeves with more give to them, this sleeve is worth a look.

Score 3.62 Overall Satisfaction 3.65
Intensity 3.55
Stimulation 3.55
Penetration 2.95
Tightness 3.05
Suction Effect 5
Realism 2.1
Variation 1.85
Smoothness 4.55
Orgasm Rating 5
Noise 4.65
Lube Use 4
Cleanup 2.5
Dry Time 2.4
knifebro69's Avatar

knifebro69's Review

January 11th, 2021 by knifebro69
Owns 10 Sleeves, 10 Ratings, 9 Reviews

Hello everybody. It’s knifebro69 and I hope you’re feeling fine. If you would like to find me on Reddit, my username is /u/knifebro69 if you have any questions. I also have a YouTube account that goes by the same name.

Pre-Game: I saw this pattern and it interested me, as I never saw internal texturing similar to this. The only comparable texture I can think of that would be similar, is Twisted.

Penetration: The inner texture doesn’t allow for the butthole to be overly tight. The only tight thing about the butthole is that it is small. Besides that, the feeling of penetrating into a spiral milking pattern is great.

Intensity/Stimulation: This texture is Low to Mid-Low stimulation. The entire feeling is just a twisted milking patter that has some ridges that are somewhat stimulating. This is good for longer sessions but this sleeve isn’t very intense because of it.

Orgasms: Since this is a low stimulation milking sort of texture, it takes a while for orgasms. This is probably good for edging. Overall, when you came, this really does milk you. Not surprising.

Clean Up/Dry Time: Above Average Time. Because the entire sleeve is ribbed and tight and has a bunch of areas for water and other stuff to get stuck. It’s not terrible but it is above average for both drying and cleaning.

Sound: Pretty quiet overall. I guess the twisting tight pattern doesn’t release much sound.

Overall, this sleeve seems somewhat like an upgraded Twisted. The entire sleeve is a spiraling milking pattern that is Mid-Low to Mid stimulation, good for longer sessions. If you want a sleeve that only offers a milking sensation, which internals focus only on that. I suggest checking this out.

Score 3.53 Overall Satisfaction 4.25
Intensity 3.5
Stimulation 3.3
Penetration 3.9
Tightness 4.85
Suction Effect 4.5
Realism -
Variation 1
Smoothness 4.45
Orgasm Rating 4.05
Noise 3.75
Lube Use 2.55
Cleanup 3.9
Dry Time 3.9
PapaPalpatine's Avatar

PapaPalpatine's Review

December 14th, 2019 by PapaPalpatine
Owns 39 Sleeves, 31 Ratings, 21 Reviews

I was really surprised to see that they released a butt sleeve for someone who afaik still doesn't do anal scenes but her being one of my favorites it was basically an auto-buy. The thick, spiraling going through the sleeve looked like it would be fairly intense but, at least for me, was kind of the opposite. The consistent texture and overall tightness of the sleeve actually almost has a "numbing", for lack of a better word, sensation and can make for some fairly lengthy sessions (solidly over an hour), great for a relaxing weekend by yourself but not so much if you're wanting a shorter session.

Pick this one up if you want to edge or just have longer FLights in general, consistent texture makes it good at any size

Score 3.70 Overall Satisfaction 4.45

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Fleshlight Mischief and Kimmy Granger


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