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I started collecting Nov 27th 2020.
I created my account to have a more streamlined overview over my collection and to maybe review some of my sleeves as well...

I use alot of my sleeves with a self built automated multi axis stroke robot (SR6 by TempestMAX).
The more intense ones are used by hand usually.

The stroker stated above is in essence a automated stroker (like the fleshlight launch) that can do 6 degrees of freedom movements like up/down, pitch,roll, forwards/backwards.
Pair that with interactive scripts that follow the exact motions the actress on screen is doing and a VR video, and you get a hell of a ride.

Reviews Introduction

Some Background info, I'm 6.7" in size, uncircumcised and just a little bit over regular girth.
I'm not very sensitive and can edge with intense sleeves for a long time.
Regardless, i am very sensitive when it comes to ''giving away control'' for example like with a automated multi axis stroke robot (Take a look at my about me section if you're interested in the name of the device because I don't want to advertise in a review).

As per my preference, I usually prefer textures that are repeating, not tight and not very intense for use with automated multi axis strokers with interactive scripts.
For normal run-of-the-mill use I prefer sleeves with some variation but not too much, mid/mid-high intensity and a moderate amount of tightness.

I prefer vaginal to anal sleeves, and usually use a sleeve at least 2-3 times before reviewing.
I also usually start with a cold sleeve before it's broken in and after the first couple of Flights i warm the sleeve up with warm water.

The lube i use is Onatsuyu most of the time with some variation every so often.

I don't really rate realism and dry time because both of those factors are not important to me.
(no fleshlight is comparable with the real thing/ drying time is severely shortened the way I dry my sleeves)

Found 1 reviews in total

Fuego Review

March 3rd, 2023 (Fuego Texture)

This was the first sleeve that brought me into the wonderful world of fleshlights, so I'm going to be as unbiased as I possibly can.

It's sad to see that this sleeve has been ''falling off the radar'' so to speak because even after those couple of years it's still a great sleeve to have in your collection.

Description: The sleeve starts off with a very light chamber with beads in the very beginning and is followed by a transitional pattern that I usually don't pay that much attention on. Followed by that is probably the best section in this entire sleeve, the double lotus node sort of pattern.
After the two amazing nodes comes the swirling/milking pattern, which gives you some room to breathe and also is stimulating you a little bit with that light milking sensation.

Penetration: Very good feeling because of the nubby chamber in the beginning and the shape of the orifice that is easy to enter and giving you that light hump experience as with some other sleeves.

Intensity/Stimulation: I'm very unsure how to classify fuego because it can be intense on some days/situations but very mild on/in others. So I'm just going to put it as mid-intensity. The two lotus nodes are the most intense part of the sleeve for me. The sensation of popping through those nodes is very noticeable and very pleasing. It is as if the sleeve is trying to grip and constrict you to stay inside of it. It is also very ''meaty'' feeling. I don't really know how to elaborate on that feeling, but there are some other sleeves that have that sort of characteristic. Fuego is also very smooth feeling to me except the lotus nodes, which makes it good for edging in my opinion.
Even though it's smooth, it can still be very intense if you go very fast or you when you come close to the edge.

Orgasms: The orgasms with fuego are really good, but I've definitely had better with other sleeves. If you edge long enough, the orgasms will be a knee shaking experience tho.

Sound: Loud: I would say fuego is more on the loud side when it comes to noise. It's not unbearably loud, but it's still very much noticeable.

Negatives: Some gripes about this sleeve for me are that it is very good but doesn't see as much use as some of my other sleeves because for me, at least, I need to be in a certain mood to really enjoy fuego to the fullest. It is also fairly noisy so keep that in mind if you need to be stealthy with your flights.

Recommendations for use: I would recommend warming it up with warm water or with a sleeve warmer, and use a moderate amount of lube to really feel all the patterns this sleeve has to offer and to get the best experience.

A very good sleeve for anyone who wants a sleeve that is mid-intensity but also can deliver with an above average experience.
If you're a fan of lotus nodes and like mid-intensity sleeves, I think grabbing fuego will be a great addition to your collection.



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