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About Me

I collect Fleshlight Girls mainly and I am always looking for ways to expand my collection. Also I prefer pussy orifices.
While the texture of a sleeve is my major decision criterion when it comes to buying a new sleeve, I also set great value on the Porn Star that the Fleshlight was molded off. If I am a fan of a Fleshlight Girl porn star, I will most certainly get her pussy sleeve sooner or later.
Fantasizing about a hot porn star while having her Fleshlight right at hand is a big part of the experience.

Reviews Introduction

I usually have at least 5 flights with a new sleeve before writing a review. Also the end cap is always open and I use 3 Fleshlight Girls at a time mostly.

Found 16 reviews in total

Intensity 2.75
Stimulation 3.5
Penetration 4.75
Tightness 2.1
Suction Effect 0
Realism 2.8
Variation 2
Smoothness 2.9
Orgasm Rating 3.95
Noise 4.7
Lube Use 4.1
Cleanup 4.5
Dry Time 4.3

Heartthrob Review

December 13th, 2019 (Heartthrob Texture)

I think we all can agree that Brandi Love is one of the hottest MILF porn stars out there. Brandi's juicy pussy is one of the main reasons why I am a big fan of her. Like many other recently released Fleshlights they did a very good job on her pussy orifice. Her lips are quite big and of course the left side is a bit bigger just like Brandi's real vagina. There is also some nice detail on the surface texture.

My decision to get Brandi Love's Heartthrob Fleshlight was entiirely based on my liking for Brandi Love, so I didn't care too much about the texture. I even thought the texture looked a bit bland on the cross section picture. Good thing that I was proven wrong.
It is a real pleasure to caress the beautiful pussy lips with your dick and penetrating them is awesome du to their inviting geometry.
The texture starts with a small narrow section and leads to the main part of the texture which is repeating along the whole sleeve. The elements which make up the main section consist of 7 closely packed rings wich protrude into the middel of the texture. The midde ring stands out the most and from there the protrusion decreases linearly to the outer rings.
The first narrow section is a great contrast to the open pussy lips, so you get kind of suprised by the tightness in the beginning. The main section feels also great. The rings can be felt as a subtle grinding sensation. While intensity is somwhere in the middle, the sensation is high. The best thing is that it doesn't get boring despite being a repetetive sleeve.
In the end Heartthrob has a texture that will not disappoint you. I use it whenever I cannot decide what sleeve to use. Of course I also use it when I am watching Brand's scenes and want to imagine what she feels like.

Heartthrob has a great molding of Brand Love's pussy and the texture is a solid choice for anybody who wants to experience a good Fleshlight, that is not in the high intensity range.

Score 3.60 Overall Satisfaction 4.5
Intensity 4.6
Stimulation 4.7
Penetration 4.9
Tightness 4.8
Suction Effect 0
Realism 1
Variation 4.4
Smoothness 1.5
Orgasm Rating 3.9
Noise 0
Lube Use 4.75
Cleanup 2.9
Dry Time 2.5

Crush Review

May 22nd, 2019 (Crush Texture)

Dillion Harper's pussy is a typical "innie". The inner labia are pretty small and the outer labia are kind of smooth and juicy looking. ILF opened up her pussy a bit, so that some of the inner lips is showing well. This makes the orifice look really inviting, but it is not as interesting as Bibi Jones pussy orifice or Alexis Texas. Hoewever if you like "innie" pussys you will love Dillion's pussy mold. To sum it up: It's a nice looking pussy orifice.

Dillion Harper's Crush begins with a big chamber consisting of several nubs and lengthwise arranged long ridges. The second half of the sleeve begins with narrowing ridges, that are also arranged lengthwise. After that come several medium sized rings and the last part is a kind of cork screw that widens up in the end.
The pussy orifice isn't too big, but that doesn't mean you have to aim for the opening in order to penetrate Dillion. As said above, the pussy is opened up a little bit, so that you can slide in alright. The first chamber may look wide, but the inner texture makes moderately tight. The ridges make it difficult to feel the nubs in the beginning, only in the end of the chamber the nubs can be felt. The following part of narrowing ridges is the most prominent part of the sleeve. It feels reeally tight and even the part that comes after that doesn't loosen the grip. While this feels great during the first minutes inside Crush, it can be too tight after around 15 minutes or so. However there are times when I can use Dillions Harper Crush for hours and it feels amazing. I am ambivalent about this part of the texture and also about the sleeve as a whole.
I have used it more than 30 times so far, but maybe it still needs some breaking in. I won't give up, because I had some really good sessions with Crush.

Even after sveral sessions I am still not sure what to think about Dillion Harper Crush. Sometimes it's extremely satisfying and sometimes it's to tight and then merely ok.
If you are willing to take a risk, go for Crush. Most people like this texture and I guess that's why I'd recommend it with a bit of caution.

Score 3.66 Overall Satisfaction 4
Intensity 3.95
Stimulation 4.9
Penetration 4.3
Tightness 3.7
Suction Effect 0
Realism 1.55
Variation 3.8
Smoothness 3.15
Orgasm Rating 4.4
Noise 4.25
Lube Use 4.85
Cleanup 4.9
Dry Time 4.15

Angel Review

May 20th, 2019 (Angel Texture)

Kendra Sunderlands pussy is a beautiful sight and consequently her Fleshlight is also nice to look at. She defenitely is an Innie, but her inner lips can be seen quite well, nonetheless. ILF did a good job on the details here. The inner lips are very detailed with folds and all that and the outer lips look pretty juicy.The whole orifice is kind of flat, so it guides you right in and makes it easy to penetrate Kendra's lovely pussy.

Kendra Sunderland Angel starts with an easy, but pleasanty tight orifice. The first part inside consists of about four spirals with a low pitch. After that are some big round nubs and then smaller nubs, that form a tighter chamber. The sleeve then opens up into more spirals with higher pitch. The next part you'll be reaching is a chess like pattern of nubs. Finally the last part will greet you with widening rectangles with nubs on top.
What is great about Kendra Sunderland Angel is that I didn't really need any breaking in with her. Surpisingly I could feel al the different parts of the texture right away. The whole sensation can be described as lightly stroking throughout the whole texture. Especially the chamber with little nubs can be felt distinctively. The stimulation is great an I am having a hard time edging inside this sleeve. Angel is not as intense as Obsession for example, but somehow it feels better. I guess Angel has just the right amout of intensity for me.

With Kendra Sunderland Angel ILF succeeds in making another great sleeve, that simply feels nice.
I'd recommend it to starters looking for something exciting, but are not quite sure what to get out of the Fleshlight Girls Line.

Score 4.05 Overall Satisfaction 4.8
Intensity 3.65
Stimulation 4.45
Penetration 4
Tightness 3.4
Suction Effect 0
Realism 2
Variation 3.95
Smoothness 1.75
Orgasm Rating 3.9
Noise 0
Lube Use 4.7
Cleanup 3.45
Dry Time 4.45

Fit Review

January 10th, 2018 (Fit Texture)

As I am writing this review I have a video playing on my second monitor. In this video Nicole Aniston is getting pounded, giving me good view on her gorgeous pussy.
At the same time her Fleshlight is sitting on my desk in front of me also giving me a good view on her beautiful pussy. It is lubed and ready just like Nicole's pussy in the video. The similarities are amazing.
Her pussy lips open up nicely like a narrow chalice. That makes penetration tight and yet easy.
Her mold is excellent and looking down my penis, which is rock hard waiting to touch this amazing Fleshlight, I just know Nicole was the right choice as my next Fleshlight Girl.

As already described above, penetrating this pussy is simply great. The entrance gets you right away with it's pleasant tightness.
The first part of the texture, a chamber of spiraled nubs, strokes your dick gently, yet determined.
Then it gets tighter with some nubs and rings. Also very pleasant sort of brushing feeling here.
The sleeve then opens up for a bit only to get tighter again at a ring of short nubs pointing towards the orifice. This is a nice contrast to the next chamber.
There are some segmented rings inside this chamber. This chamber grabs your dick and is a good section for edging while being almost balls deep.

I am a big fan of Nicole Aniston, so when her Fleshlight got released I had to get my hands on her vagina. They did a great joob on the orifice. It looks detailed and inviting, pretty much like Nicole. If you're fan, too, you'll appreciate this beautiful orifice.
The texture stimulates in a brushing way, that is gentle but very stimulating. Inensity gets pretty high over time, but it is easy to edge inside the last chamber.
The great feeling of penetrating this pussy is the cherry on the cake.

Score 3.72 Overall Satisfaction 4.9
Intensity 4.5
Stimulation 4.65
Penetration 4.7
Tightness 4
Suction Effect 0
Realism 0.85
Variation 3.95
Smoothness 1.1
Orgasm Rating 4.1
Noise 0
Lube Use 2.9
Cleanup 2.75
Dry Time 2.2

Misfit-Scorpio Review

December 16th, 2016 (Misfit-Scorpio Texture)

Joanna Angel was not known to me before discovering her Fleshlight. As she is not my type of preferred girls I didn't look up porn of her. Consequently I dont' know how her real vagina looks like. However the orifice of her sleeve is one of the better molds. They caught quite some detail and it is one of the few orifices that are asymmetrical.
Penetrating her is easy and enjoyable, so the orifice is a big plus.

When getting Joanna Angel I wanted a good intense sleeve without any fangs or bumps or at least not too many of them. I can tell you beforehand, Misfit delivers exactly that.
It starts with the tight but easy to enter orifice and stays tight with some ribs till you reach the first chamber. The sleeve becomes then tighter again and pleases you with some pretty pronounced ribs. That has got to be my favourite part of the sleeve. Those ribs just hit the right spots on your dick.
The Forbidden part in the end does the rest and contantly massages your dick.
The whole tight-loose-tight design really does it for me. Because of the ribs, your dick gets stimulated throughout the whole texture. Good amount of intensity in this sleeve.

I wanted some variation to the Fleshlight Girls I own, got curious about Joanna Angel Misfit and got it instantly. To my satisfaction Misfit was just the sleeve I was looking for.
If you are thinking about getting Misfit because of the texture cross section, go get it. You won't be disappointed.

Score 3.36 Overall Satisfaction 4.6
Intensity 4.25
Stimulation 4.22
Penetration 4.92
Tightness 4.95
Suction Effect 2.5
Realism 1.25
Variation 3.73
Smoothness 3.85
Orgasm Rating 4
Noise 3
Lube Use 1.82
Cleanup 3.8
Dry Time 2.5

Heavenly Review

December 15th, 2016 (Heavenly Texture)

I always keep the suction cup open.

Jessica Drake was kind of new to me when I bought her Fleshlight. It was the texture that made me curious about this sleeve. But when Jessica Drake Heavenly arrived I was pleasently surprised by her beautiful pussy lips. Inspired by the Fleshlight I did some research on Jessica and found that her real pussy lips are just as gorgeous as the Fleshlight.
Jessica's inner lips make up a nice funnel that truly is formed like an orchid. Her vagina is looking open and ready all the time. She doesn't even have to spread her lips. I can tell you Jessica Drake's vagina is a big turn-on. Looking at those lips makes me rock hard, which is a good condition to actually fuck her and give you further details on the texture.

The entrance to this sleeve is pretty tight but it opens up briefly when passing the first chamber with nubs. Going further you reach a really narrow passage and after that a twisted narrow part of the forbidden texture. Going from this first chamber to the narrower passages is a lot of fun and feels awesome almost like a Lotus Node. The good thing is there is still a Lotus Node ahead.
The Lotus Node is the final resistance before opening up and it feels incredible after this long tight part.
The ribs and nubs in the last part massage you penis head well and give you a little break from the previous part of the texture, all while still being stimulating.

Jessica Drake Heavenly is a good intense allround sleeve. Somehow I manage to do really long edging sessions with it, despite it being tight and intense.

Score 3.52 Overall Satisfaction 4.5
Intensity 3.5
Stimulation 4.55
Penetration 4.725
Tightness 4.1
Suction Effect 1.975
Realism 1.375
Variation 3.85
Smoothness -
Orgasm Rating -
Noise -
Lube Use 4.2
Cleanup 3.8
Dry Time 2.95

Gauntlet Review

November 23rd, 2016 (Gauntlet Texture)

Jesse Jane has always been one of my favorite pornstars of all time. Imagining being inside her sweet shaved pussy is making me hard everytime. Getting her Fleshlight was a given. In my opinion Jesse has one of the most beautiful vaginas in porn. Luckily ILF did a great job on her orifice. I wish I could share a picture of Jesse spreading her pussy in comparison to her Fleshlight. Apart from the color, her Orifice is almost identical to the real thing. Look up some porn of her, so you know what I am talking about.

Entering Jesse is a delightful experience. The orifice is kind of tight and teases your penis preparing you for what comes inside.
The first part of the texture is even tighter than the orifice. That is a great contrast to the chamber coming afterwards. This chamber with small nubs opens up a little. That way you can feel the pressure of the Lotus Node really good on your glans. The more you push into the node, the more resistance you can feel to the point where it gives in. Now the Lotus node slides firmly around your dick, giving you a good amount of pleasure. So you know the Lotus Node is doing it's job inside Jesse Jane too.
What comes then can be compared to Stoya Destroya. The fangs are not so tight as in Destroya, but they are as good as in Destroya. The feeling they create is a bit different. They feel fleshy and smooth, but at the same time please you punctually. This combination makes you want to stay balls deep inside Jesse, if the Lotus Node wasn't so good.

Jesse Jane Gaunntlet has been one of my first Fleshlight Girls I got and since then this sleeve serves me well. Many good sections make up this great sleeve. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for an all purpose sleeve. Edging feels great and pumping through feels great as well. Cumming inside Jesse Jane creating a big creampie adds to the fantasy.

Score 3.51 Overall Satisfaction 3.51
Intensity 4.88
Stimulation 4.55
Penetration 3.92
Tightness 3.45
Suction Effect 2.5
Realism 0.88
Variation 3.8
Smoothness 1.2
Orgasm Rating 0
Noise 0
Lube Use 4.42
Cleanup 2.13
Dry Time 2.05

Destroya Review

November 11th, 2016 (Destroya Texture)

I always keep the suction cup open.

Hands down Stoya Destroya has one of the best orifices Flehlight Girls has to offer. Stoya's juicy pussy lips are looking great on this sleeve. They are spread out inviting you to get your dick inside. The detail on this one is amazing. All the parts of Stoya's sexy vagina can also be seen on this mold. If it wasn't for the color, this orifice would be almost as good as a real vagina. Personally I just get hard by looking at it.

The first part of the sleeve consists of small nubs which make a promising start. They create a good tight feeling when penetrating Stoya.
Going further the sleeve opens up a little. We are now inside the first chamber with fangs pointing at your dick from different angles. These fangs may look brutal but actually they feel really soft and to some extend organic. When your Fleshlight is wet and warm, these fangs build up a feeling that makes you think your dick belongs into this Fleshlight and nowhere else. It is some kind of spongy feeling but tight at the same time.
Then comes a tight transition and after that some subtle nubs. I cannot tell whether these nubs do anything but I guess they add to the overall feeling.
The main part of the texture begins with fangs pointing towards the orifice. The effect of the fangs is quite similar to the previous chamber. They feel just as great.
Another tranistion of bumps leads to the last part of the texture.
Small ribs please your dick lightly after it has gone through a wild ride. As you go deeper the diameter of the sleeve decreases and the ribs get more intense. A great ending for a sleeve.
What I really like about this sleeve is it's versatility. It is good for intense fast paced sessions but also suitable for edging for a long time. It's really up to you.

Stoya Destroya is an all-round sleeve with amazing stimulation and a great orifice. It was my first Fleshlight Girl and I'd recommend it to others looking for their first sleeve.

Score 3.20 Overall Satisfaction 4.6
Intensity 5
Stimulation 5
Penetration 4.85
Tightness 4.65
Suction Effect 0
Realism 0.6
Variation 0.7
Smoothness 2.1
Orgasm Rating 3.85
Noise 2.15
Lube Use 2.9
Cleanup 1.85
Dry Time 1

Lotus Garden Review

November 1st, 2016 (Lotus Garden Texture)

I always keep the suction cup open.

The Orifice of Katsuni Lotus Garden represents Katsuni's vagina adequately. Her lips have a good amount of detail and the orifice in general is nice to look at.

Lotus Garden is a special sleeve. The Lotus Node is liked by many Fleshlight users not without reason. To push against it and to feel the resistance is already a fantastic feeling. Pushing through the node is even better. The subsequent narrow feeling on the glans makes for a great part of many textures. Also pulling out of a Lotus Node is giving some good sensations.
Now Lotus Garden consists of Lotus Nodes only. First that means it requires a lot of lube. The lube accumulates at every node of the texture and makes it really wet and slippery. When Lotus Garden is warmed up this aspect really comes into play. Diving into this warm, wet and filled sleeve feels absolutely amazing and lets you imagine you are penetrating a wet and aroused pussy. If you are into Katsuni of course you may have even more fun imagining being inside Katsuni.
So Lotus Nodes are great and putting several nodes inside one sleeve is also a great idea. The result is a highly stimulating texture with some good amount of tightness.
In fact the texture is so effective that I don't use it very often. Edging is just so damn hard with it, which results in very short sessions. Aside from that I certainly enjoy Katsuni Lotus Garden.
Consequently this sleeve is not recommended for people looking for their first Fleshlight.

Katsuni Lotus Garden utilizes the Lotus Node to create a really intense feeling. This sleeve is very effective at getting you off, so be aware when attempting a long session.

Score 2.97 Overall Satisfaction 4
Intensity 4.6
Stimulation 3.9
Penetration 3.1
Tightness 5
Suction Effect 3.15
Realism 0.85
Variation 4.1
Smoothness 1.85
Orgasm Rating 4.65
Noise 0
Lube Use 2.85
Cleanup 3
Dry Time 2.7

Tease Review

October 30th, 2016 (Tease Texture)

I always keep the suction cup open.

I haven't really seen scenes of Tera Patrick, so I cannot tell how her pussy looks like. However the orifice of Tera Patrick Tease is kind of underwhelming. There are not a lot of details and ILF proved that they can do way better.
On the plus side Tera's orifice is pretty tight.

Not just the entrance is tight but really the whole sleeve wraps around your dick firmly. When being full hard on I have to push inside quite a lot. Once inside, the sleeve grabs you and doesn't let you out until you pull out with determination.
The first chamber opens up a little and is not as tight as the entrance. The fingers caress you dick well but soon the sleeve gets tighter again.
In front of the lotus node is choke point made of flaps. The narrow feeling it creates is a great foreplay to the even narower lotus node. The lotus node is always a good experience and this one is no exception.
The last part of the texture is just tight but I do not notice the different elements after the lotus node.
But because this part is not as tight a the lotus node, your dick won't slide out.

To sum it up Tera Patrick Tease is a tight sleeve with some good variation.
I enjoy it especially with a loose sleeve like Alexis Texas Outlaw.

Score 3.42 Overall Satisfaction 4.7
Intensity 2.75
Stimulation 4.5
Penetration 4.5
Tightness 4
Suction Effect 1.95
Realism 1.15
Variation 2.1
Smoothness 1.25
Orgasm Rating 0
Noise 0
Lube Use 4.2
Cleanup 2.6
Dry Time 3.9

Torrid Review

October 30th, 2016 (Torrid Texture)

I always keep the suction cup open.

Tori Blacks orifice is really nice to look at. Her pussy lips open up wide and guide your dick right into her sweet looking vagina. It is a lot of fun diving inside her.

Torrid is a sleeve that really surprised me. I was looking for a moderate sleeve for longer sessions. By looking at the Torrid texture and reading her reviews I thought this might be it. The bumps didn't look like they were very intense and the flaps look small compared to a lotus node.
So when Tori Black Torrid arrived I unboxed her and put her aside at first. I started with Christy Mack Attack to get warmed up. Then after some time I lubed up Tori Black really good inside and around her pussy lips. Tori was all wet and ready while i was still inside Christy Mack. She was basically begging to be penetrated.
Finally I decided to leave Christy for now and started to glide between Toris waiting lips. The first bumps and flaps hit me hard. They were so noticeable and pleasant that I had to be super slow when gliding in further. Each group of flaps that I passed was just amazing and the bumps inside the chambers added even more pleasure in a more subtle way.
Good thing is Tori Black Torrid gets me everytime. Every session I had with her so far was amazing like this first session.
I also find Tori Black to be super hot, which adds to the whole experience.

Torrid is the biggest surprise I had so far with Fleshlight. It may not look like much, but Torrid is an awesome sleeve.
I would recommend it without doubt to anybody looking for a new FLG-sleeve.

Score 3.16 Overall Satisfaction 5
Intensity 1.45
Stimulation 3
Penetration 4
Tightness 2.7
Suction Effect 0
Realism 3.65
Variation 1.45
Smoothness 4.65
Orgasm Rating 4
Noise 0
Lube Use 4.35
Cleanup 4.4
Dry Time 4.9

Bookworm Review

October 25th, 2016 (Bookworm Texture)

I always keep the suction cup open.

Kayden's orifice is quite detailed. Her lips are sticking out a lot. That makes it not too easy to hit the target. But once you are inside, her lips are wrapping around your dick comfortably. It actually feels really nice to penetrate Kayden Kross' vagina, especially when watching a scene of her.

As already mentioned entering Bookworm is awesome. The texture is the same throughout the whole sleeve and it consists of bumps that are arranged in a sort of spiraling canal looking like a wormhole. The bumps and the spiral-like texture can be felt as softly massaging treats. The texture is pretty subtle, but it does it's job. Initially I was looking for a texture for long edging sessions and with Kayden Kross Bookworm I found it. The sleeve is also fun when combined with a more intense sleeve like Destroya. It makes a great contrast. When Edging with Destroya becomes too difficult you can switch to Bookworm and keep having fun until you are confident enough to try Destroya again.

Kayden Kross Bookworm is perfect for long edging sessions. Stimulation is not very intense, but nonetheless very pleasant. If you are a fan of beautiful Kayden Kross, this one might be the right sleeve for you.

Score 3.55 Overall Satisfaction 4
Intensity 3.2
Stimulation 4.5
Penetration 2.9
Tightness 0.9
Suction Effect 0
Realism 3.4
Variation 3.25
Smoothness 3.1
Orgasm Rating 4.1
Noise 0
Lube Use 4.65
Cleanup 0
Dry Time 4.1

Outlaw Review

October 22nd, 2016 (Outlaw Texture)

I always keep the suction cup open.

Alexis Texas' vagina is quite prominent. This is a good foundation for designing a great orifice and ILF succeeds in doing so with Alexis.
The lips of the sleeve are gaping wide and look they really inviting.

Penetration goes easy with this one. Your dick is being guided by those delicious pussy lips right into pleasure.
The first flaps feel soft and stimulate moderately which is a good start.
Then a spiral ridge with bumps on them starts to tingle the tip of your dick. This tingling sensation is a playful and pleasureable experience.
The spiral gets narrower and that makes the bumps becoming more noticeable.
The spiral opens up again and leads to another set of flaps. Those flaps are a nice contrast to the previous part of the texture.
Then once again an even narrower spiral with bumps comes into play. This part is almost to tight for me as the bumps start becoming too pointy.

In conclusion Alexis Texas Outlaw is a good sleeve. Stimulation is not overly intense (except for the last part) but it is a lot of fun guiding your dick through this texture.

Score 3.46 Overall Satisfaction 4
Intensity 5
Stimulation 1
Penetration 3.15
Tightness 5
Suction Effect 3.35
Realism 0.4
Variation 2.25
Smoothness 0.7
Orgasm Rating 3.9
Noise 1.15
Lube Use 3.95
Cleanup 1.85
Dry Time 2.25

Obsession-Bliss Review

October 9th, 2016 (Obsession-Bliss Texture)

I always keep the suction cup open.

I used to enjoy scenes of Jenna Haze. So I kind of looked forward to penetrating her pussy lips. But the orifice is pretty underwhelming. I know Jenna doesn't have huge labias, still the orifice is missing some details.

Due to the small pussy lips you really have to aim for the entrance. Once you are in, the ripped part of the sleeve starts slowly. This part does not last long.
Now the intense part of the sleeve begins. A slowly narrowing canal of fangs pointing towards the orifice is working your penis. The fangs feel pointy on the tip of your dick and are quite intense. The more you push in, the narrower the fangs get. The canal gets so narrow, that I would say this sleeve is the tightest out of my colection. Only Lotus Garden can compare in terms of tightness.
While this might sound good, stimulation is just too intense. I just cannot enjoy the fangs.
I relly like Destroya, which has similar fangs, but Obsession is not working out for me.

Obsession looked like a promising sleeve, but in the end stimulation is just too much to enjoy it thoroughly.

Score 2.49 Overall Satisfaction 0.95
Intensity 3.9
Stimulation 4.2
Penetration 5
Tightness 4.4
Suction Effect 0
Realism 1.1
Variation 4.2
Smoothness 1.85
Orgasm Rating 3.65
Noise 3.85
Lube Use 1.75
Cleanup 2.7
Dry Time 3.65

Attack-Revel Review

October 3rd, 2016 (Attack-Revel Texture)

I always keep the suction cup open.

Christy Mack's lips are gorgeous and the orifice resembles that perfectly. It guides you right into the sleeve.

Penetration of the sleeves starts with a bit of resistance. That is the first ring that leads into the main chamber.
The main chamber consists of rings and nubs. You can actually feel them working on your cock as they stimulate pleasantly but not too intense. Therefore it is really good for edging sessions. Longest session I managed to do with Christy was about 4 hours.
It also keeps pulling your dick in throughout the session.

Christy Mack Attack is one of my go-to sleeves. Stimulation is good and allows for good edging.

Score 3.47 Overall Satisfaction 4.9
Intensity 3.33
Stimulation 3.25
Penetration 5
Tightness 2.6
Suction Effect 2.5
Realism 3
Variation 2.5
Smoothness 3.4
Orgasm Rating 2.7
Noise 0
Lube Use 0.85
Cleanup 3.92
Dry Time 4.13

Bi-Hive Review

September 16th, 2016 (Bi-Hive Texture)

I always keep the suction cup open.

The orifice of Bibi Jones looks amazing. I get hard just by looking at those lips. When entering, your dick is guided directly into the sleeve, which feels nice.

Bi-Hive is one of the wider sleeves. It doesn't feel wide though. It massages your dick pleasantly and the harder you are the more pleasant it gets.
I can't differentiate between all the parts of the texture, but the texture is doing a great job. It is very stimulating, while not being overly intense. Perfect for long edging sessions.

Bibi Jones has a stunning body. That includes her pussy. I really like her scenes and watching her while fucking her is awesome. I recommend this sleeve.

Score 3.16 Overall Satisfaction 3.95
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