Popped Abigail Macs cherry

Written by satchking on May 26th, 2019

Popped Abigail Macs cherry Image

Afternoon flight with Abigail since I had the entire house to myself... perfect time for a flight. Well, not sure I could sense much variation in this sleeve, but my actual flight was out of this world! In fact, possibly one of the best flights I've ever experienced. I know the fact that I was extremely horny has something to do with the results, and the vid I picked was amazing... so probably under those circumstances any sleeve is fine. Although I will say this sleeve didn't leave me feeling bored. With it capped everything was tight (not super tight, but nice and snug) and when I felt the need to edge I uncapped and it was still great. Once the friction of my dick warmed her up it was even more heavenly. Which, by the way is why I think warming a sleeve is mostly a waste of time, even tho I sometimes do it just because. Also, I think this sleeve might be more on the mild side, and thus I had no problem with maintaining a good stamina. In fact, what made this flight so amazing is that at climax I experience a milking type of orgasm which I've never experienced before in my entire life. I felt like I was about to cum, so started to pump her slower, but kept pumping knowing I was about to bust a nut... except I was able to milk it, and thus keep cumming more and more as I continued to stroke/milk it. AMAZING! Gotta try that again. I'm guessing a milder sleeve is necessary to achieve this.... so it worked well with Abby; and now I can't wait to try it again! I mean, this was my first flight with Abigail... and I obviously wasn't left disappointed at all.

I tried to look her up on the porn site I was on, and didn't find her at first glance (again, I don't look to hard because I was so horny I didn't really care). So I found a girl named Hollie Mack and she was goddamm amazing!!!!!! I'd easily rate this a 10 star video, she was sweet, so adorable, so real... I loved her! I loved her innocence and lots of great views as well.

BUT, in my personal Fleshlight fantasy world.... I was still fucking Abigail. Her cherry now officially popped on my log sheet... : ))

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