Popped Stoyas cranberry

Written by satchking on May 22nd, 2019

Popped Stoyas cranberry Image

Morning sex! I felt like it had been awhile since I've been with Stoya so I decided to take her in both holes! No Stoya vids in my Redtube premium, but I found a girl named Lacy Lennon in that search which turned out to be an amazing girl to watch! I loved her sweet laugh and man she knows how to give good head! In regards to the Fleshlight... Getting in Destroya again is good confirmation for me that she is indeed the best! I just love the way her pussy feels it's just perfect. To edge, I pulled out and into her Epic butt for the first time! I was a little surprised to learn her ass is a very smooth ride. I guess no cutting nubs like the Destroya has. Nonetheless, smooth, tight, felt great. However, as good as Epic felt I couldn't wait to edge and get back into Drstroya again and man the difference really is night and day. Stoya Destroya is the best for sure. I'm starting to wonder if my entire collection is really worth it because I'd be just fine marrying her and entering into a monogamous relationship for the rest of my life. But, that's not the path I've chosen... and I've got allot more fucking to do with all my other bitches! Stay tuned for more! I need a little breather after this morning's session it was quite intense, but blissful! :)

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