Popped Dillion Harpers cranberry

Written by satchking on May 29th, 2019

Popped Dillion Harpers cranberry Image

Took both her ass and pussy and alternated more than once. At first I thought I preferred her ass. But the more I fucked her the more I thought her pussy was more inviting. Her pussy was making a juicy sound like I’ve never heard before and I loved it. It really felt amazing and I swear to god if I had been blind folded I would have thought a real pussy was stroking my dick that’s how good it felt. It was kind of weird because getting started it wasn’t as good as her ass. But after a few minutes the tables were turned. Very, very, very, very good pussy! The combo unit together is definitely a plus. Her ass feels more still and difficult to penetrate… but once you get going, it’s also amazing. But as I said her pussy wins here for overall realism. Both textures have nice variety though and should be considered top for sure!

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