Popped Angela Whites cranberry

Written by satchking on May 30th, 2019

Popped Angela Whites cranberry Image

This afternoon got home from work and decided to rub one out real quick as I had to the house to myself again. I popped Angel’s cranberry and and took her in both holes. I believe her pussy feels 100 times better than her ass, but I still enjoyed both. I think overall her ass was stiff going in, but a smooth ride for the most part. Her pussy is amazing as always… and I think she might be more on the mild side when I think of all my other girls. This afternoon was a standing session and it was quite amazing for sure. The video I watched (random) from tube premium was equally amazing. This girl has her pussy pieced in multiple places and I’ve never seen this before. It really turned me on. The way she was playing with the boy and what she was saying to him really turned me on too. At one point I just went really really slow pumps and was alble to edge for a bit, but still didn’t last more than 7 minutes probably and exploded.

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