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Popped Anikkas cranberry Image

So today I flew in both of Anikka's holes and again, her ass was really stiff (still felt good). But her pussy was much more inviting and was like a breath of fresh air went I finally penetrated it. Overall, I can't really say much because I don't think I could really sense anything particularly different about the textures other than a soft pussy and a stiff ass. By default I had the cap loosened (didn't realize that at first) and so when I went to loosen it... it was already loose. So I tighte...

Wicked Toy Fever Lube Image

Ok, so as I said in my previous blog post I would flay again with Dillon and I did... but this time I used the lube brand Wicked Toy Fever. It says on the packaging "Warming lube gel for intimate toys". Well, it seems good overall and I think it's probably just as good as Sunsuva lube (maybe); I'm not 100% sure tho. The session itself was amazing, and I lasted a little bit longer than normal (without any frustration) so that was good. I also used the Fleshlight Cooling gel midstream and again, e...

Dillion Harper revisited Image

I finally had a chance to fly with Dillon again, and unlike the previous session with her... today's session was PURE BLISS!!!! I'm happy to say what I wrote about Dillion in my very first blog session (when I popped her cherry :) rang true again in today's session!!!! I think the lube combo is very important, because well... it just works for me. I don't think I should experiment with lubes ever again because this combo seems to be perfection for me! I think I want to fly with Dillion again the...

Fleshlight Launch First Use Image

So, I bought the Launch and tonight I used it for the first time. I just used it in manual mode so I could get used to the controls. Seems a little difficult to change speed and stroke length, so I'll need to play with it more. I got it working but sort of had to guess my way through it. Let me tell you... holy shit it was the most AMAZING flight I've ever had to this day!!! I flew with Lena Paul Nymph, but I don't think the fleshlight really mattered here. It's like fucking a real girl doing he...



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