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Popped Lana Rhoades cherry Image

Girl on top using the Sensuva warming lube. I didn’t really sense the warm-up until after about four or five minutes in. After that, it was amazing and I could really feel some nubs on my dick that messaged it so nicely. I think the warm up really does make a difference. However, all that said I was extremely sensitive during the warm faze. Prior to that, I was able to maintain my stamina a lot more easier. Lana... ahhhhhh, those eyes!

Update on the 1st May 2019 - Lana is very c...

Fleshlight Quickshot Review Image

Today we have guest writer MerryFrolics who wrote this post to share his experiences with the Fleshlight Quickshot. If you liked the article post a reply below and check out his site!

Are you familiar with Fleshlights? If you are, you know that they aren’t exactly small and discreet. Fleshlight has their trademark flashlight inspired design, but that doe...



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