Wicked Toy Fever Lube

Written by satchking on June 16th, 2019

Wicked Toy Fever Lube Image

Ok, so as I said in my previous blog post I would flay again with Dillon and I did... but this time I used the lube brand Wicked Toy Fever. It says on the packaging "Warming lube gel for intimate toys". Well, it seems good overall and I think it's probably just as good as Sunsuva lube (maybe); I'm not 100% sure tho. The session itself was amazing, and I lasted a little bit longer than normal (without any frustration) so that was good. I also used the Fleshlight Cooling gel midstream and again, everything was amazing. There is nothing more to say about Dillon other than when your turn her to the side you can really feel the textures even more and it was more intense that way. Otherwise, yeah... she's amazing for sure and would highly recommend her to anyone!

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