Alexis Texas Tornado

Written by satchking on July 8th, 2019

Alexis Texas Tornado Image

For tonight's flight I randomly picked Alexis tornado. Previously, I liked to fly with both the butt and vagina for each girl… however, I'm not doing that as much because as you know cleanup is never fun. Also for the record, for each blog entry I do not look at what I previously wrote. I like to start each flight with an open mind and see if my opinion is the same as it was before. So Alexis’s ass is still probably more stiff compared to all FL vaginas, but still feels very good. I like the swirl affect of the Tornado which is smooth for the most part, but it’s a nice sensation going up and down your dick. I always like to twist the FL into a different angle and get lots of different variations doing that. Overall, I can keep a very good momentum going with the Tornado and make my session last longer. Never once did I feel frustrated during the session, and of course being horny helps with that for sure. I think the smooth swirls is what makes this sleeve stand out for sure. The texture isn’t rough and has sort of a bumping affect. Almost like if you were having a hand job she would grip tight, let loose, grip tight, let loose as she moves up and down your dick… sort of like that; it’s hard to describe. The swirl affect is what comes to my mind which is why I guess it’s called the Tornado. This session I’d rate 4 out of 5 stars.

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