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Is Kazumi going to be the next Fleshlight girl? Looks like it could happen, as she is trying to get the attention of Fleshlight with her latest stunt being purchasing a billboard in Hollywood.

Source: Twitter

FleshAssist will be updated if her product does get released in the future.

UPDATE 29.05.2023: Kazumi is now officially a Fleshlight Girl! Check out her slee...

Fleshlight Boost Upcoming Product Release Image

Looks like Fleshlight are about to drop a brand new product line, called BOOST!
We do not have any information about it yet, but the release date is quickly approaching and the community is very excited to see what the new product line will bring.

FleshAssist will be updated once the product has been released.

Adriana Chechik Ask Me Anything Image

Adriana Chechik AMA - Saturday 10th - 1PM PST - 4PM EST - 9PM GMT (WIN A SIGNED FLESHLIGHT!)
Hello everyone!
I'm pleased to announce that the one and only Adriana Chechik will be hosting an AMA this Saturday on the /r/Fleshlight subreddit.
Adriana Chechik (aka BratNasty) is an American pornographic actress and internet personality. She has been nominated 54 times over the course of her career, winning 32 a...

New Ranking System and updates Image

When I first created this site many years ago, I never expected it to become so popular and loved like it is today. At the time, my coding experience was not terrible but also not great. As any good programmer does, you are constantly learning, constantly adapting and changing as you expand your knowledge and gain experience messing around with code.

The FleshAssist Top-Rated Fleshlights list has been flawed for quite a while, because the code that calculated it was really primiti...



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