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Fleshlight Girls Timeline Image

Reddit user aus0n1 shared an interesting graph on the Fleshlight subreddit today, and I thought it would be great to share on here too.
The graph shows a timeline of all Fleshlight Girl releases over the last decade.
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It's crazy to think how many Girls have been released over th...

Fleshlight Latest Product is called FleshSkin Image

Fleshlight have announced and released their latest product, named FleshSkin, or FleshSkins.

FleshSkins are, according to the official website, a perfect alternative to their full-sized Fleshlights. The whole idea of a FleshSkin product is you yourself control the tightness and intensity of the sleeve as you're supposed to grip it in your hand, unlike previous Fleshlights, which were nearly all placed inside a case. This gives you the ability to apply the amount of pressure you want.

Fleshlight Eva Lovia
Madison Ivy will be the next Fleshlight Girl Image

The official Fleshlight Twitter, as well as Madison's own Twitter accounts have just confirmed that she will be the next Fleshlight Girl, to be released next week (most likely on Tuesday).

We don't have any images or names of her Textures/Sleeves yet, but we are very excited!

Make sure you come back next week to see what her Fleshlight will look like, and make sure you follow her Twitter account for future updates: https://twitter.com/Madison420Ivy

Veronica Rodriguez LEAKED Newest Fleshlight Girl Image

A leak has just been found on the Europen Fleshlight website which shows us that Veronica Rodriguez is the next Fleshlight Girl!

Reddit user Arribatic first noticed this and posted a thread with a screenshot of the page.

I will add some more information about Veronica in a bit, including her Twitter and any other official pages she may have.



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