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Morning with Valentina Nappi Image

I started out with to little lube and man she was tight. So I kept adding just a little bit more at a time, and felt good it was so tight. I had to open the cap it was so tight. So I kept adding more and more and more lube but then I added a little bit to much so it was pretty slick. However, it was still amazing! I noticed it felt less tight when she was a over-lubed, so I kept the cap on tight the rest of the session. Finally, I went missionary and kept a pretty good momentum going but lost it...

Popped Elsa Jeans cranberry Image

This morning I flew with Elsa Jean in both holes. Again, I'm sensing an overall pattern here with the butt sleeves in that they are more stiff compared to the vaginas. Maybe, this is true in real life too I'm guessing? I've never had anal sex in real life before, only vaginal sex. And since the vagina sleeves are very similar (if not identical to a real vagina, yes they feel that good!) I'm guessing the butt ones are too. In this case, I enjoy Tasty more than I do Treat, but both were very, very...

Fleshlight Kayden Kross
Popped Angela Whites cranberry Image

This afternoon got home from work and decided to rub one out real quick as I had to the house to myself again. I popped Angel’s cranberry and and took her in both holes. I believe her pussy feels 100 times better than her ass, but I still enjoyed both. I think overall her ass was stiff going in, but a smooth ride for the most part. Her pussy is amazing as always… and I think she might be more on the mild side when I think of all my other girls. This afternoon was a standing session and i...

Popped Dillion Harpers cranberry Image

Took both her ass and pussy and alternated more than once. At first I thought I preferred her ass. But the more I fucked her the more I thought her pussy was more inviting. Her pussy was making a juicy sound like I’ve never heard before and I loved it. It really felt amazing and I swear to god if I had been blind folded I would have thought a real pussy was stroking my dick that’s how good it felt. It was kind of weird because getting started it wasn’t as good as her ass. But after a few m...



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