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You aren't ready for the Nikki Delano lady sleeve featuring the unique Fuego texture - but you're going to have a literal blast trying it out! You'll start out with a wavy entry point and pleasure bead, followed immediately by intensity ridges. If you can survive the first chamber without blowing your load, the middle section with overlapping ridges and strands might do the trick. If not, the final chamber will do the trick. It features a waffle design of alternating areas of tightness that will lead to sensation overload!

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Nikki Delano

Nikki Delano grew up in Brooklyn in a predominantly Puerto Rican household as the oldest of eight kids. Being from a strict family, she learned the importance of education and went to coll...

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knifebro69's Review

January 11th, 2021 by knifebro69

Hello everybody. It’s knifebro69 and I hope you’re feeling fine. If you would like to find me on Reddit, my username is /u/knifebro69 if you have any questions. I also have a YouTube account that goes by the same name.

Pre-Game: I was attracted to the model they used for this, and I saw that there was a pretty defined lotus node area, so going in I was excited.

Penetration: As you... Read More

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Sleeve Only$59.95€64.95$89.95$86.31

Nikki Delano


Fleshlight Girls


Nikki Delano's Pussy

Release Date:

August 2020

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User Reviews:


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Fleshlight Fuego Reviews

Found 6 reviews in total

Intensity 4
Stimulation 4
Penetration 3.5
Tightness 3.55
Suction Effect 5
Realism 5
Variation 4.5
Smoothness 3.25
Orgasm Rating 5
Noise 3.1
Lube Use 4.05
Cleanup 3.55
Dry Time 3.1
knifebro69's Avatar

knifebro69's Review

January 11th, 2021 by knifebro69
Owns 10 Sleeves, 10 Ratings, 9 Reviews

Hello everybody. It’s knifebro69 and I hope you’re feeling fine. If you would like to find me on Reddit, my username is /u/knifebro69 if you have any questions. I also have a YouTube account that goes by the same name.

Pre-Game: I was attracted to the model they used for this, and I saw that there was a pretty defined lotus node area, so going in I was excited.

Penetration: As you enter, like Lvl-Up, it has a slight hump or curve to it. This is because both Lvl-Up and Fuego

Intensity/Stimulation: You have a decent amount, I would say Mid to Mid-High intensity from this. This all comes from the two lotus nodes, the offset orifice which causes a slight hump at the beginning, and the slight texturing inside of the entire sleeve. There is some ribbed and nubbed texturing for you to enjoy here as well!

Orgasms: Since you are working with such a small toy, it is hard to get to orgasm with this unless you are either small sized or very horny. Once you orgasm it is great. The Quickshot sort of jerks you off which allows a lot of cum to be released.

Clean Up/Dry Time: Above Average Time. Because there are lotus nodes, it essentially closes off areas of the texture, not allowing much air to go through. This causes dry time to be longer. It wasn’t anything too crazy though, but still notable.

Sound: Loud. I think it has to do with having two lotus nodes or something. The sound was quite loud for some reason at points.

Overall I think it was the most realistic texture you could get at the time in 2020. The lotus nodes felt great, amazing even. The orifice was great and had an inviting hump at the beginning. I think if you want Fuego, you should get Fuego.

Score 4.04 Overall Satisfaction 5
Thank knifebro69
Intensity 3.65
Stimulation 2.6
Penetration 3.95
Tightness 4.1
Suction Effect 2.85
Realism -
Variation 4
Smoothness 3.25
Orgasm Rating 5
Noise 4.05
Lube Use 3.1
Cleanup 4.15
Dry Time 4
Anonymous's Avatar

Fuego Review

December 25th, 2020 by Anonymous
Owns 13 Sleeves, 13 Ratings, 13 Reviews

Relatively new to all this. For reference I'm uncut and slightly below average size.

There is something about this sleeve that I love but I can't quite put my finger on. The textures don't feel all that complex and yet I can't go to fast with this sleeve or else I'm done within a minute or two. I'm not entirely sure how describe the texture but I definitely love it.

The feeling of this sleeve is far more complex than the way it initially looks. If I'm not careful, it can really sneak up on me.

Score 3.82 Overall Satisfaction 5
Thank Anonymous
Intensity 3.5
Stimulation 4.45
Penetration 4.4
Tightness 3.8
Suction Effect 4.2
Realism 4.45
Variation 3.9
Smoothness 3.85
Orgasm Rating 4.55
Noise 3.05
Lube Use 3.65
Cleanup 3.9
Dry Time 4.25
Jumanji's Avatar

Jumanji's Review

December 20th, 2020 by Jumanji
Owns 14 Sleeves, 14 Ratings, 5 Reviews

This has easily become one of my top sleeves (owning around a dozen). It's the perfect mix of stimulating and intense. The double lotus nodes are a huge hit and the lips, while they may not be the most appealing, create a natural channel that just draws you in. Doggystyle in this is pretty amazing.

One of my top sleeves to own for sure. Definitely a must have for collectors and a wonderful first choice of FL if you ask me!

Score 4.05 Overall Satisfaction 4.75
Thank Jumanji
Intensity 3.35
Stimulation 3.9
Penetration 2.9
Tightness 2.8
Suction Effect 3.2
Realism 3.7
Variation 4.2
Smoothness 3.3
Orgasm Rating 3.8
Noise 2.4
Lube Use 2.65
Cleanup 3.75
Dry Time 3.35
Rubehz's Avatar

Rubehz's Review

December 1st, 2020 by Rubehz
Owns 2 Sleeves, 2 Ratings, 1 Review

Only have three textures and this is by far my favorite.
Great feel and stimulation and I find it as one of the easiest to clean. I generally don’t use much lube and this texture feels great with the amount in use too. Feels amazing every time and will never get tired of this monster.

Never had an issue with performance after using for a while. Holds up well and feels great, highly recommend.

Score 3.40 Overall Satisfaction 4.25
Thank Rubehz
Intensity 4.25
Stimulation 4.5
Penetration 4.25
Tightness 4.3
Suction Effect 4.4
Realism 3.5
Variation 4.6
Smoothness 3.5
Orgasm Rating 4.8
Noise 2.4
Lube Use 3
Cleanup 2.3
Dry Time 2.5
MangoWango's Avatar

MangoWango's Review

October 21st, 2020 by MangoWango
Owns 9 Sleeves, 1 Rating, 1 Review

I'm am of average length and girth. After numerous enjoyable "flights" here is my review of the Fuego sleeve:

Intensity: I would rate this as moderately-high, probably leaning closer to high. As you pump away in this sleeve, the sensations seem to creep up rather quickly and are quite noticeable. This was definitely the case with my first use. But even after breaking it in, the sensations still built up quite well and the textures inside just seemed to know the right spots to stimulate (more on that soon). Best way I could describe this feeling is that this sleeve was just as excited to be played with as I was to use it!

Stimulation: The texture and its variations here truly shine in this sleeve. The pleasure bead at the start and the ridges soon afterwards seem to playfully tantalize you as you enter, while the sleeve sucks you in (which is further enhanced by the lotus node partway into the sleeve). When I first used the sleeve, I was surprised at how tight it felt. Out of all the sleeves I own, this felt like the tightest one out of the bunch. It began to loosen a little bit after a few uses, but still quite noticable.

Every chamber of this sleeve feels stimulating (I can't comment on the very last chamber unfortunately). From the wonderful ridges at the start to the mid-section crosshatch-like ridges, you will enjoy the lush sensations generously given to you by this sleeve. Just basking in its textures when you reach that "edging high" is one of the best feelings ever. The feeling of the varied texture pushes your arousal levels quite quickly. Those who are new to FL's should keep this in mind if this is your first or early sleeve in your potentially growing collection.

Overall flight and orgasm experience: The sleeve's varied and stimulating textures, noticeable tightness, and grip-like suction make for a truly pleasurable flight. Thus the orgasms in this sleeve have that "oomph" that is missing in a less-intense sleeve like True Lust. Riding the sensations as you get closer to the edge feels heavenly. Enjoying the "edging high" by stroking slowly as I felt the ripples and ridges of the sleeve's texture is probably one of my most memorable experiences with FL's in general.

Side notes:

This sleeve is a bit noisy, so consider this if you happen to have other people in your residence and you don't want them to know your "business".

Varied textures like this are usually a bit more time-consuming to clean and Fuego is no exception. Be sure to take time in cleaning the sleeve and dig inside to make sure that no remaining signs of your flight are remaining in the nooks and crannies of the texture.

When drying, the sleeve tends to still hold some water inside, so use a small microfiber towel to assist with the drying. I used one that is wrapped around a stick so I can just "brush" inside the sleeve. You can find these online for cheap.

Fuego is a keeper and definitely a sleeve to have in your collection. If you like moderately-high to high intensity sleeves with varied textures along with a nice gripping sensation and suction, then this is definitely the sleeve for you. New Flyers may want to consider things like the noise level, cleaning, and intensity if you are thinking of making this your first purchase. But if you plan on expanding your budding collection, this should definitely be on your list.

Score 3.80 Overall Satisfaction 4.85
Thank MangoWango
Intensity 4.1
Stimulation 3.8
Penetration 4.05
Tightness 3.45
Suction Effect 4.25
Realism 3.95
Variation 3.3
Smoothness 3.1
Orgasm Rating 4.05
Noise 4.25
Lube Use 2.55
Cleanup 2.5
Dry Time 3.7
Octosquid's Avatar

Octosquid's Review

September 15th, 2020 by Octosquid
Owns 6 Sleeves, 6 Ratings, 3 Reviews

This is my first review on here, I am average length and girth. This is my second vagina Fleshlight, and to be honest I adore the orifice, it is more detailed than some of the other ones I have seen. It feels amazing as well, I mean let’s be real all of these are good in one way shape or form but the Fuego texture is fantastic. The first bumps that you come in contact with are tantalizing just as entering, as you keep going eventually getting to a set of flaps, that make great suction. This being said it can be a little noisy but nonetheless it is indeed intense. I have used it only 3 times now so I am still breaking it in but it is worth the buy. Usually last about 10 minutes with Alexis Texas Outlaw Texture, with the new Nikki Delano Fuego texture it really cuts the time in half. Maybe because it is new, but I love the orifice more on this one, it has a Kung-Fu grip if you know what I mean... ;)

Highly recommend the Fuego texture, I have nothing bad to say and it really does feel like a gripping pussy. Hope to see some more reviews on here soon!

Score 3.70 Overall Satisfaction 4.7
Thank Octosquid
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