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May 15th, 2019 (Empress Texture)

Great texture overall.
Went with this sleeve due to its repeating pattern and it has met my expectations and more.
Originally chose this sleeve as a smaller guy and after doing some researching, settled on this sleeve as I would still get the feeling due to its repeating pattern.
Flesh Assist's ratings for things such as penetration and suction are pretty accurate so I was very satisfied with what I got.
Lips on the sleeve are good and overall have enjoyed using it and is very intense even though it may not appear so due to its pattern.
I also would point out that adjusting the air pressure on the back of the case does change the feel quite a bit as with no air it has very high suction and with the back cap letting in air, it is more loose and so provides good variation with the feel of the suction. This may be the case with other sleeves as this is only my first one, but was just a quick tip.

Overall highly recommend this sleeve. The ratings on the site match accurately and I have been very satisfied with all aspects of this sleeve.

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