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Intensity 3.85
Stimulation 3.75
Penetration 3.25
Tightness 2.7
Suction Effect 2.9
Realism 0.7
Variation 3.5
Smoothness 2.65
Orgasm Rating 3.6
Noise 3.35
Lube Use 2.85
Cleanup 3
Dry Time 3.25

Destroya Review

December 27th, 2017 (Destroya Texture)

Got the Fleshjack version of this. It's quite an intense texture and is one I regularly use. The tight canal upon entry contains bumps that are pretty intense, and the numbs in the subsequent chambers are a damn good tease. I'm long enough to just reach the ribbed canal but I reckon if I were longer all of the cambers properly, this would be my firm favourite. Down side is that it does take some time to dry this given the amount of nubs and bumps, but I think it's well worth the effort. I much prefer this to Pilot, because of it's longer, bigger size you get to really feel each chamber well. Highly recommended for those over 6 inches long.

One of my favourites. The bumps, nubs and ribbed canal are a great tease. Highly stimulating and not one that let's you last long.

Score 3.09 Overall Satisfaction 3.95
Intensity 4.4
Stimulation 3.9
Penetration 3.35
Tightness 3.85
Suction Effect 3.45
Realism 1
Variation 3.95
Smoothness 3
Orgasm Rating 3.75
Noise 3.5
Lube Use 3.35
Cleanup 4.25
Dry Time 3.45

Torque Review

December 27th, 2017 (Torque Texture)

I'm only about 5.8 in in length so this sleeve is perfect for me to experience most of the textures, unlike the regular sized Ice. It's also noticeably tighter and the best part is, it's translucent and nothing beats the sight of your dick sliding deeper and deeper and getting close to the edge. Gives you a good ego boost. That said though, I can't feel the textures as well as I can with the regular sized Ice because it's tighter.

Perfect travel companion with the added bonus of the visual effect. Also perfect for people with average sized penis.

Score 3.49 Overall Satisfaction 3.7
Intensity 3
Stimulation 2.9
Penetration 2.15
Tightness 3.65
Suction Effect 2.9
Realism 1.65
Variation 3.2
Smoothness 2.45
Orgasm Rating 3.15
Noise 3.4
Lube Use 3.35
Cleanup 3.45
Dry Time 3.7

Navigator Review

December 27th, 2017 (Navigator Texture)

This is pretty much a smaller version of the Endurance and Super Tight condensed into one travel-friendly size. The suction effect is weaker, however, because of it's smaller size. It's great for travel but I there's something about the feel of this material that doesn't do much for me. Somehow I can't really feel as much as I can with the regular flesh-coloured or Ice material. Given the short length of this sleeve, it's good that there are effectively only 2 textures as I can discern the two, unlike Pilot which I think has one too many textures.

Does the job, good size for travel, but not a fan of the sleeve material.

Score 2.97 Overall Satisfaction 2.6
Intensity 0.75
Stimulation 0.75
Penetration 1.1
Tightness 4.65
Suction Effect 3.9
Realism 1.85
Variation 0.35
Smoothness 3.9
Orgasm Rating 0.65
Noise 3.9
Lube Use 4
Cleanup 3.9
Dry Time 4.15

Super Tight Review

December 27th, 2017 (Super Tight Texture)

This was one of my first sleeves. The tightness was stimulating at first but after a while it doesn't do anything for me anymore. If you like tight and high suction, and don't care about textures, then this is perfect for you. Apart from that, there's nothing that keeps this going for me. The other upside is that it's easy to clean and dry - you can insert a cloth into the sleeve and soak up water and it should dry within the next few hours.

Easy to clean, tight and good suction effect but nothing interesting...

Score 2.54 Overall Satisfaction 1.75
Intensity 2.1
Stimulation 0.45
Penetration 1.95
Tightness 2.75
Suction Effect 0.35
Realism 0.2
Variation 0.4
Smoothness 4.15
Orgasm Rating 0.9
Noise 1
Lube Use 3.75
Cleanup 4.7
Dry Time 4.6

Vantage Review

December 26th, 2017 (Vantage Texture)

Got the Brent Corrigan version of this with mouth orifice one one end and butt orifice on the other. Thinking of it now, it does sound pretty odd... Anyway, it's visually fun as it's transparent and you can see your dick coming out the other end (I'm not very well endowed so this only ever happens with Pilot and SIAC). However, this does mean there's no suction effect so it really is effective just like a regular masterbator you can get for a lot cheaper elsewhere. It's fun to play with, visually speaking, but sensation wise it doesn't do much.

Visually fun to play with but doesn't do much texture wise

Score 2.05 Overall Satisfaction 1.45
Intensity 3
Stimulation 3.1
Penetration 2
Tightness 3.85
Suction Effect 4.1
Realism 2.65
Variation 3.9
Smoothness 3.5
Orgasm Rating 3.5
Noise 2.9
Lube Use 3.6
Cleanup 3.2
Dry Time 3.4

Swallow Review

December 26th, 2017 (Swallow Texture)

First thought that the mouth orifice thing looked a bit creepy but once I got past it, it was kinda fun having the lips slide up and down my shaft and sticking my dick in between them. The ribbed texture is stimulating as usual, and the tight canal adds to the suction effect. It's a pretty decent sleeve but I much prefer the other Fleshjack Boy textures.

Decent texture. Not very intense so good for edging. Lips are fun to play with.

Score 3.20 Overall Satisfaction 2.15
Intensity 0.1
Stimulation 0.1
Penetration 0.1
Tightness 2.1
Suction Effect 2.85
Realism 0.1
Variation 0.1
Smoothness 4.85
Orgasm Rating 0.5
Noise 3.75
Lube Use 3.9
Cleanup 4.9
Dry Time 3.95

Original Review

December 26th, 2017 (Original Texture)

Got this as a free mystery sleeve with purchase. Really don't have much to say. It's plain smooth -- there's nothing to be felt in there apart from the Fleshlight's trademark sleeve material. I have a nondescript orifice which really doesn't look or feel like anything. To be honest I struggled to maintain my erection in this thing as the whole idea just seemed prepostorous -- I'm much better off using my own hands!

Really not worth anyone's time. Better off using bare hands.

Score 1.96 Overall Satisfaction 0.1
Intensity 2
Stimulation 2.7
Penetration 3.6
Tightness 1.9
Suction Effect 2.7
Realism 2.15
Variation 2.85
Smoothness 3.95
Orgasm Rating 2.5
Noise 4.1
Lube Use 4.45
Cleanup 3.7
Dry Time 3.95

Delight Review

December 26th, 2017 (Delight Texture)

Apart from the fact that the orifice is appealing, there's not much else to this sleeve, I'm afraid. It's not as tight as other Fleshjack Boy sleeves and the texture is really bland, so there's not much going on for this. I guess that's why it's been discontinued.

Quite loose and texture is very bland. Not very stimulating.

Score 3.04 Overall Satisfaction 1.95
Intensity 2.7
Stimulation 2.75
Penetration 2.85
Tightness 4.15
Suction Effect 3.95
Realism 1.1
Variation 2.5
Smoothness 3.95
Orgasm Rating 2.6
Noise 3.85
Lube Use 3.65
Cleanup 3.75
Dry Time 3.5

Surge Review

December 26th, 2017 (Surge Texture)

It's smaller than the regular Fleshjack so it's good for travel. There's not much variation in texture so you can feel pretty much everything at any length past 4-5 inches. The texture is actually not every pronounced. Given it's also tighter than regular Fleshjack, I had to focus a bit to notice the texture. All in all I didn't really enjoy this so I returned it to Lovehoney (which provides free returns within a year, no questions asked). However, I reckon for people with circumference of less than 5 inches and shorter than 6 inches, this might be pretty good.

Good for people with below average length and girth. It's tighter than regular Fleshjack but texture is quite mild so good for edging.

Score 3.16 Overall Satisfaction 2.95
Intensity 4.7
Stimulation 3.45
Penetration 3.85
Tightness 4.75
Suction Effect 2.45
Realism 1
Variation 0.95
Smoothness 3
Orgasm Rating 2.1
Noise 3.75
Lube Use 3.7
Cleanup 2.85
Dry Time 2.7

STU Review

December 26th, 2017 (STU Texture)

Not sure what the fuss is about this. Firstly, the sleeve material has this weird scent and is a lot firmer than the usually sleeve. If you like to grip your penis really tight when masturbating, you'll probably like this. Personally I find the material too firm. There's not much in the sleeve texture either. I can feel the large nubs but they don't really do much for me, nowhere near the Brent Corrigan Bliss texture. I wish I hadn't spent money on this and gotten another Fleshjack Boy instead.

Don't get the fuss. Material has a weird scent and is really, really firm. A bit too firm and tight so not as enjoyable as Fleshjack Boys.

Score 3.01 Overall Satisfaction 2.9
Intensity 4.5
Stimulation 5
Penetration 3.95
Tightness 4.25
Suction Effect 3.9
Realism 1.9
Variation 2.95
Smoothness 2.95
Orgasm Rating 3.95
Noise 3.85
Lube Use 3.5
Cleanup 2.95
Dry Time 3.25

Punk-Charmer Review

December 26th, 2017 (Punk-Charmer Texture)

Great for people who like fantasising fucking a sexy twink like Kevin Warhol. The varying levels of ribbings are highly intense. In fact, I first found it to be so intense that rather than make me cum it made my wince. I had to take it easy and use it a few times to get used to it. It's one of those you use to get to climax really quickly. I usually cum within about 10 min, unless I pause a few times. It's also not one you want to cum inside because pulling out can be a bit of a torture. The novelty of the fantasy of fucking Kevin Warhol though, makes this one of my favourites.

Insanely intense texture that is insanely stimulating around the glans. Not for the faint hearted

Score 3.62 Overall Satisfaction 3.8
Intensity 2.9
Stimulation 2.95
Penetration 3.2
Tightness 3.95
Suction Effect 4.6
Realism 2
Variation 3.35
Smoothness 2.4
Orgasm Rating 2.95
Noise 2.9
Lube Use 3.75
Cleanup 3.9
Dry Time 3.85

Pilot Review

December 26th, 2017 (Pilot Texture)

This is smaller than a regular Fleshjack, but slightly bigger than SIAC, so it's pretty good for travels. The design is sleek, but the suction cap is not flat so you can't rest it on its rear end. The orifice is not very appealing sexually, however. The sleeve is tighter than the regular Stoya, and because of the shorter length you can experience most of the textures if you're around 6 inches long. Personally, however, I'm not a fan because somehow the translucent sleeve feels different from the regular flesh-coloured one, and I find it hard to feel much for some reason. This, along with the added tightness, means I can't really tell what textures I'm feeling inside. There's just a generic rubbing sensation. Might just be me though since many people find this really good, from what I've heard so far..

Great for travel. Good for people around 6 inches long but the feel of the sleeve material is different and the added tightness make it hard to feel the textures

Score 3.28 Overall Satisfaction 3.25
Intensity 5
Stimulation 5
Penetration 5
Tightness 4.8
Suction Effect 4.4
Realism 3.5
Variation 3.45
Smoothness 4.65
Orgasm Rating 4.95
Noise 3.95
Lube Use 2.5
Cleanup 2
Dry Time 1.5

Obsession-Bliss Review

December 26th, 2017 (Obsession-Bliss Texture)

First of all, Brent Corrigan's orifice is quite possibly the tightest you can find so the penetration is really fucking hot. The only downside with this is that you need to be careful not to stretch it out too much because it will cause microtearing. That's how tight it is. The ribbed texture is a welcome stimulation once you popped past the anus, which in itself is a marvel. After that, the forest of nubs hugging and teasing from all direction, creating this intensely stimulating sensation which turns my erection hard as rock and dangerously close to a sheet-grabbing orgasm in a matter of seconds. The best part is the deeper you penetrate the more tight and intense the texture. Unfortunately, because of the tightness and the jungle of nubs and the tight orifice it does take up a lot of lube and a long time to dry, but it really is so worth all the effort and the wait.

My favourite Fleshjack of all time. By far the most intense texture which feels like a vice grip relentlessly sucking the cum out of you. Personally think this is better than Fleshjack Endurance if you want to train your...endurance.

Score 3.98 Overall Satisfaction 5
Intensity 2.65
Stimulation 2
Penetration 1.9
Tightness 3.85
Suction Effect 3.65
Realism 1.6
Variation 1.75
Smoothness 2.65
Orgasm Rating 2.4
Noise 3.65
Lube Use 3.75
Cleanup 3.85
Dry Time 3.95

Mini-Swallow (SIAC) Review

December 26th, 2017 (Mini-Swallow (SIAC) Texture)

I got this as a free mystery gift with purchase when it was discontinued. The lips look a little too perfect and the chin too sharp, so I personally don't find the orifice that appealing. The ribbed texture is intense as usual, but it's a bit tighter than the regular sized Fleshjack, so I had to loosen up the suction cap a bit more than usual. The smaller size is good for travel but it lacks the robust feeling of a full-sized fleshjack, so the FLight feels a bit flimsy. It definitely is better than a Quickshot though.

Better than Quickshot and good for travel. Tighter than regular Fleshjack but the FLight experience is not as good.

Score 2.86 Overall Satisfaction 2.35
Intensity 2.9
Stimulation 3
Penetration 4.1
Tightness 4.1
Suction Effect 4
Realism 3.95
Variation 2.5
Smoothness 4.85
Orgasm Rating 3.65
Noise 3.9
Lube Use 3.6
Cleanup 3.6
Dry Time 3.25

Forbidden Review

December 26th, 2017 (Forbidden Texture)

Got this as a free mystery sleeve with purchase. It's really tight -- it really does envelope your dick from all directions so it's perfect for people who like to feel they are being swallowed. The ribbed texture upon entry is the most intense part. After that there's this understated sensation of your member being massaged through a ripple. Because of the intensity of the first part it took me a few seconds of getting past the intense ribbed texture to feel the wavy texture. I find it great for edging because it's not overly intense but still tight and wavy enough to build a strong climax. I also particularly like seeing myself penetrate the sexy butthole of a hot hunk. Even better if you warm it up, close your eyes and fantasize yourself getting intimate with your favourite pornstar.

Orifice highly visually appealing. Ribbed texture is very stimulating and tight way texture is perfect for edging. One of the better ones out there.

Score 3.63 Overall Satisfaction 3.45
Intensity 4.1
Stimulation 4.65
Penetration 3.95
Tightness 4.1
Suction Effect 3.95
Realism 3.1
Variation 4.65
Smoothness 3.1
Orgasm Rating 4.6
Noise 4.2
Lube Use 2.9
Cleanup 3.15
Dry Time 1.9

Crystal Review

December 26th, 2017 (Crystal Texture)

The butt orifice is one of the tightest (probably as tight as Brent Corrigan's orifice). The inner chamber wraps around the dick, almost feels like you're being swallowed. The variation in textures means that you can get different sensations by focussing on different parts of the sleeve, so I find it pretty perfect for edging. The semi-transparency is an added bonus. It's really stimulating to be able to see how deep your member goes into the Fleshlight.

One of my top 3 favourite textures. Tight and one of the most intense textures. Semi-transparency is visually very stimulating.

Score 3.79 Overall Satisfaction 4.65
Intensity 1.85
Stimulation 1
Penetration 0.9
Tightness 2.1
Suction Effect 0.85
Realism 0.95
Variation 2.15
Smoothness 2.9
Orgasm Rating 1.85
Noise 2.15
Lube Use 4.15
Cleanup 4.1
Dry Time 3.95

Boost Review

December 26th, 2017 (Boost Texture)

Got this as a free gift, which I thought was perfect for travels. It's small enough to just check into your suitcase/backpack with a small bottle of lube. However, because it's open-ended, there's no suction, so it's not much different from a generic masturbator you can find elsewhere for a lot cheaper. The texture is all right, but nothing special. Also, because it's made of the same material as a usual fleshjack, it also needs to be cleaned and maintained in the same manner.

Good for travel but not really worth the price, unless you get it as a free gift with purchase.

Score 2.18 Overall Satisfaction 1.65


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