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About me: for reference, my dick is 7.25” in length, 5.8” girth at the widest point, and about 5.6” around the head. I’d say I’m about average in head sensitivity, cut, and I don’t suffer from the dreaded death grip. I like to edge and I use FL regularly for all types of jerking. I *usually* warm my sleeve in a bowl of warm to hot water prior to use. I use LubeLife brand lube purchased through Amazon; highly recommended.

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Intensity 3
Stimulation 4
Penetration 4
Tightness 4.5
Suction Effect 0
Realism 0.5
Variation 4
Smoothness 0.5
Orgasm Rating 5
Noise 3.5
Lube Use 3.05
Cleanup 3
Dry Time 4.05

Torque Review

August 29th, 2021 (Torque Texture)

Why GoTorque Ice: Happenstance. As I said, this was my first. I took a shot in the dark. I was listening to a podcast the day I purchased it. The guest was a sex therapist recommending that men should dabble in toys like women do. All I needed was one professional to tell me I (all men) should experiment in toys to pull the trigger. Mine was purchased on Amazon through the official FL store. I peeked through the couple options they had and went with this one thinking the size would be helpful for storage.

Design: The GoTorque is pretty straight forward. What drew me to this one was the clear case and sleeve. The idea of seeing my dick pumping away inside the toy really excited me. The plastic case is well made. The sleeve itself was a comfortable material. I would describe the material as being a low level sticky. After 6 months of use, the clear material has turned moderately cloudy. Not so much that I can’t see, but noticeably opaque.

Texture: Going in (pun intended) I wasn’t paying attention to the fact that that was an inner pattern. I never really thought about how different bumps, swirls, and grooves could make my cock feel so amazing. It does. The entrance is moderately tight around my head. The initial penetration and 1st bump pattern is my favorite. The tight stimulation is something. I can really feel the bumps flicking the frenulum as I stroke. Then the ribs and larger nub section bring some of the most amazing sensations my dick has ever experienced. The changing bumps and ribs make edging the day away very desirable. Long, slow strokes seem to be the key for max pleasure with this unit.

Use tricks: I’m on the girthier side of cocks. This sleeve is smaller than the usual FL product. I imagine for cocks 4-6 inches with proportional girth, this sleeve would be like Cinderella’s glass slipper. For bigger guys, It’s not too tight to use but it’s nearly impossible to cum inside with the normal set up. With the sleeve properly inside, I hit about 4-5 inches inserted and can’t go further. To fix this, I pop the sleeve out just past the lip designed to to hold the sleeve in the case. Doing this pulls the sleeve out just short of an inch, stretches the canal and 3 support braces, and makes a nice loose spot at that 4 inch mark. Using this set up I can stroke into the square cut out section. It’s slightly less tight doing this but if you’re girthy I don’t think you’ll notice much.

Edging: In practice I’ve found this sleeve to be pretty versatile. I’ve had days where I was too horny and I came in minutes. I’ve had days where I was too horny and I edged for hours. The large round opening allows you to insert anywhere from a medium chub to a full blown raging hard-on. Again, my trick to edging with this sleeve had been long and slow strokes. This really helps to feel everything and prolong the experience. I find I can go for hours with this routine. The first 30/60 minutes I can really get after it with constant stroking. Then it’s 5-10 strokes and pull out cool down. I never notice the sensations to dull down through your a session. However, there is for sure a sweet spot with lube. Less Is more in my opinion. Better to keep re-applying than to lose time from sloppy lube.

Orgasm: This was a challenge and there was for sure a learning curve on how to cum with a FL. On my first run, I was so blown away by the feeling I blasted inside, fully inserted (only 4” as I stated above). The sensation was too much and I almost found it painful. I tried this a few more times with the same results. Very disappointing after an amazing edging session. For the next month or so I used the sleeve without a case. This I was great. The texture sensations were slightly dulled, but I was still able to edge and the cumshots were fantastic. Finally it dawned on me to pull the sleeve out as I described above. Let me tell you, my dick has never been happier. Orgasms are top-notch. Just about as good as pumping inside a partner. When done, I find that my cock stays pulsing for a good minute after cumming. My whole body feels the release and relaxation post-orgasm.

Cleaning: This is definitely the hardest part of the FL experience. Not because it’s difficult to do, but more because I just want to lay there in bliss or pass out once done. I usually finish inside my sleeve and try to keep my meat inserted until I get to the sink to act as a plug. Then I run like-warm water through the canal for 30-60 seconds. This flushes the cum and lube out nicely. Then I use my fingers on both ends to get in the crevices and pull out anything that may be there. Then 30 seconds more of rinse. I have a stand that the thicker head portion sits on top so the water can drip through and air-dry. This does take about 24 hours to really get to a storable dry level. I’ve yet to try any powders, starches, etc… but I’ve also yet to have any smells or mold inside the canal. I store the FL with both caps on under my bathroom sink.

There you have it folks. This sleeve has been a great way to dive into the FL world. I struggle to imagine how other sleeves could possibly be better! Hopefully someone reads this and finds it useful, informative, and/or hot! I’m going to dive into the FLgirls soon. I’m open to sleeve suggestions in the comments. Thanks for reading and happy FLing!

Score 3.39 Overall Satisfaction 5
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