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Intensity 3.35
Stimulation 3.8
Penetration 3.85
Tightness 3.2
Suction Effect 3.8
Realism 1.3
Variation 3.55
Smoothness 3
Orgasm Rating 4.25
Noise 2.7
Lube Use 2.55
Cleanup 2.6
Dry Time 1.9

Torque Review

December 18th, 2019 (Torque Texture)

I own two fleshlights. This one and the flight instructor. I reach for the instructor more often because of it's convenient size and being easier to clean. However when I really want to treat myself I go through the trouble of breaking this one out.

First of all the absolute best thing about this is that it is see through. Being able to see myself while inside this is the strangely a turn on. Not only for me though. During that time of the month, my partner wanted to use this on me and she found it the hottest thing ever. Both being able to see me inside it, and being able to see me finish inside it. We used this one together a lot and I highly recommend it. The most intense orgasm I've ever had was after her edging me with this for two hours. I don't think she would have found a non see through one interesting enough to do this for that long.

The entrance and the spot about 3 inches in provide a lot of stimulation to the head when passing though. Mainly because of those spots I find this sleeve way more intense than the flight instructor. Unlike the instructor there is plenty of variety in this sleeve, so sometimes I like to go super slow and try to really feel the individual sections. Some sections are less pronounced and therefore less distinguishable.

It does take a while to dry and you gotta be a little more diligent with your cleaning as there are plenty of ridges for stuff to hang on to. If it weren't for these two and the size I would probably exclusively use this fleshlight.

This definitely was a great purchase, in the future I will always get the clear variant of a sleeve if its possible.

Clear fleshlights are amazing. While some sections aren't distinguishable, its still more intense than my other fleshlight. If you don't like head stimulation it might be best to avoid this one.

Score 3.16 Overall Satisfaction 4.4
Intensity 3.5
Stimulation 3.65
Penetration 2.5
Tightness 3.4
Suction Effect 3.65
Realism 1.9
Variation 0.95
Smoothness 3.9
Orgasm Rating 3.5
Noise 3.95
Lube Use 3.65
Cleanup 4.05
Dry Time 4

Instructor Review

December 18th, 2019 (Instructor Texture)

I bought this specific fleshlight for two reasons. I wanted something smaller, as I figure it would be easier to conceal going to the bathroom since I don't live alone and I wanted the stamina training unit because I wanted this to help me outside of alone time (this flight instructor is essentially a mini stamina training unit).

I have two fleshlights, the other being the go torque ice. Both are smaller than the classic stamina training unit, yet I always reach for this flight instructor. The convenience of its size is usually why.

In terms of stamina training, this truly helped. Before I had to use a series of strategies to last long enough in bed, but after some time training with this fleshlight I have a pretty good control over when I orgasm. I have three tips for this:
1. Don't be afraid to use a lot of lube. Lube reduces friction and will make you last longer.
2. Stop and go. You don't have to be stimulating yourself the whole time. In real sex you can take breaks to switch positions, or focus on another act. So its fine to take some time to back away from the point of no return.
3. The most important tip is don't use your hand to move the fleshlight, set it up some way so you can thrust into it. This will simulate real sex better. Some people stuff it in a shoe, some buy the shower mount (make sure you buy the flight adapter), some put it between a mattress, it doesn't really matter how you achieve this, but I made the most progress when I started doing it this way.

Anyways, this was an excellent choice for me for my first fleshlight. However if it were to ever get damaged, I would get a different one to replace it because I know there are a lot better ones out there.

Good for a first fleshlight, effective at stamina training, convenient size. Even though I use this one more frequently because of the convenient size, I enjoy my other fleshlight more. While its still a great toy, I think it may not win head to heads matchups with the other sleeves.

Score 3.33 Overall Satisfaction 3.95
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