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Preface: I haven't used that many textures, so my ability to compare one to another isn't robust. I measure about 8.5" in length and about 6.5" in circumference (when especially aroused it can be closer to 9in and 7in around, which can 'bottom out' textures).

Found 13 reviews in total

Intensity 3.4
Stimulation 3.75
Penetration 4.3
Tightness 4
Suction Effect 3.45
Realism 4.5
Variation -
Smoothness 4.3
Orgasm Rating 4.45
Noise 4.3
Lube Use 4.2
Cleanup 5
Dry Time 4.55

Forbidden Review

December 27th, 2022 (Forbidden Texture)

8.5 Length, 6.5 Circ;
I was able to get one of these recently (at significant markup) and I'm not disappointed. It's much lore like an anus than other butt sleeves, and if realism is what you're after it's a solid bet. The tightness is stimulating and the smoothness of the rear 2/3 gets me there. The sensation isn't the same as anal sex with a person, but no fleshlight is a mirror to a real lover. That said, it's probably the best analogy I've tried (other contenders: Texas Tornado, Boss Level, Bulletproof).

The texture at the entrance is intense during orgasm, but the rear 2/3 of it can be used to milk out a long orgasm. I'm sad that this was discontinued in fleshlight girls (but it's still available in fleshjacks, and I recommend it).

Lube is extra-necessary to not tear it due to tightness, but the texture itself doesn't rob much lube so I overall find myself using less than average. The sleeve dries and cleans up very easily, and the whole thing holds ample warmth through the whole length from sleeve warmers.

An excellent butt sleeve that gives me lasting, satisfying orgasms. I don't think I could replace it, but if it were an option I would instantly pick up another if mine was lost/damaged.

Score 4.25 Overall Satisfaction 5
Intensity 4.2
Stimulation 4.25
Penetration 4.15
Tightness 3.7
Suction Effect 3.8
Realism 3.4
Variation 4.3
Smoothness 3.3
Orgasm Rating 4.3
Noise 3.15
Lube Use 3.35
Cleanup 4
Dry Time 4.45

Karma Review

December 27th, 2022 (Karma Texture)

8.5 Length, 6.5 Circ;
Karma fits a niche I like having in my collection: 'loosened asshole'. The opening is gentler/looser than most other butt sleeves I have, and I really appreciate it being an option. Not every asshole has to be clamped down like a vice. The texture inside is probably more intense than I'd like--the toothy nubs in the middle and the ribs just before the final chamber can be overwhelming, and after the looser entrance that's actually a nice balance--it encourages full strokes for relief, not just to experience the full texture. I've never used this sleeve shallowly; it's always one that I feel a need to push harder and further into, and I can't quite figure out why--maybe it's the way the suction works or the way it tightens and then lets off.

Lube use is heavier on this one than other sleeves, and it holds more heat in the back end than the front (which it also different than a lot of other butt sleeves). Karma dries easily with a full hour on the fleshlight air.

I like that it offers a relatively loose entry with intensity deeper in. I wouldn't rush to replace mine if it was lost/damaged, but I do think it's worth a look for guys that can get to the back 1/3.

Score 3.92 Overall Satisfaction 4.55
Intensity 3.1
Stimulation 3.75
Penetration 3.2
Tightness 3.1
Suction Effect 3.15
Realism 2.6
Variation 3.7
Smoothness 3.5
Orgasm Rating 3.95
Noise 3.6
Lube Use 3.75
Cleanup 3.95
Dry Time 4.55

Alien Review

December 27th, 2022 (Alien Texture)

8.5 Length, 6.5 Circ;
Of the freaks, I only have Alien and Drac, and alien is significantly better (there's no one I'd recommend Drac for, but alien at least fills a niche). Alien for me is all about the orifice, which is one of the loosest/gentlest entry-chambers out there. The first chamber is quite open, but the lotus node and 'stamina chamber' after that are significantly tighter/more intense. It's a nice balance, but I find the rear half of the sleeve a bit boring. Definitely a sleeve I can use with more aggressive thrusts (until I really, really cannot--I find that moment sneaks up on me with Alien).

I've resolved that for me it's mostly a stamina sleeve, but the big triangle lips do also provide an unusual 'kiss the balls' sensation when bottoming out, and sometimes that's what I'm looking for. Absolutely no trouble drying with an air dryer; lube use is a bit more than with other sleeves as there's more labia to accommodate.

Overall looser and more repetitive than I prefer for a texture-varied sleeve, but it's nice to have that variety. I wouldn't replace it if something happened to mine, but I don't hate it either.

Score 3.61 Overall Satisfaction 4.7
Intensity 3.35
Stimulation 3.55
Penetration 4.65
Tightness 4.25
Suction Effect 3.4
Realism 2.85
Variation 2.95
Smoothness 3.05
Orgasm Rating 3.35
Noise 3.9
Lube Use 4.05
Cleanup 4.2
Dry Time 4.65

Wonderland Review

December 27th, 2022 (Wonderland Texture)

8.5 Length, 6.5 Circ;
Wonderland has one of the tightest entrances, and a relatively cavernous texture inside.

I'm honestly not a big fan. The variation of different sides that provide more aggressive texture distracts me. The penetration is great, but unless I'm wanting it to feel like a girl's clamping down with her butthole, but really loosened up inside, this just doesn't get me anywhere. And even then the asymmetrical textures with aggressive ribs and waffles isn't something I find satisfying. But if I am looking for that 'tight hole, but can accommodate size' feeling, this is the sleeve--no other I've tried comes close.

HOWEVER. If used as a sleeve on its own, with no canister (and zero suction), I find it more enjoyable. It holds heat well enough and the aggressive texture can be mitigated by different grips. It's something I'd encourage users who've been let down to try. Adding vibration to this sleeve.

I never found an amount of lube that compromised the macro/micro sensations of the inside textures, and at this point I've given up. The sleeve still provides a sensation

Madison Ivy's Butt has a great orifice and for me a sub-par texture. It makes me wish I had an 'error sleeve' where the orifice was put on another texture by mistake, as I think the entry point is really sensational and everything else is not.

Score 3.73 Overall Satisfaction 3.95
Intensity 3.85
Stimulation 3.95
Penetration 3.6
Tightness 4.35
Suction Effect 4.9
Realism 4.55
Variation 4.4
Smoothness 4.4
Orgasm Rating 4.6
Noise 4.65
Lube Use 4.65
Cleanup 4.85
Dry Time 4.9

Eden Review

December 27th, 2022 (Eden Texture)

8.5Length, 6.5 Circ;

Eden is blissful. My ratings are quite a bit higher than the site's average scores, and it might be because the back half of the sleeve doesn't get a lot of attention. I noticed that the heatmap is really focused on the entry and the lotus node, but there isn't a lot of attention to the final 4" of the sleeve. That lotus node isn't where the fun ends--it's where the good part starts. For whatever reason this sleeve gives me my hardest orgasms out of any fleshlight, and I think it's the combination of the intense percussion of the back half combined with a very agreeable amount of suction that keeps those bumps at the very end 'grippy'. Every bit of this sleeve I can get into is a delight in a different way, and I cannot recommend it enough.

The penetration, tightness, and intensity are all 'goldilocks' for me. Not too much, but certainly enough to be what I'm looking for. Cap on tight makes the whole sleeve snug but I didn't find too much trouble finding a nice balance of suction to make the whole sleeve feel comfortably tight.

The sleeve doesn't dry very well on its own, but with an air dryer I found it to be little issue (I do run it for more than one full run, just to be safe, though).

A true delight. My favorite 'lady' sleeve and would get replaced immediately if mine were lost or damaged.

Score 4.46 Overall Satisfaction 4.75
Intensity 3.7
Stimulation 4.2
Penetration 4.2
Tightness 4.25
Suction Effect 4.15
Realism 4.3
Variation 4.1
Smoothness 3.7
Orgasm Rating 3.85
Noise 3.75
Lube Use 3.4
Cleanup 4.4
Dry Time 4.55

Spice Review

December 7th, 2022 (Spice Texture)

8.5Length, 6.5Circ;
I fully understand why this sleeve, after all these years, continues to maintain its high rating. It's just a really good combination of tight, texture, variety, and even realism (no so real I can't tell it's a fleshlight, obviously, but some of these feel closer to the real thing than others).

Spice has a looser outer sphincter with an immediate tightening/high intensity chamber that makes penetration easy to get into and harder to 'get through'--it also leaves an amazing 'zing' when pulling out after an orgasm. The way the sleeve opens up after that reminds me of the tight-tight-open-open-Open-open-open-tight-tight 'chambers' of anal sex.

I think the heat map on this one is really neglecting the final chamber, but it may just be rarer for users to get to that part. This is one of my favorite sleeves to go all the way into, as that last chamber tightens without really going nuts with intense texture, providing an extra bit of intensity without just overwhelming me with roughness/noise. The opening chamber stays tight as you get into the open area, which lets some blood back into the shaft/head and is promptly squeezed again by the final chamber, creating a kind of vascular 'pulse' that if you match strokes to can provide a pneumatic-tactile sensation that few other sleeves can match.

Excellent versatile butt sleeve. If you can make it to the end it's a real treat. If I wear this one out I'd consider replacing it, but it doesn't do one thing so uniquely that I'd feel like I was missing out by using other sleeves.

Score 4.03 Overall Satisfaction 3.85
Intensity 3.35
Stimulation 3.45
Penetration 3.3
Tightness 3.1
Suction Effect 3.2
Realism 3.5
Variation 3.1
Smoothness 3.45
Orgasm Rating 3.7
Noise 4.45
Lube Use 4.45
Cleanup 4.95
Dry Time 4.9

Dragon Review

December 7th, 2022 (Dragon Texture)

8.5Length, 6.5Circ;

Sometimes I want a bit of a looser sleeve, but I'm not particularly enthusiastic about Dragon. Looser isn't usually my cup of tea, and to be honest I didn't intend to buy it in the first place, but a picking/shipping error resulted in my trying it out, so there may be some overarching bias in my review in that I was never really that excited about it anyway. That said, the sleeve has a noticeable texture that isn't overwhelming, but much like Drac it just doesn't do enough for me for me to rate it highly.

The penetration is gentle, the texture itself is roomy, and it's not particularly weighty/massive to be able to hold heat. The upside of the sleeve is probably the suction (which isn't particularly strong with the cap fully on, and sometimes that can be hard to find). Asa's lips don't quite grip, but they do 'kiss' when you bottom out. My orgasms with Dragon alone are meager. There's no fireworks explosion--just a point at which I cross over an edge and happen to be cumming, which really puts it in the category of 'just for edging' for me.

It's probably not representative of the whole line, but my ratings may differ from others' due to the specific silicon batch I wound up with--this one particular sleeve seems to have a different texture/density than most of my other ones. It's a bit lighter and smoother (and more pale?), and I don't know if that has any particular effect.

Looser sleeve with nice lips and mild-mid suction. If I lost mine I wouldn't replace it, but it's a bit of variety now and then.

Score 3.75 Overall Satisfaction 3.55
Intensity 4.45
Stimulation 4.75
Penetration 4.5
Tightness 4.65
Suction Effect 4.45
Realism 4.8
Variation 3.55
Smoothness 4.1
Orgasm Rating 4.7
Noise 4.6
Lube Use 5
Cleanup 5
Dry Time 5

Boss Level Review

December 6th, 2022 (Boss Level Texture)

8.5Length, 6.5Circ;
Boss Level is an excellent sleeve whose main gimmick is tightness. For most tight butt sleeves, the texture for me falls into either the 'intense' or 'gentle' categories without striking a balance for deep penetration mid-intensity. Boss Level strikes that balance. I like tighter sleeves and Boss level's twist on that is both the snaking curve of the sleeve (which is less noticeable than it looks) and its taper (the sleeve gets tighter the deeper you go). Because the Fleshlight holders also narrow as you get further into it, this has a doubling effect on the tightness--the deepest parts of the sleeve are significantly tighter than the earlier sections. If I get near bottoming out the sleeve (I can't on this sleeve because the cheeks are pronounced), I feel like the sleeve is squeezing.

Regarding the cap: Even without much suction the sleeve feels snug but with the suction it amps up the intensity and strikes a great balance betweeen being able to edge and flipping the switch to orgasm time.

Boss level holds heat well and because the deeper areas area also tighter, the sleeve tends to 'pulse' warm with each thrust.

Boss Level is my favorite sleeve. It's tight with just enough texture to keep me stimulated without being overstimulating. Versatile enough to be aggressive or edge. If I wore this current one out, I would replace it without question.

Score 4.61 Overall Satisfaction 5
Intensity 4
Stimulation 3.75
Penetration 4.6
Tightness 4.9
Suction Effect 4.25
Realism 3.7
Variation 2.9
Smoothness 3.2
Orgasm Rating 3.85
Noise 4.2
Lube Use 3.4
Cleanup 4
Dry Time 4.7

Tight Chicks Review

December 6th, 2022 (Tight Chicks Texture)

8.5Length, 6.5Circ;
Tight Chicks lives up to its name. The tightness is the most prominent feature of the sleeve. However, it's not *merely* tight; the texture that runs along the underside of the sleeve is pronounced enough that it can be felt even with an abundance of lube. This means that an aggressive cleat will be felt on whichever side the user wants. Suction on the sleeve is supreme, and if the cap is fully closed it will pull itself all the way back down. The penetration on this sleeve is not the tightest of all sleeves (I think Wonderland is probably tighter), but the full length of the sleeve being as tight as it is means that the squeeze felt by this sleeve is unparalleled.

It holds heat very well and because of the tightness/pressure it distributes heat back to the user quickly. So much so that I found I need to heat it less than most other sleeves in order for the sleeve to not become too hot. It's a pretty simple texture but it's only average with cleanup and dry time because the inner texture tends to hold moisture and doesn't allow a high volume of airflow.

Very tight with a noticeable asymmetrical texture. If I wore this one out there's a good chance I'd replace it, but I find that Boss Level does a lot of the same things that Tight Chicks does and I tend to prefer that sleeve over this one.

Score 4.00 Overall Satisfaction 4.5
Intensity 4.85
Stimulation 5
Penetration 4.75
Tightness 4.3
Suction Effect 3.5
Realism 2.4
Variation 2.75
Smoothness 2.15
Orgasm Rating 4.15
Noise 4.05
Lube Use 3.65
Cleanup 3.85
Dry Time 4.35

Punk-Charmer Review

December 6th, 2022 (Punk-Charmer Texture)

8.5Length, 6.5Circ;
Punk is just so overwhelmingly intense. There's not a lot of design philosophy here other than to assault your dick with the texture until you can't take it any more, and it lives up to that for me. It leaves me almost painfully sensitive in a short order of time, but sometimes that's what the doctor ordered and it's the tool for the job. I tend to use it as a second sleeve in a session--something to provide an intense finish rather than something for the whole time, as I find going from start to finish in Punk is just not satisfying (because it doesn't take long for all that sensation to overwhelm).

A very intense anal sleeve. It pushes the boundaries of what I can tolerate in terms of intensity.

Score 3.85 Overall Satisfaction 4.1
Intensity 3.35
Stimulation 3.2
Penetration 2.05
Tightness 4.25
Suction Effect 4.3
Realism 4.6
Variation 2.6
Smoothness 3.65
Orgasm Rating 3.25
Noise 3.65
Lube Use 2.5
Cleanup 4.95
Dry Time 5

Swallow Review

December 6th, 2022 (Swallow Texture)

8.5Length, 6.5Circ:
Swallow doesn't have a lot of variation going for it and the central gimmick is that it looks quite a lot more like a mouth than the modern turbo sleeves. The intensity is lower and the 'throat' part is tight--extra lube required there, but it's a good analogy to a smooth tight throat so I think it's exactly what people are expecting. The ribs just after the entrance are where more of the stimulation comes from and if I so choose it works well as an edging sleeve, but users looking for an intense deepthroat won't find it here. I found that the throat part was tight enough that I didn't get as much out of it if I was merely inserting my head into it, but getting 3-4 inches into the throat was where it offered something that a lot of sleeves lack--low intensity+Tightness and a sort of second penetration in the sleeve.

If using a warmer, the rear end of the sleeve has more mass/volume and thus holds heat a bit more, which can make for an interesting temperature variance.

The most realistic oral oriface and it's a decent texture for resembling deepthroat, but I think if this swallow wears out I won't replace it; it's fun while it'll last.

Score 3.65 Overall Satisfaction 3.8
Intensity 2.75
Stimulation 3.1
Penetration 3.3
Tightness 3
Suction Effect 3.5
Realism 4.8
Variation 2.5
Smoothness 5
Orgasm Rating 4.1
Noise 4.5
Lube Use 4
Cleanup 5
Dry Time 5

Bulletproof Review

December 25th, 2021 (Bulletproof Texture)

Intensity/stimulation: The great part of the texture is that it builds pleasure slowly, which makes it the best edging sleeve I have. I'd say it's on the lower side of intensity 2.8/5, but that oversimplifies this texture, as it starts off closer to a 2 and ends closer to a 4, as the rhythm of the smooth gentle texture does something to my brain that layers the intensity. Speed variation is useful here, but the ability to keep a 'metronome' pace produces a rolling orgasm that I can stretch into 'aftershock' climaxes.

Penetration: 3.3/5 It's a butt texture, so you'd expect the entrance to be tighter, but because it opens up into the waves so quickly, I found it to be a positive quality that the entrance itself was also a bit looser, as that played into the theme of the sleeve.

Tightness: 3/5 Not particularly tight for an anal sleeve (maybe not that tight for any sleeve). That's not an issue for it being a good experience for me, I'd just want readers to understand that it's not what this sleeve is about.

Suction: 3.5/5 I haven't run into a sleeve that couldn't suck at all, and depending on when the cap is tightened users can adjust this how they like, but this sleeve definitely didn't suck as hard as others I've tried (Cream/Shameless).

Realism: 4.8/5. The smoothness and waves are spot on for emulating the inside of an ass, and it's loose enough to feel like the inside of a butthole after it 'opens up'. The entrance 'sphincter' isn't particularly long, thus Bulletproof feels a bit more like fucking a 'loose' ass than one that's gripping me back or a partner that's orgasming (instead for that experience: Shameless). There's a time and place for that kind of sensation, so if the mood strikes it's good to know it's an option.

Climax: 4.1/5 A great 'slow boil' sleeve. It didn't make me see stars, but because I could ride the waves of the orgasm, it was a satisfying experience.

Noise: Low noise. No sleeve is soundless, but this one wasn't 'slurping' or 'farting' all the time.

Cleanup/dry time: easy/fast. It's a smooth texture with no real nooks or crannies, and a bit of pressure flushes it easily. I use the fleshlight electric dryer, and a 1 hour session made it feel dry (but I ran the dryer longer just to be safe).

Overall Satisfaction: 4/5. The smoothness of the texture is great. It can build slow, quality orgasms, and in terms of realism it feels a lot like anal with a partner who's had a few drinks.

Score 3.90 Overall Satisfaction 4
Intensity 4.55
Stimulation 4.4
Penetration 5
Tightness 4.75
Suction Effect 4.75
Realism 3.85
Variation 4.05
Smoothness 3.6
Orgasm Rating 4
Noise 3.55
Lube Use 4
Cleanup 4
Dry Time 4

Shameless Review

December 25th, 2021 (Shameless Texture)

Penetration/stimulation: Penetration was a 5/5 (personal subjective scale; this is my favorite entry so far). Stimulation is more like a 4.4/5 (with 5 being overwhelming and 1 being 'insufficient'--the sweet spot for me is probably closer to a 4). One of the strengths of the texture is its entrance tightness which opens up after a bit. It had resistance and some firmness; the interior texture is obviously not anatomical, but it still reminds me of anal sex more than bulletproof (which many described as one of the most realistic anal textures), as the penetration and tightness were more similar to anal sex.

Suction: Pretty high compared to cream/bulletproof. The tight entrance means it can keep strong suction and pull me back in. I found that I didn't want to maximize what it could offer in this regard, but an intense session might involve that so it's nice that it's an option.

Climax: It's personally subjective, but I'd say 4/5. I suspect as I get used to it a bit more, it'll be something I enjoy more, but as of now I find its intensity to work me towards orgasm at a pace I'd consider 'fun, but not treating myself'. I wouldn't have a problem 'riding out' the orgasm with more strokes, but the finish has thus far been big enough.

Realism: 5/5 for the entrance, 4/5 for the chambers. It felt enough like anal sex to make that a part of the fantasy, with the caveat that there are obvious differences in human tissues and fleshlights: Humans can flex/relax, orgasm, and have heartbeats that can be felt during intercourse, and fleshlights just do not mirror those things. Thus, I'm accounting more for tightness/looseness in the right places.

Lube use: I really don't notice a difference here between any sleeve, but I'm also not using any sleeve as long as some other reviewers.

Cleaning/drying: I don't know that any fleshlight is going to be hard to clean with sufficient water pressure/agitation, so these categories to me have little relevance in my overall satisfaction. Additionally, I have the fleshlight electric dryer, and I've found that 1 hour isn't always enough to get a fleshlight totally dry, but two hours is plenty. I err on the side of keeping it dry rather than saving time, as I don't really want anything growing in there. Shameless did take the second hour to dry.

Overall Satisfaction: 4.6/5. a versatile texture that I could see being used for intense 'hard anal' as well as a 'deep slow anal.' The tight, firm entrance is what makes it able to function either way, and the suction lets the user vary the tightness for the length. I can see why it's so highly rated.

Score 4.22 Overall Satisfaction 4.6


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