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January 27th, 2021 (Shameless Texture)

In the passed I own a cheap sleep and a Onahole, this is my first FL. The multiple textures make the choice a bit hard, in particular because I do believe that they will really fell different.
I've choose the shameless because I want it tight and it was the number 2 on the ranking.

Being a "big guy" and liking to do it a little rough I've discover that I really can't describe the inner texture just by feel, in fact and reading most of the reviews it looks like one can almost describe the inside of the FL just by gland touch or something, for me it is more like: i feel "something" but i don't know what. So, for me, the big point must be a very notorious and stable inner structure more than different things in different parts of the sleeve.

Anyway, this is an awesome toy, not that i'm going to put sex aside but it is much better than the proverbial wank.

Does it feel real? More or less, you need to get it warm, that's a central point, besides that it does not have the same blend of hard and soft to the touch that a real pussy or anus has... does it look like real anal? well. it's been a long time, guess not! A real anus fell much more "hard" It feels more like a tight pussy, that said it delivers a powerful orgasm and it's "no doubt" the best second thing after the real deal.

Powerful orgasm, fells more like a tight pussy than a anus. But don't get me wrong it's pretty much the best thing after a real pussy.


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