Popped Lana Rhoades cherry

Written by satchking on December 18th, 2018

Popped Lana Rhoades cherry Image

Girl on top using the Sensuva warming lube. I didn’t really sense the warm-up until after about four or five minutes in. After that, it was amazing and I could really feel some nubs on my dick that messaged it so nicely. I think the warm up really does make a difference. However, all that said I was extremely sensitive during the warm faze. Prior to that, I was able to maintain my stamina a lot more easier. Lana... ahhhhhh, those eyes!

Update on the 1st May 2019 - Lana is very consistent...: A very consistent texture I’d say. The Fleshlight ice lube really makes it come alive. I kept the cap tightened so it’s probably not the tightest pussy, but still great. I mean, when the cap is on... it’s tight. But I almost don’t judge tight holes that way anymore because other girls out there are tight without the cap on full.

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