Fleshlight News

The all new Fleshlight GO Image

ILF have just released their latest product line: the Fleshlight GO.
This new line focuses on providing the full-sized textures, including those from the Girls' line, in a smaller fashion similar to the sex in a can line.
You'll be able to get the Go in both pink and fleshtone color, as well as an ice variant.

For the release, the pink version of the GO will come with an all new "Surge" texture with the pussy orifice on Fleshlight and an anus orifice on Fleshjack, wh...

It's finally here, another update to FleshAssist after a long break.
I am happy to introduce the all new and custom blog created specifically for this site and it's users. In the next couple of weeks various authors will be creating their own posts for you to see, topics ranging from Fleshlight products, to competitor products and comparisons, to relationship advice!I hope you enjoy this update and I'm looking forward to seeing how this feature develops in the future.If you come across an...



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