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Just a bit about myself. I'm 50 and divorced and haven't remarried. I can't remember when I first heard about Fleshlights but I bought my first one (Alien) in March of 2013. I now have 56 sleeves in my collection (along with a few more that are duplicates)so you could say I am a Fleshcrack addict and I enjoy suffering from it.

The size of my penis is 6 inch length and 5 inch girth (give or take a bit for how aroused I am).

I plan on doing some more reviews for this site and have worked out a system for doing it. I will do the review after using each sleeve a minimum of 10 times with at least 5 of the uses being hands free using my On A Mission mount. The lube I will be using most will be Fleshlube, because I have a lot of it from free bottles and the free samples that they send with each order.

If there is a texture that I have that you would like a review of, send me a PM on the Fleshlight forums and I will do it just as soon as I can.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my profile.

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Found 2 reviews in total

Intensity 3
Stimulation 3.75
Penetration 3.5
Tightness 3.45
Suction Effect 2.1
Realism 1
Variation 2
Smoothness 3
Orgasm Rating 4
Noise 2.75
Lube Use 2.5
Cleanup 3
Dry Time 1.5

Trigger Review

April 25th, 2015 (Trigger Texture)

Trigger is the new texture for the Teagan Presley vagina sleeve, replacing Love Humps (which has been renamed Bulletproof and moved to her butt sleeve). The texture consists of fingers (or triggers if you prefer) that point toward the back end of the sleeve and smaller nubs in between them. The triggers are bigger than the fingers in sleeves like the Bliss or Barracuda and not as densely packed. The first time that I used the sleeve, it reminded me of the Indulge sleeve in that I could feel the texture from the very first time. When entering the sleeve I could feel the triggers being pushed aside enough to allow entry and as the head of my penis moved past them, I could feel them move back as much as possible to their original position causing small pressing sensations along the shaft. When fully inserted (6" length) I could feel something pressed against the bottom side of my penis head where it is most sensitive, which made me want to stay there and just enjoy the sensation. When pulling out of the sleeve, the triggers would push against the bottom edge of my penis head like it wanted me to stay where I was. It was a nice feeling sensation and added to my enjoyment of the texture. Lube use depends on the lube being used. I tried 3 different lubes with the sleeve: Astroglide, Fleshlube Water, and Fleshlube Fire. Of the 3, the Fire seemed to dry out the quickest and made using the sleeve a bit more troubling due to having to relube more often.

The trigger is a good sleeve that I will keep coming back to. For me, it is a mid intensity sleeve and I think that if you enjoy the Indulge sleeve, you will enjoy the Trigger.

Score 2.80 Overall Satisfaction 3.6
Intensity 1.975
Stimulation 3.425
Penetration 2.5
Tightness 2.875
Suction Effect 2.5
Realism 2.95
Variation 2.5
Smoothness -
Orgasm Rating -
Noise -
Lube Use 2.5
Cleanup 3.925
Dry Time 3.625

Cougar Review

December 31st, 2014 (Cougar Texture)

Cougar is the signature texture for Nina Hartley, which is one of the main reasons I bought the sleeve. Starting with the orifice, the lips on Nina's vagina are spread wide open which tells me she is ready to take everything you can give her. The texture consists of small ribs that only are about halfway around the sleeve, while there is a row of bumps on the opposite side from the ribs. I could feel the ribs better that I could the bumps, but after turning the sleeve 90 degrees and putting the bumps along the underside of my penis, I could feel them better. The ribs felt good but they aren't as pronounced as the ribs in other sleeves like the swallow or forbidden. For me, the sleeve was a bit loose (5" girth) so if you are bigger, then you may get more sensation from the sleeve. Since the texture is a repeating one, penis length really doesn't make a difference when using this sleeve

Since the texture is not a very complex one, I didn't have to use as much lube as I would with the bliss or barracuda sleeves. Clean up was pretty simple, just run some cold water through the sleeve and use your fingers to make sure you get everything out of the sleeve. An occasional rinse with alcohol or fleshwash would be a good idea, but probably not something you need to do with each use. Drying time is hard for me to guess at since I usually leave the sleeves hanging from the towel rack in my shower after cleaning them usually overnight or while I am at work if I flew that afternoon, but it did dry quicker than some of my more heavily textured sleeves.

The cougar is a good sleeve and I really like the looks of Nina Hartley's spread vagina lips on the orifice. I think if you like the ribbed textures, this would be a good one to get. The smaller your penis girth, the less I think you'll get out of the sleeve, but if you like looser sleeves, this would be one to get.

Score 2.88 Overall Satisfaction 2.88
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