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NOTE: The page you are on is for the Boost texture (Quickshot Line). If you are looking for the new 2023 BOOST line of Fleshlight, click here.

Meet the QUICKSHOT™ Boost by Fleshlight®, our most compact sleeve to date.
Lined with thick ribs and bumps, the steely silver sleeve will amplify your pleasure with constant surprises at every thrust. Give it your best shot, you’ll be thrilled with the results.


Boost Texture Image

The above image shows which parts of a sleeve our users rated the best (hottest!). Red spots are the most liked, yellow intermediate and green sections are the least popular. This is based on an algorithm that calculates the best hot-zones based on user submissions. A sleeve needs at least three submissions in order for heatmaps to be generated.


Our most compact product
Dual-orifice SuperSkin™
Sleeve Caps on each endfor convenient storage
Open on both ends
Great for both couple & solo play


4.4" Total Length
3.5" Insertable Length

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AtomicSledge's Review

December 9th, 2022 by AtomicSledge


I have a 6.5 inch girth and I am unable to use this quickshot.

My penis pushes the sleeve out of the case, or if I use lots of lube and can slide in, it is tight to the point of being painful.

I have used the sleeve outside of the case, but then it has no tightness and seems like a waste of time.

Only plus side is that it's very easy to clean, dry and hide. Read More

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October 2015

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Fleshlight Boost Reviews

Found 16 reviews in total

Intensity -
Stimulation -
Penetration -
Tightness 4.95
Suction Effect 0.25
Realism -
Variation 0.8
Smoothness 3
Orgasm Rating 0.95
Noise 2.9
Lube Use 3.05
Cleanup 4.8
Dry Time 4.95
AtomicSledge's Avatar

AtomicSledge's Review

December 9th, 2022 by AtomicSledge
Penis Length: 7cm Girth: 6.5cm
Owns 5 Sleeves, 6 Ratings, 4 Reviews

I've got a 7 inch long and a 6.5 inches of girth. Uncut. Experienced at actual sex.


I have a 6.5 inch girth and I am unable to use this quickshot.

My penis pushes the sleeve out of the case, or if I use lots of lube and can slide in, it is tight to the point of being painful.

I have used the sleeve outside of the case, but then it has no tightness and seems like a waste of time.

Only plus side is that it's very easy to clean, dry and hide.

DO NOT BUY IF YOU HAVE A GIRTH OF OVER 6 INCHES. You will not be able to use the sleeve inside the case, and outside the case it's not better than a lubed up hand. If you have a less thick penis, it should work okay and is easy to clean and store.

Score 2.62 Overall Satisfaction 0.55
3 Thank
Intensity 2
Stimulation 1.9
Penetration 2.05
Tightness 1.75
Suction Effect 0.6
Realism 0.35
Variation 0.45
Smoothness 2.95
Orgasm Rating 3.1
Noise 0.5
Lube Use 3.05
Cleanup 3.8
Dry Time 3.9
AutisticOnager's Avatar

AutisticOnager's Review

January 1st, 2022 by AutisticOnager
Penis Length: 5.91cm
Owns 5 Sleeves, 5 Ratings, 5 Reviews

I’m 6 inch uncut, I tend to prefer anal sleeves sand textures with variety.

I bought this sleeve together with my girlfriend so that se uses it on me, it looked good for the job, small and simple. However, it’s so noisy that it completely throws her off, I even find it annoying when I use it by myself. As the name says, it’s useful for a quickshot, you know that when you use it it won’t be much of a hassle to clean and dry it.

It’s good for a quickie and then clean and dry fast but it’s way too noisy and it doesent feel that special.

Score 2.04 Overall Satisfaction 2.15
2 Thank
Intensity 2.85
Stimulation 1
Penetration 0.5
Tightness 3
Suction Effect 0.5
Realism 1.5
Variation 0.5
Smoothness 1
Orgasm Rating 2
Noise 2.5
Lube Use 1.5
Cleanup 5
Dry Time 5
stingray39's Avatar

stingray39's Review

November 29th, 2020 by stingray39
Owns 52 Sleeves, 22 Ratings, 8 Reviews

For reference I am uncut 5.8 inches in length and 5.0 inches in girth. I normally use my fleshlights cold with fleshlube.

I received the quickshot boost as a free gift during a fleshlight sale.
It's no where near as good as a proper fleshlight and even the flight series in terms of overall satisfaction though understandable given it's price and small size.
I find it uses more lube than normal fleshlights as it tends to fall out the open end.
Overall it's a bit boring and the novelty wears off after 1-2 uses.

It's small size makes it good for traveling. The fact that it's open ended makes it fun for partner play however for solo play you'll have a better experience with any of the full size flashlights out there.

Score 2.03 Overall Satisfaction 1.5
1 Thank
Intensity 5
Stimulation 5
Penetration 1
Tightness 1
Suction Effect 1
Realism 1
Variation 1
Smoothness 1
Orgasm Rating 5
Noise 3
Lube Use 2
Cleanup 5
Dry Time 5
selfbalance's Avatar

selfbalance's Review

January 6th, 2020 by selfbalance
Owns 13 Sleeves, 12 Ratings, 11 Reviews

This is the fifth Fleshlight I have tried. While I don't care for the ice base of the sleeve, I really like the size as it is just about perfect for me and with my setup the sleeve is far easier to clean than the full size variants. You need to be quite erect to be able to penetrate this thing and there isn't much to enjoy just penetrating this sleeve. Once inside I felt the texture was about right for my girth and it was very stimulating and led to one of the strongest orgasms I have had in a long time. I was surprised at the noise level of this sleeve considering that there is no suction, but this wasn't the noisiest sleeve I have tried either. Normally I wouldn't rate the realism category as I have nothing to compare it to, but I can't imagine it feeling anything like what the human body can achieve. If this were the Cyborg or some other freak, then I would give it more slack. I used Astroglide Liquid as my lubricant, but I'll probably use a gel going forward to compensate for it being an open design. I would definitely recommend getting the shower mount and adapters provided your shower is glass smooth (the shower mount does not work with my slightly textured walls).

My second use doesn't add any new material for the reivew except that my orgasm was even stronger.

My third use was with Asytroglide Gel and using the full size sleeve warmer, but it was the second in the day. I would say the liquid lubricant seems better despite the challenges of an open sleeve.

Small, but mighty. Easy to clean and great for average guys.

Score 2.86 Overall Satisfaction 4
1 Thank
Intensity 3.2
Stimulation 3
Penetration 3.95
Tightness 4.7
Suction Effect 3.05
Realism 3.3
Variation 2.45
Smoothness 2.95
Orgasm Rating 3.7
Noise 2.3
Lube Use 2.55
Cleanup 5
Dry Time 4.8
creeem's Avatar

creeem's Review

November 27th, 2020 by creeem
Owns 20 Sleeves, 18 Ratings, 17 Reviews

5.6 in length, closer to six in circumference.. I tend to review in bed with minimal distractions, maybe porn playing in the background. So never in the shower. I don’t often purchase direct from fleshlight, unless there is a great sale

I slightly underestimated the quickshot range of toys, I have to begin the review by saying. I thought “hey, why invest when I can go for my pilot or go and have a great time, already? What is the purpose of an open-ended even smaller toy when that means less texture and less stimulation?”

What I found out was that means a tighter compact you and more variation while playing. Because if it’s stoutness, I found the tightness level to be ratcheted up to an eleven, which meant more lube, which altogether a very unique experience. Playing with the boost meant I can maneuver the toy in many more ways than I can with other sleeves, adjusting for what spots please me best on my head, frenulum etc. it took me a couple times to realize this and to realize the toy can be also utilized for couple play and bjs, which I haven’t even got to experience, yet ????

All in all, I have to say this was unexpected and great surprise, and I’m happy I chose to add it to my collection

Great maneuverability and the open end means more possibilities for hot action solo and w a partner, but not sure if you’d need more than one texture from the range

Score 3.48 Overall Satisfaction 3.8
Intensity 1.9
Stimulation 1.85
Penetration 1.55
Tightness 3.05
Suction Effect 0.6
Realism 1.6
Variation 0.75
Smoothness 2.6
Orgasm Rating 2.15
Noise 2.5
Lube Use 2.45
Cleanup 3.75
Dry Time 3.9
ed16854's Avatar

ed16854's Review

June 19th, 2020 by ed16854
Penis Length: 7.6cm Girth: 5.3cm
Owns 3 Sleeves, 2 Ratings, 2 Reviews

I am 7.6 inches long and 5.3 inches in girth. Uncut, with a sensitive head. I use Gun Oil H2O as lube. I do not warm my sleeves either with a warmer or hot water bath.

This sleeve works best for couples or when traveling than for regular use. You can receive a blowjob on the end that busts out the back, which can’t be done with normal sleeves.

The opening, while wide requires me to be rock hard to enter. I do feel like I have to use more lube with this sleeve than normal. However, I have a sensitive head, and the smaller case doesn’t let the sleeve stretch out too much. If you are above average girth like me, either use more lube than you’d think to just use the sleeve without a case.. Once in, I find the texture very plain and basic. Maybe I received a bad sleeve, but the bumps and ridges are not prominent. Popping in and out the back is the highlight of my flights, but at that point my hand provides similar if not better sensations.

Cleanup can be a bit messy. Unlike regularly sleeves, its very awkward to have to time your orgasm thrusts to cum inside the sleeve, and even then the wide opening ensures your cum will still pop out the back. I only tried that once or twice, then decided to just cum on myself or a shirt to make it easy on me. The sleeve is very easy to wash and dry, which is the biggest plus the Quickshot has.

I’d only recommend for couples or those who are planning to travel. If you’re just wanting to use it at home solo, I‘d recommend a normal sized sleeve.

Score 2.19 Overall Satisfaction 1.95
Intensity 2.45
Stimulation 2.9
Penetration 1.9
Tightness -
Suction Effect -
Realism 0.9
Variation 1.85
Smoothness 0.45
Orgasm Rating 3.15
Noise 1.9
Lube Use 3.8
Cleanup 3.3
Dry Time 5
TitsMcgee3's Avatar

Boost Review

December 24th, 2019 by Anonymous
Owns 26 Sleeves, 19 Ratings, 19 Reviews

Relatively new to all this. For reference I'm uncut and slightly below average size.

I didn't really know what to expect with this but in the end I found it a tad underwhelming. The worst thing I can say is that it's a bit boring but at least it gets the job done. I only really recommend it if you have the Quick Connect and use it with another Quickshot

A bit boring and messy but perfecting viable. Better used in conjunction with the Quick Connect.

Score 2.58 Overall Satisfaction 3.3
Intensity 4
Stimulation 4.1
Penetration 3.9
Tightness 3.75
Suction Effect 2
Realism 2.5
Variation 3.5
Smoothness 3.5
Orgasm Rating 4.25
Noise 4.8
Lube Use 3.9
Cleanup 4.5
Dry Time 4.5
revtwentyseven's Avatar

revtwentyseven's Review

December 23rd, 2019 by revtwentyseven
Owns 72 Sleeves, 52 Ratings, 50 Reviews

I got the Quickshot Boost (I thought it was a Vantage, but as I was ready to rate and review, I compared it and found it to be a Boost) during the BF/CM sale of 2017 as one of the gifts. I got another Quickshot boost in the end of year/start of year sale of 2018-19 (also as one of the tier gifts), so I have two (though one is copper and the other gold). Anyway, on to the review:

Aesthetics: The Quickshot boost has two holes (one on either side, please curb your enthusiasm) that are fairly non-descript. Looks like the side end of some sort of geometric design I can't recall. Realistic orifice? No. Visually appealing? Sorta, in a scientific way.

Lube: Since mid-2019, I have exclusively used Gun Oil H2O (do not use the original Gun Oil as it is a silcone lubricant that will damage your sleeves). Gun Oil H20 is great as it is a longer lasting lube, works very well with Fleshlight products and is formulated to help improve sexual activity.

Noise: The Quickshot boost, being a completely open "sleeve" made fairly little noise, and again, unless you are going to town with someone watching (or playing along, if that's something you all are interested in), no one will be the wiser or have any real suspicions of what you are doing.

Penetration: The Quickshot line is approximately 3-4 inches in length (with caps off), and as for the Boost you will go right through the sleeve of rectangular nodes, circular bumps and even a center ring before repeating and then exiting the other end. Although there is not much suction as it's open-ended with no cap on, there is still plenty of stimulation as you penetrate in, out and then pull your "head" back in.

Intensity: The Boost is a bit of an odd commodity. Intensity varies on how you use the Quickshot. You could focus on stimulating "just the tip" and this might increase intensity. Or maybe you stroke up and down on the shaft, but not the head, and just go to the base of the glans. Or maybe you do a full thrust in and out. Or maybe you do all of these things. I find that the more variation on how you use the Quickshot, the more enjoyable it seems.

Orgasm: With a FL, there are three orgasms that tend to come about (pun intended). One is a gentle buildup that leads to a nice orgasm. Another is one that causes you to cum without warning. The last is a "when you blow, you know." The Boost is very much a first category. It takes a bit of time as this is not a complete sleeve in order to get to orgasm, but the feeling is quite nice when you do.

Cleanup: The Quickshot is definitely living up to its name as after a FLight, the item is fairly easy to clean. And the shorter and open canal means the Boost can be ready for use in a matter of hours (if you airdry) to minutes (if you use a towel). In my opinion, this category is probably its greatest strength.

The Quickshot is an odd FL item that tends to be a bit misunderstood. A full Fleshlight it is not, however it is great for couples play or for a break from the regular FL lines. Definitely not a first purchase (especially for a newbie), but a potentially rewarding treat for those experienced with FLs and looking for some adventure.

Score 3.80 Overall Satisfaction 3.95
Intensity 2.1
Stimulation 0.25
Penetration 1.05
Tightness 2
Suction Effect 0.05
Realism -
Variation 0.55
Smoothness 4
Orgasm Rating 2.1
Noise 1.05
Lube Use 0.25
Cleanup -
Dry Time 4.95
Bear299's Avatar

Bear299's Review

December 10th, 2019 by Bear299
Penis Length: 5.6cm Girth: 4.9cm
Owns 40 Sleeves, 28 Ratings, 28 Reviews

I'm 5.6 inches long and circumcised. I have 28 fleshlights/fleshjacks total. I dry by placing by fleshlights in front of a fan overnight and they are always dry come morning, so I do not put drying time on my ratings. As for realism, being a virgin, I am unqualified to rate it.

I'm not a big fan of the Quickshot's. These are more meant for couples play, rather than solo action. Since these are open on both ends the water based lube dries out faster than most sleeves allow. You also have to be weary of making a mess when you finish since the is no cap to stop you from exploding all over yourself and whatever else may be around you. If you are looking at a Quickshot in order to save money, then I suggest looking at the Go series instead.

Quickshots may be good for couples, but if you want it for solo play then you may be disappointed.

Score 1.62 Overall Satisfaction 1.05
FleshlightFan's Avatar

FleshlightFan's Review

May 31st, 2019 by FleshlightFan
Owns 12 Sleeves, 8 Ratings, 12 Reviews

I got this as a free gift with a larger order and I haven't been impressed by it. I also own the quickshot vantage (which I think is better than the boost). The boost gold edition is just a shiny little gift that Fleshlight decided to throw in to sell more. The actual product is dissappointing.

Overall, not impressed. Save your money for something from the FLG line and you'll be much happier.

Intensity 2.3
Stimulation 3.05
Penetration 4.45
Tightness 2.45
Suction Effect -
Realism 2.05
Variation 1.05
Smoothness 4.8
Orgasm Rating 2.95
Noise 4.95
Lube Use 4.95
Cleanup 4.95
Dry Time 4.95
TheZapper's Avatar

TheZapper's Review

January 11th, 2018 by TheZapper
Owns 7 Sleeves, 4 Ratings, 3 Reviews

I got a Gold Edition Boost Quickshot as a bonus during the end-of year sale for 2017. Honestly, I was only mildly interested in it; I was far more interested in the mystery sleeve at the next tier, but a free Fleshlight is a free Fleshlight. Naturally, I gave it a try along with all the others in my order...and I was very pleasantly surprised by what I found.

Sensation-wise, the Boost feels a lot like the STU; it's not as tight as the STU, but the swirl of little massaging nubs feels very similar, although the sensation is more distinct precisely due to that lack of tightness. Due to being open-ended, there is no suction whatsoever, which I thought might bother me, since I like to use my other sleeves with the cap all the way shut a lot of the time. However, the way the Boost snugs onto your dick, it's deceptively tight and grips very well. And the open-ended nature of the Boost works in its favor, because you will pop out the other side when using it, which has a great feeling of penetration that some of the sleeves seem to lack (I like penetrating repeatedly during sex, so this is excellent for me). And the way it's designed so the dick comes out the other side, it's a natural choice for spicing up a blowjob (though for your partner's sake, don't be a tightwad and just spring for some flavored lube).

And because it clings to the cock so tightly and runs up and down and pops it out the other side, combined with its wide entry and small size, this sleeve is usable even when you're not completely hard. In fact, it's because of this that the Boost has become my go-to warm-up sleeve; I put the main Fleshie I plan on using on the Sleeve Warmer with lube, and while that's heating up, I turn on the porn and start working myself up with the Boost. By the time my main sleeve is ready to go, I'm rock-hard and ready for the main event, and it feels so much better than warming up with my hand. Likewise, the small size and open design make it a breeze to clean. It's the only Fleshie that it's really possible to turn inside out and dry with a towel, so you can have it clean and ready to go again in a matter of minutes.

The only real complaint I have, and it's a fairly obvious one, is that you can't just ejaculate in it and not worry the way you can with the larger Fleshies. While I haven't had the problem some users have complained about where the lube gets everywhere (I don't use much lube in general, since I'm uncut), when you finish your jizz is going right out the other side. The first time I finished with the Boost, I underestimated just how hard I was going to cum and damn near shot myself in the face; I guess those Kegels really paid off! So, either use the Boost in your bathroom, or keep one of the endcaps within easy reach for the grand finale.

While it's not a replacement for a full-sized Fleshlight, it's portable, versatile, easy to clean, and makes a great companion piece to a larger Fleshie. Definitely recommended for the niche it's meant to fill.

Score 3.60 Overall Satisfaction 3.95
Intensity 1.85
Stimulation 1
Penetration 0.9
Tightness 2.1
Suction Effect 0.85
Realism 0.95
Variation 2.15
Smoothness 2.9
Orgasm Rating 1.85
Noise 2.15
Lube Use 4.15
Cleanup 4.1
Dry Time 3.95
rich28988's Avatar

rich28988's Review

December 26th, 2017 by rich28988
Owns 17 Sleeves, 17 Ratings, 17 Reviews

Got this as a free gift, which I thought was perfect for travels. It's small enough to just check into your suitcase/backpack with a small bottle of lube. However, because it's open-ended, there's no suction, so it's not much different from a generic masturbator you can find elsewhere for a lot cheaper. The texture is all right, but nothing special. Also, because it's made of the same material as a usual fleshjack, it also needs to be cleaned and maintained in the same manner.

Good for travel but not really worth the price, unless you get it as a free gift with purchase.

Score 2.18 Overall Satisfaction 1.65
Intensity 0.8
Stimulation 1.1
Penetration 0.8
Tightness 2.8
Suction Effect -
Realism 0.15
Variation 1.15
Smoothness 2.9
Orgasm Rating 1.85
Noise 0.85
Lube Use 4.7
Cleanup 4.85
Dry Time 4.9
KettleSlug's Avatar

KettleSlug's Review

December 26th, 2017 by KettleSlug
Owns 9 Sleeves, 10 Ratings, 10 Reviews

My girlfriend got me this as a present and it's pretty terrible. It's a little better than a hand, but not by much. There's really no point in getting this unless you're desperate for something easy to clean and hide, but even then it isn't worth the money. Doesn't feel that great and the orgasm is only a bit more intense than a hand, if even that.

Don't bother with this, either get one of the FLights or GO models instead.

Score 2.12 Overall Satisfaction 0.75
Intensity 1.95
Stimulation 3.3
Penetration 4.8
Tightness -
Suction Effect 0.25
Realism 1.25
Variation 3.45
Smoothness 3.95
Orgasm Rating 4.05
Noise 1.3
Lube Use 4
Cleanup 4.95
Dry Time 4.85
girthreviews' Avatar

girthreviews' Review

December 18th, 2017 by girthreviews
Owns 55 Sleeves, 29 Ratings, 29 Reviews

–Reviews For Girthy (or more-sensitive) Guys–

TL;DR sleeve summary: 7/10, Quickshots are great, but the Vantage texture is better and quieter. *ONLY* fits large girth when out-of-case, and lacks the deep, immersive feel of a full sleeve, but they’re a fun and very different mellow toy.

Sleeves work completely differently depending on girth, so these reviews are here to help average-length girthy guys find the textures that fit best. Those with sensitive members may also find this info helpful, as the effect is similar even if not 100% comparable. Whether due to girth or sensitivity, you don’t want textures that scrape badly. 

Info for reference: just under 6” length, 7” shaft girth with a 5.5” head that’s fairly sensitive.

Smoothness: 10/10. There’s nothing in the texture to scrape, and when out of its case, it has tons of room to stretch (unless you *want* it tight in your hand). Very gentle, and even if the head of your manhood needs extra care, you can just stroke the QS lower on your shaft.

Intensity: 3/10. Unless you grip it hard, it’s super mellow, though that’s far from a bad thing. Good for longer sessions, as you have huge control over how much you feel. This is best as a “patiently coax a huge orgasm out” toy.

Sensation: 7/10. Feels super similar to the Vantage, though a little bumpier/stronger, and with sensations that are less-distinct. A bit more sensation than Vantage has when it moves over your head, but is WAY louder during that motion, so beware.

Regarding either Quickshot, if you like smoother, gentle, teasing sensations, it’s pretty great. It glides across your shaft, and the angle, tightness, depth, and even how much it hits your head is all up to you. It’s not intense, and ironically won’t force you to shoot quickly, but makes for a lovely mellow time.

Intensity During Orgasm: N/A, as it can be anything you want. Hold tightly and work it hard for roughness, or keep it loose and lower for gentleness. If you’re sensitive while finishing, this is an ideal toy – not only is the material and structure (outside the case) super squishy and soft, but if your head gets too sensitive, you can move it only on your shaft during orgasm for no overstimulation.

Overall Experience: 7/10. Just buy a Vantage instead... it may not be good for a long thrusting session, but it’s ideal to use by hand (whether yours or a partner’s). Compact, discrete, travel-friendly, low lube use, and gives lots of control… though a touch messy out-of-case. Lacks the suction & “deep“ feeling of full sleeves, but that said, a slow buildup culminating in seeing yourself blast a foot in the air is loads of fun.

Score 3.20 Overall Satisfaction 3.55
Intensity 0.9
Stimulation 0.9
Penetration 1.1
Tightness 2.95
Suction Effect 1
Realism 0.5
Variation 0.95
Smoothness 1.15
Orgasm Rating 0.35
Noise 2.85
Lube Use 1.9
Cleanup 2.95
Dry Time 2.95
pandaman's Avatar

pandaman's Review

December 17th, 2017 by pandaman
Owns 14 Sleeves, 14 Ratings, 7 Reviews

The quickshot is something I received for free with my order and I'm so glad I did not actually have to pay for this thing. The material is stickier than regular Fleshlight Girls material and reminds me of the Ice material. with it being more open, it made more of a mess with lube than your regular fleshlight. I did not enjoy the texture and it actually took be a long time to orgasm from it. Cleanup was about the only thing positive I can come up with as since it is so open and there is not much material, it can be cleaned in a flash. Not sure if I would recommend you getting the quickshot boost unless it is free.

Easy cleanup, sticky texture, and a small package make this product useful for those on the go. The lube goes everywhere and the sleeve does not feel that great in my opinion. I would pass.

Score 1.50 Overall Satisfaction 0.5
Intensity 2.1
Stimulation 0.35
Penetration 1.25
Tightness 0.35
Suction Effect 0.15
Realism 0.35
Variation 0.25
Smoothness 3.75
Orgasm Rating 3
Noise 2.4
Lube Use 4.75
Cleanup 4.75
Dry Time 4.75
FLfan's Avatar

FLfan's Review

December 4th, 2016 by FLfan
Owns 17 Sleeves, 17 Ratings, 17 Reviews

Honestly, upon trying this toy alone I did not enjoy it very much. It did not do much for me and I had to switch to another fleshlight to finish. It wasn't terrible, it just didnt stimulate me as much as other fleshlight products had. I had a much better time when using this with my wife.

Overall, this is a great toy for couples use, but it is not a very good toy for a single male. It makes oral sex a blast, but will frustrate you in a solo session.

Score 2.15 Overall Satisfaction 1.9

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