Popped Lena Pauls cranberry

Written by satchking on May 4th, 2019

Popped Lena Pauls cranberry Image

First time with Ritual and Nymph together as one package. Ritual might be slightly better I loved how it felt. I was able to maintain a better stamina with Ritual. I felt myself ready to cum with Nymph so I’d switch into Ritual and I could go longer. When I felt like I wanted more intense I’d slip back into nymph but I really can’t last long there it’s so intense. I tell ya, having both of these at the same time is the key and was a most beautiful experience. Once I went missionary all bets are off and I came almost immediately. The missionary might be TOOOOOO GOOD lol. I might also add, Lena Paul is an amazing and sexy woman… watching her videos and fucking her at the same time is pure bliss!

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