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Popped Lena Pauls cranberry Image

First time with Ritual and Nymph together as one package. Ritual might be slightly better I loved how it felt. I was able to maintain a better stamina with Ritual. I felt myself ready to cum with Nymph so I’d switch into Ritual and I could go longer. When I felt like I wanted more intense I’d slip back into nymph but I really can’t last long there it’s so intense. I tell ya, having both of these at the same time is the key and was a most beautiful experience. Once I went missionary...

Popped Lena Pauls cherry Image

I just flew with Lena Paul (nymph) and it was AMAZING! It was a perfect tightness, and in fact I had to loosen the cap to make it not so tight... and yet it still felt perfect like that. The cross section design in the front was my favorite part. I spent most of my time there and occasionally I dipped into the 5 to 6 inch area for more intensity (thats a deep as I can go) and pulled back out again repeating the first section as my focus. Twist and turned in every direction possible. I don't know...



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